Younger Season 4: Did Josh Make the Right Decision on the Season Finale?

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The luck of the Irish was not on Josh's side during the Younger Season 4 finale.

Josh acted out on in the finale, doing something no one expected – he married Clare, the Irish girl he met at a bar the month prior.

Per Josh's request, Liza flew to Ireland to be a supportive friend, only to find out it was a green-card marriage and she was supposed to be the key witness to bolster the validity of their marriage. 

Clare and Josh in Ireland Vertical - Younger Season 4 Episode 12

Is that the wrong reason for getting married? Yes. Is it illegal? Yes. But that part of the episode wasn't a "major" deal for me because it was something to which Clare and Josh mutually agreed. 

As we wrote in our review for Younger Season 4 Episode 12, Clare saw this as a magnanimous gesture on Josh's part; one that would allow her to follow her dreams in the Big Apple. It was actually quite noble of him to make such a sacrifice.

Clare never lied to him about her intentions. She saw an opportunity present itself, and she took it. But the whole time, she was honest about was these nuptials meant, and Josh knew that it was never about love. Lust possibly, but not love. 

Still, he was convinced it was the right thing to do because he was optimistic about the relationship. Maybe they would head back to NYC, and the romantic aspect of it would just work itself out. And if it didn't, no harm no foul.

Will He? - Younger

Either way, they were going to give romance a chance, and I could support that being a secondary reason.

It began being problematic when Josh drunkenly kissed his ex the night before the wedding, professed his love to her by calling her "the one" and then went ahead and swapped vows with Clare the next day in a traditional Irish binding ceremony. 

Why did drunk Josh know that the logical thing to do was to call off the wedding, but sober Josh selfishly went ahead with it?

Regardless of whether or not it was a green-card wedding, it was still a wedding and at the end of the day, a valid marriage. 

Liza and Josh - Younger Irish Goodbye Season 4 Episode 12

His intentions seemed to be in the right place when it was about helping out Clare, but then suddenly, the marriage turned into a way to get over Liza, like it was some kind of revenge against her.  If I had to pinpoint the worst reason to get married, this would be it.

Putting a ring between them, as Josh said, is a terrible thing to do because it isn't fair to anyone  not himself, not Liza and not his new bride Clare. It won't stop him in the future if he suddenly wants to act on his feelings but it will make things more complicated and hurt people in the process. 

That alone hurts both women. He toyed with Liza's emotions, gave her false hope, then crushed her even after she dropped everything to be there for him and advise him against making such a paramount decision because she's been there, done that.  

And there's absolutely no way he can give his marriage with Clare a fair shot if his only motivation behind it was to get over the woman he truly loves and to selfishly fill a void in his heart. 

Clare has no idea he's harboring feelings for another woman because he couldn't just be honest with her before walking down the aisle. What if this was actually a deal-breaker for her?

What if she only agreed to marry for papers because she thought they could eventually make it work in the long run? And maybe she won't care, but in doing this, Josh showed his true character.

I don't know what this means for Younger Season 5, but I do know that Josh still has a long way to go becomes the honest and mature man that I thought he was. 

Clare and Josh Wedding - Younger Season 4 Episode 12

If the series is going to abide by the law, the simple act of marriage does not make Clare a U.S citizen right away. Getting through the green card application process takes several months, and you have to be married at least two years, if not longer. Otherwise, it becomes conditional. 

These two need to be prepared for the long haul! She can't simply up and leave him right after they return to New York and he can't go back on his word because he starts to resent her. 

And it has to be believable, so that's where Liza comes in. Younger has found a way to ensure that these two remain in each other's lives, even when the romance between them has been subdued.  

Liza in Ireland - Younger Season 4 Episode 12

For Liza, this means she'll finally have the freedom to finally pursue a relationship with Charles. Hopefully, Pauline won't become a cumbersome adversary.

What did you think of Josh's quickie marriage? Were his intentions in the right place or was he being completely selfish? And does it matter if Clare's only motive was to find her way back to the states where she can pursue a career?

Don't forget you can watch Younger online as we wait for new episodes coming in 2018. 

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Younger Season 4 Episode 12 Quotes

Liza: Well, are you in love with Josh?
Clare: Well, I love that he's willing to do this so I can follow my dreams in the states. He's amazing, right?

Zane: But I thought you two were back together.
Kelsey: We're selling a book, Zane, not exploiting Charles for sales.