9 Ways Dynasty will Be Different From the Show Your Grandmother Watched

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While preparing for the fall TV season, you may have heard of The CW's Dynasty and thought, "hey I think my parent's watched that back in the day."

And you wouldn't be wrong. Your parents did watch the iconic soap opera back in the 80s, but this rebooted version is going to be sassier, sexier, and sans the shoulder pads. 

The series inherited some elements from the original while giving the characters a contemporary upgrade; new faces, sexual orientations, and racial backgrounds that better reflect the society we live in today. 

Here are a few ways Dynasty will differ from the OG!

1. A Change of Scenery

A Change of Scenery
The new Dynasty will be set in Atlanta instead of Denver like the original. Creator Josh Schwartz revealed the decision was made when they first approached the show, stating that Atlanta felt more "realistic." Dynasty OG felt realistic at the time because it was in the midst of an oil boom, and the families made their fortunes on — oil!

2. Political and Pop Culture Influences

Political and Pop Culture Influences
The series is about power and wealth so naturally, someone asked the creators if Donald Trump's presidency would be an influence. "The series is bigger than Trump," Schwartz admitted adding that there are other "dynasty-like" families that are prominent in America today including the Kardashians.

3. From Shoulder Pads to Desginer Labels

From Shoulder Pads to Desginer Labels
If you don't watch for anything, watch for the fashion. Hailing from the creators of Gossip Girl, a series that made its name synonymous with fashion, you can expect the trendiest looks for characters. We bet Meredith Markworth-Pollack's (costume designer for Gossip Girl and Reign) ensembles will even make Kim K. jealous.

4. Who Run the World? Girls

Who Run the World? Girls
Unlike in the original, the catfights will be less about men and more about business, which is something modern ambitious women are going to love. The two female characters, Fallon (Gillies) and Cristal (Kelley), are career-driven women who brawl over the family business. Or as the millennials would say over "money moves."

5. It's Cristal, Not Krystle

It's Cristal, Not Krystle
What's in a name? In this series, a lot. The subtle change in spelling actually reflects modern-day America and immigration. The new Cristal, who is engaged to Blake, is a Latina from Venezuela.

6. Representation for everyone

Representation for everyone
The original Dynasty was homophobic (you have to watch to see to what extent we're talking) but to reflect current times, Blake Carrington's son Steven will be a proud gay man and his father will be totally accepting. Since they aren't fighting about sexuality, they'll have the energy to focus on more important things like "environmental causes."

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