Jane: I told her that I would have pages out that night. She knew I would call PJ, so I'm the monster, you get Lake, and she gets my life!
Pete: What are you saying, Jane?
Jane [on phone]: Bird, it's me. I know who has her.

Bird: A dealer is as good as a priest to some people.
PJ: I look like I'm taking confessions?

Pete: We are going to find her, Jane. You believe that?
Jane: I want to.

PJ: Jane gets people. She reads them and tells her story.
Bird: She lies her ass off, and I want to find out why.
PJ: Truth is just another story, and a good story has to be told right.

Bird: You were in a car crash about a year ago.
Jane: Yeah.
Bird: We pulled Lake's medical files. She's blood type B. You and Pete are A. He's not the father, is he?
Jane: We're not talking about this.

Bird: You think she's an unfit mother?
PJ: Hey, you wouldn't ask me that if she was a man. Hell, my dad was in the office half of my life, and nobody said a peep.
Bird: And look how you turned out.

Lynn: You can't let her see you.
Casey: I can't help it. She's beautiful.
Lynn: Just like you said. You sure Jane's not getting her back, right?
Casey: The cops know what type of person she is now. Everyone does. Pete will get custody, and we'll take care of Lake.

She's a handful, yeah? But that kid is her center of gravity. You take that away, and she'll spin apart. I just want to help her.


Casey: If I'm covering for you, I need to know why. Were you really alone?
Pete: Can we not go over this right now?

You are not a cruel person. You are a powerful person, and some people they get confused by that.


Jane: "Go home and get some sleep" is cop shorthand for piss off!
Gus: That's not true.
Jane: Yes it is. You're the one who told me that, I have it on tape.

I don't work for you, I work for your daughter!


Ten Days In the Valley Quotes

PJ: I'm out of Addies. Sunday night, a lot of people are on deadlines.
Jane: Really?
PJ: Is this gonna work for you?
Jane: Yeah.
PJ: Yeah, just put on your tab. Is that OK?
Jane: Totally.

Jane: Wait a minute, do you have a secret?
Lake: Sometimes when I'm gone, when I'm with Daddy, I miss you so much that I think I want to go to heaven.
Jane: I know. It's hard, right?