Will He? - Younger
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Josh calls Liza to tell her she's with Clare. In Ireland.

He's marrying her. Liza can't quite believe it. He tells her it would mean a lot to both of them if she was there. Liza wakes Maggie up in the middle of the night. They're going to Ireland.

Diana was first appalled at Liza's boy crazy behavior, but as soon as she sets her sights on Zane, she shoos Liza on toward the airport.

When Liza and Maggie arrive in Ireland, they won't stop talking about the green card wedding. Clare's mom is totally into the marriage and it's going to come with a real Irish wedding. Clare wants Liza to go to Dublin with her.

Back at Empirical, Zane is being far too competitive and stepping all over Kelsey's toes.

Zane wants to exploit Charles and his family for the point of sales.

Clare asks Liza to lie for for her for the sake of the immigration people. Liza doesn't think much of it.

Liza is especially upset about it because Josh didn't ask her himself.

While Liza and Maggie are walking through a lovely green pasture, Maggie sinks into a peat bog.

Zane gives CC permission to have the GMA person to ask Charles to come onto set. Zane is so going to be fired.

Clare asks Maggie for some insight into her painting, the one she has been dreaming about ever since her husband died. It's a not-so-metaphorical vagina, complete with clitoras.

Liza heads into town to find Josh and that's when it becomes apparent that Josh doesn't really want to marry Clare, either. He just doesn't know it yet.

While Pauline continues to touch Charles and thanks him for supporting her, he wonders why everyone thinks they reconciled. She's excited to find out the GMA page is blowing up. He's trying to text Liza to ward off her seeing the GMA appearance any context.

Liza, though, is in Ireland shaking her tatas. They're having a riverdance-off.

Josh is watching Clare and Liza, unsure of the two women not wholly in his life.

Clare's friend hates her enough to out them and their one month relationship. But Liza comes to their rescue, lying when she thinks it really matters. She knows that when it means something, you say yes. But this time, Josh looks uncomfortable at what she says.

After Liza watched the GMA appearance, a drunk Josh comes to her room. He kisses her and you can feel his desire. I don't feel anything from her, but I can feel what he's feeling. Oh. He's good.

He wants any life with her he can get. He has to tell Clare they can't marry. She falls asleep spooning him fully clothed. In the morning, Maggie arrives dressed to the nines. Outside? The wedding is on.

Liza has a look of determination on her face, but she doesn't stop the wedding. Charles is calling Liza, but her phone is in the damn phone basket.

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Younger Season 4 Episode 12 Quotes

Liza: Well, are you in love with Josh?
Clare: Well, I love that he's willing to do this so I can follow my dreams in the states. He's amazing, right?

Zane: But I thought you two were back together.
Kelsey: We're selling a book, Zane, not exploiting Charles for sales.