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Did Claire discover the source of the disease before it was too late?

That was the big question on Outlander Season 3 Episode 10 when she realized that a bunch of sailors were going to die unless she found a way to diagnose them.

Meanwhile, Jamie went to war with Captain Raines and everyone had to choose a side before it was too late. 

Also, Fergus was torn between loyalty and love. What did he choose?

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Outlander Season 3 Episode 10 Quotes

Fergus: Milady will be safe, Milord. I'm sure of it. You told me it's impossible or her to get the disease, non?
Jamie: There's more than disease aboard that ship, lad. There are three hundred men.

Mr. Overholt [haughtily]: But as I suppose, as we're only 250 leagues from Jamaica now, it can be done. How many casks will you require?
Claire: How many men would you like me to save?