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Who kidnapped Jane's young daughter?

That was the big question on Ten Days In the Valley Season 1 Episode 1 as the grieving mother tried to come to terms with a great loss. 

She felt like her husband could be to blame when they split up following years of crazy behavior. 

With all of the drama going on in her personal life, Jane found her professional life taking a huge hit when the cop show she was working on went South. 

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Ten Days In the Valley Season 1 Episode 1 Quotes

PJ: I'm out of Addies. Sunday night, a lot of people are on deadlines.
Jane: Really?
PJ: Is this gonna work for you?
Jane: Yeah.
PJ: Yeah, just put on your tab. Is that OK?
Jane: Totally.

Jane: Wait a minute, do you have a secret?
Lake: Sometimes when I'm gone, when I'm with Daddy, I miss you so much that I think I want to go to heaven.
Jane: I know. It's hard, right?