Grey's Anatomy Admits Scott Speedman - Is He Leaving Animal Kingdom?

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Animal Kingdom's loss may be Grey's Anatomy's gain. 

According to Deadline, Scott Speedman will appear on the veteran medical drama at some point during Grey's Anatomy Season 14

Scott Speedman Attends Tribeca Tune In

The report states that an exact episode count for the actor is still unclear, but notes that Speedman is in the process of departing TNT's Animal Kingdom. 

If you watch Animal Kingdom online, you will already know that Speedman's character, Baz Blackwell, was close to death as Animal Kingdom Season 2 came to a shocking conclusion. 

While Speedman is being billed as a guest on Grey's Anatomy, it's still surprising when you consider that he's still allegedly part of the cast of Animal Kingdom. 

Scott Speedman Attends Premiere

Will Baz succumb to his injuries, or will another storyline make him take his final bow from one of the craziest families in all of television?

We have no idea, so we'll need to tune into Animal Kingdom Season 3 when it debuts later this year. A definite date has yet to be confirmed by the network. 

Scott has a TV career that boasts the likes of Felicity, Dark Blue, and Last Resort. He won praise for his role in the 2008 horror film, The Strangers. 

Scott is picking the right time to stop by Grey's Anatomy. The hit ABC drama has staged a creative resurgence this season, and it's ratings are reflecting that. 

Scott Speedman Attends TCA

It still ranks as ABC's highest-rated series. That's why ABC is gearing up to launch the second spin-off which will be set in a firehouse just three blocks down from the hospital. 

That new offshoot has been titled Station 19, and the characters from the show will be introduced during an episode that airs in March. 

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Grey's Anatomy continues Thursday nights on ABC. 

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