Orphan Black Season 5 Episode 5 Review: Ease for Idle Millionaires

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When it became clear that Orphan Black Season 5 Episode 5 would be a Cosima-centric hour, I immediately knew I would love it.

Personally, she's my favorite clone, so it would've been hard for the show to screw up an installment that gave Cosima so many opportunities to be the badass scientist that she is.

An Odd Family Dinner - Orphan Black

There were many important reveals, cliffhangers, and all-around amazing moments, so let's dive right in.

Perhaps the most important overall game-changer was the reveal about what PT Westmorland, Rachel, & Co. are planning to do with Kira.

Sarah and Mrs. S have been stressing about this ever since Kira threw her fit and wound up in Rachel's perfectly-manicured clutches. And now we know, thanks to Susan.

Apparently, they are intending to extract Kira's eggs, fertilize them, and implant them in 1,300 surrogates.

The point of this? To see whether Kira's LIN28A gene can, in fact, transmit her rapid healing properties to subsequent generations.

This is obviously horrifying, and Cosima was appropriately disgusted by this news.

Unfortunately, Susan is not interested in helping Cosima stop PT and Rachel – or at least feels powerless (or scared) to do anything beyond lamely "mitigating the damage" behind the scenes.

This reveal capped off one of the show's best (and most tense) sequences to date – the dinner party at PT Westmorland's mansion.

Cosima and Delphine "crashing" the party was everything I could have hoped. I love seeing those two working together.

I've said it once, but I'll say it a thousand times more: Evelyne Brochu and Tatiana Maslany have electric chemistry (when Maslany is in Cosima-mode, at least).

It was particularly effective to weave in the Cophine flashbacks to when Cosima first found out that her genetic material was proprietary and had her existential crisis about it.

That was Cophine at their best before they were torn about by the lies and Delphine's almost-death and Cosima's other girlfriend Shay, who I virtually forgot all about until just now.

It also seamlessly connected to Delphine's promise to protect Cosima at all costs.

I loved the return to that, but it also seemed just a little bit ominous to me. Is Delphine going to die to save Cosima at some point? I really hope not.

I can promise you one thing. I will always work to protect you.


As of yet, Delphine is still playing along and pretending to be a good little Neolution lackey. She accomplished this by ratting out Cosima for having snuck into PT's basement.

But that reveal was done in service of protecting a larger secret: the "endgame" plan to put a stop to Neolution once and for all, which apparently involved Delphine going to join Felix and Adele in Switzerland (Geneva, to be precise).

I'm intrigued by the fact that this whole plan is coming together, but we know nothing about it. All of the planning and details have been shared off-screen. As of yet, it seems like only Delphine, Adele, Felix, and S know precisely what is going on.

Unfortunately for Cosima, things got pretty bad the second Delphine headed out.

Cosima S05E05 - Orphan Black Season 5 Episode 5

Because, as all of this larger drama was going down, Revival folks were seeking to recapture the creature in the woods – except for one guy, who was intending to kill him, in direct opposition to PT's orders.

After slaughtering said man, the creature (who Mud later revealed to Cosima was once an ordinary orphan named "Yannis") made his way back to PT's mansion. Essentially, he put himself back in chains, because it was the only "home" he'd ever known. How heart-wrenching.

Yannis' return to the house, where Cosima still was post-dinner party, led to an extremely intense and emotional scene with PT.

First, Cosima berated PT for his plans with Kira and how he had dismantled Yannis with his unethical and horrific experimentation. But I feel like it was accusing PT of not really being 170 years old that really pushed him over the edge.

Thanks to Mud, Cosima now knew that PT's health was failing – hence all of the reckless experiments. PT is throwing anything and everything at the science-wall at this point, just to see what sticks. He wants to continue living, at all costs.

Perfecting Kira's special gene and turning it into a gene therapy is his best chance at that – which explains why he went all aboard the crazy train rather quickly.

Initially pointing his gun at Cosima, he eventually forced it into her hands, trying to goad her into putting a miserable Yannis out of his misery. Instead, Cosima refused to play into his trick and wouldn't give up her humanity.

You gave me life. I know you can take that away. But you can't take away my humanity.


This was a fantastic moment, beautifully acted by Maslany.

Of course, that glimmer of hope for humanity was snuffed quite quickly, when PT took the opportunity of Cosima comforting Yannis to shoot and kill the unfortunate orphan himself.

Now, Cosima is PT's prisoner. Whether he wants to do something to her, or just prevent her from informing Sarah about Neolution's intentions with Kira – that's something I don't know.

Elsewhere, Kira and Sarah finally mended fences and bonded over Kira's special power – her psychic connection to all of the clone sestras. Finally, the little girl is being brought into the fold properly.

Mending Fences - Orphan Black Season 5 Episode 5

Hope this ends up curbing her obnoxious and badly thought out rebellious tendencies!

Finally, one of the closing scenes featured another meeting between S and Delphine.

In it, another big reveal was lobbed over to the audience – it wasn't Delphine, after all, who had given S the intel leading to Virginia Coady.

I had just assumed that was the case, and I think many other viewers might have as well.

Instead, there is some mysterious Neolution insider who is helping S take them down from the inside.

My money's on it being a repentant Susan. The other strong possibility is Rachel, but she seems way too far gone at this point.

Stray thoughts:

  • Ira appears to be glitching! On the list of clone problems this season, Ira's fate is relatively low-priority (sorry, Ira), but it's still sad that the one decent Castor clone seems set to fall victim to the ailment suffered by all his brothers.
  • A minor but lovely moment: Cosima opening up about her relationship with her parents, and how she's told them absolutely nothing about their life. We rarely get to hear about the men and women who raised the clones (aside from the Duncans and Mrs. S), so this was a powerful moment.
  • I can't stand Mud. Chick is super useless, and honestly, very annoying. Based on the brief preview clip we got for the next installment, it seems like she's going to get even more useless when she fails to break Cosima out of her captivity.
  • RIP Yannis, we hardly knew ye.
  • This show is teaching me so much more than I ever thought I would learn about spiny mice!
  • It has no bearing on the larger plot whatsoever, but damn, did I love Cosima and Delphine dressing up in a tux and old-fashioned frock (respectively). Even better? Cosima's flippant response to a perturbed Messenger.

What did you think of "Ease For Idle Millionaires"? Share your thoughts by commenting below, and don't forget that you can watch Orphan Black online here at TV Fanatic anytime!

Ease for Idle Millionaires Review

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Orphan Black Season 5 Episode 5 Quotes

Rachel: Hello, mother. You're looking well.
Susan: The prodigal daughter returns.

I can promise you one thing. I will always work to protect you.