Scandal Round Table: Should Quinn Have Shot Olivia?

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What made Olivia change her mind about resigning?

That was one of the bigger questions on Scandal Season 7 Episode 11.

Below, TV Fanatics Christine Orlando, Lizzy Buczak and Paul Dailly discuss that big decision, Quinn pointing the gun and so much more. 

Scandal Round Table 1-27-15

What made Olivia change focus and realize she had been awful?

Christine: Perhaps when she realized that Quinn and baby Robin were still alive it made her less hopeless. Up until that point, I really hated that she was willing to turn on Mellie and ruin her presidency out of revenge, or that she looked upon Jake as nothing better than something on the bottom of her shoe. I’m still not convinced Olivia can be saved, but her resignation was a step in the right direction. 

Lizzy: The realization that Quinn and the baby were still alive gave her a second chance; a shot at some kind of redemption. This didn't have to be her whole life, just a chapter in it. 

Paul: I agree. Olivia has been so deeply rooted in evil that she needed something to bring her back down to Earth. She seemed remorseful when she realized that Quinn was alive, but there's still a long road to go for me to care about her again. 

An Alliance? - Scandal Season 7 Episode 11

What did you think of Quinn pointing the gun at her former boss?

Christine: Long overdue. If Olivia hadn’t been her best friend, Quinn would have been torturing her and left her in pieces on the floor. I had to laugh when Liv later whined to her father that Quinn hated her. No kidding! Letting someone murder your pregnant best friend doesn’t exactly inspire love. 

Lizzy: I wish I could have cheered her on, but it was incredibly stupid. How could someone of Quinn's caliber — who trained with B613 and almost married their top agent — not realize Liv would have snipers/people looking out for her. It was also a disappointment cause part of me wanted Quinn actually to get her revenge. 

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Paul: I liked it. Maybe that's a testament to how horrible of a character Olivia is now. Aren't we supposed to root for the leading characters?

Olivia Meets Cyrus - Scandal Season 7 Episode 11

Could Mellie speaking about the mammogram foreshadow health woes for her?

Christine: Well, it reminded me that I need to schedule my own, and I hope that’s all it was meant to do. Giving Mellie breast cancer just before the show ends would be really cruel and pointless since they won’t be able to follow it up and make it a real story.  

Lizzy: I believe Shonda used it to underline a "first" for a female President. Since a woman is in office, it means this is the first Presidential first mammogram, which is a major milestone. Although I couldn't help but wonder how did all the former First Ladies get mammograms while living in the White House? 

Paul: I hope it was more to highlight that, Lizzy. I would hate for anything to happen to Mellie. She's great!

Olivia Is Fired! - Scandal

What was your take on Cyrus wanting to take down Mellie?

Christine: Cyrus is a snake, and he always has been. He’s incredibly smart, but he’ll do whatever it takes to put himself on top. He once put a hit out on his own husband, for goodness sake, and he loved him! Cyrus is capable of absolutely anything, and nothing he does surprises me. 

Lizzy: It wasn't surprising. Cyrus's one and only goal in life is to become President. Whenever he sees any chance, he attacks; he does not care who he has to hurt/remove in the process. In his world, it's eat or be eaten. 

Paul: Yeah, Cyrus will always be the same. How far will he realistically go before he realizes he needs to disappear for good? He has a long list of enemies. 

Join My Team! - Scandal Season 7 Episode 11

Did you like Olivia causing trouble for Jake and Mellie?

Christine: No. I was rooting for Mellie and Jake. Somehow, they have always felt like the underdogs in this story. I want to see someone take Olivia down. I know everyone on this show has done horrible things, but Olivia was supposed to wear the white hat, and somehow that makes all that she’s done even worse. 

Lizzy: It was expected. She was caught off-guard by their team-up, and she wasn't going to go down without a fight. More upsetting than Liv's retaliation, however, was the realization that Jake never had a protocol in place in case Command was removed and/or compromised. 

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You cannot take command, but, surely, you can prepare for Command's inevitable downfall? This is the most dangerous secret-organization, and she was able to take full-control even after she was phased out! 

Paul: It was hilarious that Olivia still had that much power even after she was ousted. I liked it because it flipped the script, but it was ludicrous. 

Over to you, Scandal Fanatics. What did you think of the episode?

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Scandal Season 7 Episode 11 Quotes

Olivia: What did you do?
Mellie: What I had to do.
Olivia: You had to make Jake your Chief of Staff? Please tell me ... after everything. Please tell me you are not this stupid.
Mellie: Stupid?
Olivia: And naive. And reckless. And foolish. But most of all, stupid.
Mellie: You wanna know what stupid would be, Olivia? Allowing myself to continue believing all of your lies. Proceeding to play this great game of pretend that you have so skillfully set up. I would be stupid if, for one more second, I actually trusted there is only us.

Mellie: You have to go.
Olivia: Don't do this.