Days of Our Lives Round Table: Who's The Least Bad?

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Nicole slept with Eric, then called Brady and told him she was with her brother Brandon. But before long, Brady was onto her subterfuge and when she broke things off with him, he turned around and blackmailed her!

Nobody involved in this is going to win any prizes for most moral person of the year, but are they all equally bad? Meanwhile, what are viewers hoping Sami does now that she's back in town? And should Lani have tried to convince Hope to reinstate JJ?

Our TV Fanatic Jack Ori is joined by Fluffysmom and Bruce from My Hourglass: A Days of Our Lives Fan Forum to answer these questions and more in this week's Round Table.

Days Of Our Lives Round Table 1-27-15

1. Nicole cheated on Brady with Eric, and then Brady turned around and blackmailed Nicole. Who do you think is the most wrong and who is the least wrong among these three characters?

Fluffysmom: Nicole is the most wrong in this situation. She could have called Eric instead of showing up at his door. She called Brady from Eric's bed to tell him a lie so she could spend the night with Eric. She forgot all about Holly for hours. She could have had the decency to break up with Brady before hopping into bed with his brother.

Brady is reacting to being betrayed once again by a women he was planning a future with. Is he making the best choices? Obviously not.

I guess Eric is the least wrong by default but I'm definitely not giving him a free pass. I'm sad that his morals and values seem to have disappeared since he's no longer a priest. He should have waited to be with Nicole until she broke off her relationship with Brady.

Bruce: All three are in the wrong. Eric should have never entertained sleeping with his brother's girlfriend and. Nicole should have ended things with Brady before even pursuing Brady. Also, Brady shouldn't be blackmailing a woman that he has claimed to love.

Jack: I agree that there are no winners here. Everyone is being pretty selfish and immoral.

But I think Brady is the most wrong. No matter how brokenhearted he is that Nicole cheated on him, he has no right to get abusive. He was in her face, hurling insults, an inch away from physical violence, and then resorted to blackmail to control her. Her cheating doesn't make any of that okay.

I think Eric is the least bad in this whole thing. He left town in an effort to not act on his feelings towards Nicole. But he should have exhibited self-control once she showed up at the farmhouse, too.

Lani and JJ - Days of Our Lives

2. Do you think Lani was right to put in a word for JJ with Hope?

Fluffysmom: I think it was okay to fill Hope in on what happened with Ben. Lani shouldn't have said "as his girlfriend". In the workplace your input shouldn't be based on who you are dating.

Bruce: think that it was a nice gesture, but sometimes men have a hard time if someone does something like that on their behalf.

Jack: I guess I'm in the minority here, but I thought Lani was totally out of line.

JJ was doing his best to take responsibility for his actions and was being pretty mature about it, and had not asked Lani to intercede on his behalf.

Her comments to Hope were all about how JJ was not to blame for the poor choice he had made and all it did was show that Lani doesn't possess the maturity or ability to accept responsibility for one's actions that JJ does.

Sweeney, Alison

3. Sami is back! What do you hope she gets up to this time?

Fluffysmom: I'm so happy! I hope Sami helps Lucas to stop drinking. I'd love to see them working together to find out the truth about Will. I hope to see Sami interacting with all of her brothers.

Bruce: I would love to see the conniving, scheming Sami Brady back. I sure have missed her!

Jack: I'm with Fluffysmom on this one. Sami and Lucas are one of my all-time favorite pairings and I hope that she helps him get his life back together and that they search for Will. I also wonder if Sami will do anything about her stepbrother Brady having lost his mind. I'm excited for whatever she does.

Nicole and Brady Look Happy - Days of Our Lives
Bonnie Takes Over - Days of Our Lives

4. Which blackmail plot are you more interested in: Brady blackmailing Nicole or Bonnie blackmailing Victor?

Fluffysmom: I'm curious to see what happens with Bonnie and Victor yet at the same time I don't like it. Hopefully the blackmail leads to Bonnie being exposed.

I'm interested in seeing the fallout of Brady blackmailing Nicole.

Bruce: The more I think about the Brady blackmailing situation, the angrier I get... So I think I am more interested in the Bonnie/Victor blackmailing as it should make for some good drama with more people involved.

Jack: Ugh, I hate blackmail plots. They're so contrived and could easily be solved by the person telling their secret before the blackmailer does. Nicole and Brady is one of the worst. I guess I'm looking forward to Bonnie/Victor, though I'm hoping that Victor unmasks Bonnie. The Victor Kiriakis I know doesn't give in to threats very easily!

Hattie Sets Up Andre - Days of Our Lives

5. Were you glad to see Adrienne run into Hattie, or have you had enough of Hattie for the time being?

Fluffysmom: I'm not interested in seeing Hattie unless she helps Adrienne. I don't really want to see jailhouse scenes with or without Hattie.

Bruce: It would have been better if Hattie had agreed to help Adrienne. I guess she isn't so reformed, after all.

Jack:I have had more than enough of Hattie being used in this capacity. I agree, fluffysmom, these jailhouse scenes are way overdone. In fact,this whole story has worn out its welcome. Let's end it already!

6. What one scene or story would you have liked to have turned out differently this week, and how would you like it to have gone?

Fluffysmom: I would have liked to see Victor turn the tables on Bonnie when she was blackmailing him.

Bruce: I would have liked to have seen more of the scenes with Kate and Clyde and seen the story come from him rather then her relaying the story to those in the pub.

Jack: I love both of these suggestions. I also wanted to see Victor turn the tables on Bonnie. I'd also liked to have seen JJ have some anger towards Hope for her hypocrisy and/or trying to figure out what he would do if he couldn't be a cop anymore so that there was an actual story around his suspension.

Lucas Sees Will - Days of Our Lives

7. What did you think was the most emotional scene or story this week?

Fluffysmom: The scenes with Lucas and Kate were so emotional. It was heartbreaking to see Kate begging Lucas to live and watching Lucas lie down on the ground with his head on Kate's lap as he wept.

Bruce: Any scene with Lucas has been heart wrenching. Bryan Datillo deserves all of the awards for his acting these past few weeks.

Jack: It's unanimous! I also loved the scenes with Lucas and cried along with him when he put his head on Kate's lap. Kate and Clyde's scenes were a close second for me. I don't trust Clyde to have been sincere in his remorse for one second, but Kate certainly was sincere in hers!

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