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Good news, guys and gals.

Josh and Liza hadn't yet said all that needed to be said between them, but on Younger Season 4 Episode 5, they finally found a moment to do it.

Things with Montana and Josh took a super weird turn, and that opened the gates for Liza and Josh to talk.

It might have been a little bit early in the game for Montana to take Josh home to meet the parents, but we found out Amy isn't a normal girl.

Oh, we also discovered her real name wasn't Montana. 

Maybe that wasn't too big of a surprise.

The big surprise, though, was how she planned on making a name for herself.

As big and empty as the state of Montana itself, as it turned out. 

Would Josh be the friend to Liza he needed to be in a time their lives intersected whether he liked it or not?

The answer might surprise you.

To find out, though, you're going to have to watch Younger online and see it all play out.

It's totally worth it. Click on the video above to get started!

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Younger Season 4 Episode 5 Quotes

Liza: Business is business, and personal is personal.
Kelsey: Exactly. I can keep them separate.
Liza [looking slyly at Charles]: Sure.

Get closer. Lips touching. We want the almost-kiss people! Do you want me to show you?