13 Shows That Let Us Down This Season. Big Time.

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Not every show on television can be a winner.

That may be an obvious statement, but it took us many viewings to finally come to that realization about the programs below.

We can now admit it, however. They stink. We'll never watch them again...

1. Arrow/ The Flash

Arrow/ The Flash
Flash/Arrow: So much angst and I can barely care anymore. Part of me wants first season Oliver Queen to just come and put this season's Olly out of his misery with a couple of well-placed shots. Better yet, can we spin off into a series about sisters Talia and Nyssa al Ghul? Bad enough that Oliver's biggest struggle was with his own long-seeded guilt, but Barry's Big Bad was LITERALLY himself. And then he STILL had to pay the price for Flashpoint. I get that superheroes need to recognize their flaws to retain that accessibility and humanity but when did the super villains have to be so improbably, overwhelmingly superior? - Diana

2. iZombie

iZombie started out a couple of seasons ago as a funny and fresh take on the worn out zombie craze, but this season has been, in a word, BORING. It's a one note show, with the same story structure week in and week out. Bye, Felicia! - Ron

3. Chicago PD

Chicago PD
I just can't imagine watching Chicago PD without Lindsay. I was already starting to lose interest somewhat before the announcement that Sophia Bush was leaving, but without her, what's the point? I may check in from time to time during crossovers, but will probably not keep up with it weekly anymore. - Stacy

4. Legends of Tomorrow

Legends of Tomorrow
Aside from the must-watch crossover episodes, nothing significant ever happens on the show. While some of the characters are fun, there are too many of them. There are never any character arcs; only plot on top of the plot, most of which they manage to resolve in one hour, and then disregard. - Mandy

5. Supergirl

I'm trying, but I might have to pull the plug on Supergirl. It takes me weeks to watch an episode. It doesn't quite have the same charm that it did in its first season. Some of the best characters have been underused. Kara sometimes feels like she's taking a backseat on her own show. Her relationship situation is not appealing. The best thing about the season has been Maggie and Alex's relationship and Tyler Hoechlin as Superman. I'll catch them during crossovers. - Jasmine

6. Scandal

I seriously thought about ditching Scandal this season. The show used to be about Olivia and her group of Gladiators fighting for justice, but Olivia lost her white hat long ago. This season she actually bragged about killing a Vice President and seemed to revel in the fact that she’d bludgeoned someone to death with a chair. I no longer care about Olivia, and what she does, or whom she sleeps with. The only reason I’ll probably still tune in for Scandal season 7 is that it will be its last…and I’m rooting for Abby and David to get back together, but if I didn’t know the show was ending, I’d bow out now. - Christine

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