The Night Shift: Canceled After Four Seasons on NBC

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Despite having one of the biggest social media followings on Twitter, NBC has canceled The Night Shift.

For four seasons, fans have enjoyed the medical drama with the military bent.

You could say it helped pave the way for the latest round of military shows and the increase of medical series on the air.

Jordan and TC - The Night Shift Season 4 Episode 9

Despite the cancelation, The Night Shift Season 4 Episode 10 ended in such a way that if the show didn't return, it would leave viewers satisfied.

The characters were all heading in different directions for new and interesting challenges.

But does any cancelation leave viewers anything but disappointed in the long run? 

Not really, although there is a small consolation here that if they characters you've come to love never return to San Antonio Memorial Hospital, you wouldn't want to watch anyway!

Unexpected Results - The Night Shift

“We want to thank our amazing creators and executive producers, Gabe Sachs and Jeff Judah, for their dedication and stellar work; a cast and crew that were second to none; and the city of Albuquerque, N.M., which graciously opened its arms to us,” said Jennifer Salke, President, NBC Entertainment.

“For four seasons The Night Shift gave audiences a window to heroic doctors, nurses and all-star medical workers who never hesitated to give their blood, sweat and time to help those most in need.”

While losing the show is terrible in its own right, this also marks more bad news for summer programming in general.

NBC was one of the last men standing with multiple scripted offerings during the summer months.

With The Night Shift and The Carmichael Show canceled and the the talent options expired for Midnight, Texas (not a surprise given it wasn't originally intended to be a summer series), that leaves only Marlon left on the summer roster.

Whether that will continue to air during the summer months remains to be seen.

Drew - The Night Shift Season 4 Episode 9

Are you someone who enjoys summer programming?

Were you a fan of The Night Shift? If so, did you watch it while it aired or at least within three days of air on a DVR? How DID you watch the show?

And if you didn't watch the show on network television, but you're bummed it's canceled, do you feel like you have the right to be bummed when watching live is the best way to keep a show on the air?

These are harrowing times in the television business. How you watch TV and how programming supports itself and pays for its business matters.

Let us know your thoughts on the business, summer programming and how much you'll miss The Night Shift!!

For those of you who supported the unique combination of medicine and military, you can watch The Night Shift online right here via TV Fanatic.

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