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Liza discovers Empirical has the posthumous rights to Belinda and will continue publishing books in her name long after she's gone. The key is to find the right author.

She discovers, however, that pulling a fan-fic writer out of the crowd isn't as easy as she thought.

While she searches, she discovers someone who is trying for tenure at Columbia who would gladly write under a pseudonym because writing romance isn't good for her career.

When Charles wonders whether the woman's ideas of skipping the happy ending on some of the stories would be bad for readers, Liza thinks it would be great because it would validate the real life love stories for the readers.

They'd get to read stories similar to their own when the heroine doesn't always live happily ever after with every man she dates.

But then Liza and Josh have a happy ending, and she reconsiders.

Much to her surprise, Charles has already passed. Neither one of them want to be the one to be the one to deprive women of their potential for a happy ending or the belief that love exists.

Montana has an upcoming show, the purpose of which is revealed when she takes Josh home to mama at Croton-on-Hudson.

She's a wealthy kid who can do what she wants because her parents bail her out. Yes, there are lawsuits.

Her big thing is stenciling the state of Montana over other people's artwork, including Maggie's.

It doesn't initially stop Josh from carrying on with the loser, but he does feel awkward enough that he tells Maggie what's happening.

Liza and Maggie attend Montana's opening and Maggie puts her mark back onto her own work, much to Montana's surprise.

That move takes the artworld by surprise, reminding people Maggie is still relevant.

Diana is proud of Liza for surrounding herself with older and wiser women. It's good for her. Oh, and make a meeting with Maggie happen.

Kelsey has a troublesome issue. She's actively pursuing two men. Lachlan Flynn for Empirical and Zane for her heart.

They have a great date in which she shares a bit of her childhood with him, the part that led her to be such a successful editor. The Wolf at the Door, he says, he gets it.

When she scores Lachlan first and by accident, she's surprised to discover Zane isn't upset about it.

They spar a bit but ultimately settle into their evening together.

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Younger Season 4 Episode 5 Quotes

Liza: Business is business, and personal is personal.
Kelsey: Exactly. I can keep them separate.
Liza [looking slyly at Charles]: Sure.

Get closer. Lips touching. We want the almost-kiss people! Do you want me to show you?