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How did Claire and Jamie's big reunion go?

That was revealed on Outlander Season 3 Episode 6 when the former lovers met back up after years apart, but there were a lot of hurdles the couple were going to have to go through to be a thing again.

Meanwhile, a business deal that Jamie came up with put the family in the firing line, and everyone questioned whether the relationship had legs. 

Did they call it quits?

Use the video above to watch Outlander online right here via TV Fanatic. Get caught up with the latest twists in the tale. 

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Outlander Season 3 Episode 6 Quotes

Geordie: I quit! I'm Free Church. Working for a Papist is one thing,, but working for an immoral papist is another.
Jamie [trouserless]: Geordie...
Geordie: Do what you like wi' yer own soul, man, but if it's come to orgies in the shop, it's come too far. [bell tolls] Oh, God's tooth. It's not even noon.

Claire: What is it?
Jamie: I thought I'd lost hold of myself altogether and pissed myself, but it's all right. Just spilled the alepot again.