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Did Rollins crack the biggest case of her career?

That appeared to be the case on Law & Order: SVU Season 19 Episode 10 when she and the team investigated a new case involving two students in a special needs school. 

However, Rollins' sleuthing put her in an awkward position when she found out that one child's medical woes came from an unlikely source. 

She had to assess whether her information was correct, but did it all check out?

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Get caught up on all the drama now. 

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Law & Order: SVU Season 19 Episode 10 Quotes

Carisi: So do we call Liv?
Fin: No, we don't call Liv. She's still off duty.
Carisi: So what do we do?
Fin: We take his statement and we wait for the rape kit. Then we take it to Barba and we find out if we got a case. You cool with that plan?

Mariel: Am I in trouble?
Rollins: Oh honey, no. We just want to find out what happened between you and Cody.
[Mother runs in] Mother: Honey, are you okay?
Rollins: Detective Rollins, SVU.
Mother [to Vanessa]: You called the police???
Vanessa: We had to.
Mother: Mariel, honey, what happened?
Mariel: Mommy, Cody raped me.