How to Get Away with Murder Round Table: Was Laurel's Baby Stolen?

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What happened to Laurel's baby?

That was the big question after How to Get Away with Murder Season 4 Episode 1 propelled us three months into the future for a new crime.

TV Fanatics Whitney Evans, Jasmine Blue, Toshia Smith and Justin Carreiro react to the new twist, Bonnie's loyalty and so much more!

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What's your take on the baby stealing?

Whitney: It was a little random to me and left me with a million questions, as it was designed to do. Honestly, my first question after the scene ended wasn't even about the baby. I was wondering how those three were all connected in the future.

Jasmine: It threw me for a loop for sure. I thought it was especially interesting because it wasn't a murder (at least I hope not). It was a kidnapping of sorts. I also wanted to know how the three of them were connected.

Toshia: The episode definitely took a turn for me. I wonder who stole the baby. Was it Laurel’s dad getting back at her for lying to him about the abortion? Was it Annalise, who lost her own baby and saw Wes as her son? It’ll be interesting to see what happens. I’m also happy to see the case not involving a murder, but something else. 

Justin: I'm on the fence about this storyline. It didn't pull me in like the murders of the first three seasons, but I am interested to see what happened to the baby. I guess this all depends on how the characters weave together since they're not forced to be around each other much anymore.

Why So Serious? - How to Get Away with Murder Season 4 Episode 1

Is Bonnie officially working against Annalise now?

Whitney: I can't see Bonnie every fully turning her back on Annalise, no matter how hurt she is.

Jasmine: I can't believe that Bonnie would ever turn against Annalise. They went through hell and back together. If possible, their bond is something deeper than even family. I just cannot believe it. There has to be an ulterior motive. Even when Bonnie was pissed at Annalise she never fully turned on her.

Toshia: Bonnie would never personally go against Annalise. They’ve been through too much together for them to ever fall out that bad. Maybe, Bonnie is trying to do something to prove that Annalise is wrong to turn away from her.

 I wonder if Bonnie is going to go work for the District Attorney’s office. In that case, she would be working against Annalise if they ever find themselves in court together. 

Justin: There's no way Bonnie is turning against her friend. She may pretend and hold up appearances for a while, but she's loyal to Annalise.

What's Next? - How to Get Away with Murder Season 4 Episode 1

How does Laurel know about her father murdering Wes?

Whitney: I think it has to do with her seeing Dominic out of the blue in the season finale. She must have realized his being in town was no coincidence.

Jasmine: I agree with Whitney. I guess the second she saw Dominic she knew there was something up. It's that, and she knows her father and knows how much he hates Annalise.

Toshia: I agree. Dominic being around must have raised red flags for her. Laurel is also sleeping in Wes’ room. Maybe she found something there that told her that Dominic was following him. 

Justin: I agree with the others. Laurel isn't oblivious; she's gone through three highly traumatic murder plots on How To Get Away With Murder. Laurel made the connection and knew her father had something to do with it.

Vindication Time? - How to Get Away with Murder Season 4 Episode 1

Were you surprised Annalise let her nearest and dearest go their separate ways?

Whitney: I wasn't because I think Annalise was doing what she thought was best for everyone, including herself. I loved that the reactions ranged from genuine shock and hurt to relief.

Jasmine: Not at all. For better and for worse, she tries to protect the Keating, well, four now. At this stage, she genuinely believes that parting ways is best for everyone. I expected the reactions, but it still annoyed me regardless. 

Annalise is damned if she does and damned if she doesn't work with them. There's no winning. It was exactly what they had wanted for so long, and now that they have it, they can't handle it. It also bugged me that they didn't believe that her recommendations were genuine.

Toshia: I was also annoyed by how they reacted to being let go. Annalise has done a lot of bad, but she gets blamed for things she didn’t do. They all, especially Connor, blames her for all of their troubles. She never put a gun to their head to kill Sam.

I think they’re just upset that they no longer have their safety net of Annalise to help them in the future. Also, as a law school grad, I can tell you Michaela is right. That letter of recommendation won’t mean anything if they’re GPA’s are crap.

Maybe it would if Annalise was sitting on the Supreme Court, but she was almost disbarred, so I don’t think her recommendations are that coveted around town. 

Justin: I'm surprised it happened after three seasons, not that it happened at all. Before Sam's death, Annalise was known to have regular first year interns. The "Keating 4" must be the group she's kept on the longest. Eventually they would all have to say their goodbyes and move on.

A New Look - How to Get Away with Murder Season 4 Episode 1

What did you think of Connor's reason for not saying yes to Oliver's proposal?

Whitney: I thought it was mature and sweet. They've been through a lot in their relationship, and I think it's good for them to be in a better place emotionally before they make that commitment.

Jasmine: I agree, it was mature of him. I completely understand where Connor was coming from. Although, at this point, I don't think there will ever be a perfect time for them.

Toshia: I like that Connor said no the way he did. He’s right. You should never make a life-changing decision based on fear. 

Justin: I agree with everyone. Connor was being mature and smart about his decision; this isn't something to enter into lightly. He knows from experience that bad stuff happens out of the blue. Making sure they're both in a better place was a good move.

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