Twin Peaks Season 1 Episode 16 Review: Part 16

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Everything is finally starting to pick up the pace of Twin Peaks, so it makes sense that now it is coming to an end.

During Twin Peaks Season 1 Episode 16, there was a setup for the finale, and things were intense, and it all felt like the revival we were tuning in for. 

Cooper woke up, he actually woke up with complete awareness and had a plan to get to Twin Peaks right away. Meanwhile, Diane showed another side of herself, and it doesn't seem like we ever really knew her at all. And Audrey made her way to The Roadhouse, only to confirm the theory that she might not actually be awake.

No Knock - Twin Peaks

Audrey had her dance, and that is really when it all went wrong. 

I heard whispers about Audrey maybe being in a coma this entire time because she didn't seem to leave the house. It was anchored to her ability to leave and visit The Roadhouse, so when she appeared there, it made sense that it wasn't true.

And just when I started to wonder why this entire other arc of a life was given to her at the last point of the revival, she got her own dance and then appeared in a white room looking far from relaxed. 

Could this be the White Lodge? Or did Audrey meet the same fate as Diane because of her connection to Cooper, and she is in the Black Lodge?

It is safe to say that the sound of electricity brings this back to Cooper, both real and evil.

But what about the Roadhouse and the booth that presented us with conversations about the people that Audrey was connected to? Maybe this was a world she created, or that was created for her, while she spent all this time in a coma.

The only person we really knew there was Richard, and he was her son.

Everyone else was connected to Audrey or her story about the guy named Billy somehow. 

What could all this mean? And will Audrey somehow escape after all this assumed time?

Bradley: What kind of fucking neighborhood is this?
Rodney: People are under a lot of stress, Bradley.

Cooper finally woke up.

Freaking finally.

Just like that he was everything we were hoping for and waiting out with all these random storylines in between. 

I'm not going to mention how much I wish we had this big shift even halfway through the revival, so we had more time to enjoy the characters we appreciated from the original.

But Cooper reminded us that he was worth the wait, and now he is on his way to Twin Peaks after all this time!

It was kind of nice to see him say goodbye to Dougie's family; I'm assuming he won't be back to live out a happily ever after with people that he spent a few weeks with.

He had a connection, but they are under an illusion, one that he had to break so they could move on from the fact that their actual Dougie probably won't be back.

Now my only hope is that Cooper makes it out alive, and reunites with all the people that have been thinking about him all this time. 

Goodbye son.

Evil Cooper

Diane killed me when she confessed about what happened between her and Cooper all that while ago.

She was raped, just like we can assume it went down between Evil Cooper and Audrey to conceive Richard. It was heartbreaking to hear about, mostly because of how phenomenal the acting was. It delivered the scene unlike anything else.

But there had to be a twist, and this time around that just happened to be the fact that Diane wasn't actually Diane. 

It is scary to imagine, but it is possible that after Evil Cooper assaulted Diane, he really did take her to that abandoned gas station so he could create this fake Diane?

The real Diane might still be stuck at the Black Lodge, or she could never return but whoever traveled with the group wasn't the real her. That explained why she was working with Evil Cooper and yet still somehow found herself conflicted as if she was a real person who went through all that trauma.

Right now I'm just hoping Diane is stuck somewhere, maybe the same place as Audrey and in no time she could just be saved once Cooper figures it all out in Twin Peaks.

I am the FBI.


Evil Cooper killed his own son without even blinking.

If only anyone cared about Richard. anyone at all. Honestly though, he was a worthless waste of space, and it was really about time for him to leave. 

It might also mean more that we didn't see these two characters or how this all came about because the way it all led to this point is horrible and isn't the core of the story.

Right now though Evil Cooper is testing out this Black Lodge, probably because he knows that the real Cooper is coming and he doesn't have much time to think of a plan to maybe come out of this alive.

He won't survive all this, yet it could be interesting to see the face off. Especially with the way the actor approaches these characters; Cooper and Evil Cooper are so different that it is necessary to see them together.

This is what we've all been waiting for, and the finale has to deliver on all this.

Diane: You asked me about the night Cooper came to visit me. Well, I'm about to tell you.
Albert: Do you need a drink?

We are at the end so how do you see everything wrapping up? What are you most invested in based off this episode? Do you have any idea what we are in store for? Was this revival worth it? Who else needs another cup of coffee and slice of cherry pie? Let us know below.

While you're at it, go back and experience Twin Peaks once more before the two part finale, which you can do when you watch Twin Peaks online, right here at TV Fanatic!

Part 16 Review

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Twin Peaks Season 1 Episode 16 Quotes

Bradley: What kind of fucking neighborhood is this?
Rodney: People are under a lot of stress, Bradley.

Goodbye son.

Evil Cooper