Krypton Season 1 Episode 2 Review: House of El

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Adam Strange continues to make his presence stranger for Seg as Superman's grandfather learns more about his mission.

Krypton Season 1 Episode 2 also focuses heavily on establishing the other houses further, particularly the House of El and Zod.

There is a lot to love in "House of El" from both a character standpoint as well as the story overall. One of them is, without doubt, Adam Strange.

A Legend Of A Legend - Krypton Season 1 Episode 2

I always expected Krypton to have a very dark tone given that it's a little grittier than the other DC shows. But Adam's presence helps Krypton have a light tone that is appreciated.

I didn't know I needed Kem and Adam interactions until seeing them meet for the first time. For some reason, they work so perfectly good together.

Although let's have a silent moment for Adam's fallen Detroit hat. I have been there where I have had to lose a favorite hat of mine so Adam, your pain is shared.

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Something I appreciate with Seg's view of Adam is his skepticism. If a stranger suddenly appeared to tell you that you have a grandson who will be a big deal in the future, I would be hesitant too.

That's why I appreciated Seg testing Adam from the get-go and wanting proof of his story. Even though we as viewers know that Adam is telling the truth, we want the characters on the show to be convinced.  

The House Of El - Krypton Season 1 Episode 2

"House of El" is a highlight for the women from both Vex and Zod. I'm happy that Seg admitted to Lyta that he may have been a little too harsh with her regarding the death of his parents.

But what I loved about Lyta's progression was that it had nothing to do with Seg. This was her story that focused simply on her journey within the House of Zod.

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Then we have Nyssa who continues to be this big mystery. I genuinely loved that she allowed Seg to have a traditional funeral for his folks.

Even if she had some motives of her own, I think this makes it trickier to determine if she is a friend or foe. Despite the moment she had with her dad, I don't know where Nyssa stands.

It would be too easy for her if she was on a villainous path. I enjoy how the show makes us question who she is. If there is one takeaway from "House of El", it's that you do not mess with the women on this show.

I love how they are all bad-ass and complex which is what I was expecting with Krypton. I do want to learn more about Jayna as a character as the season progresses.

Welcome To The House of Vex - Krypton Season 1 Episode 2

Seg's journey in "House of El" had many layers, one being emotional. We have to remember that this is still the same day as he lost his family.

I don't know how Seg is doing it, but the fact that he hasn't broken down yet compels me. I do want Seg to get a chance to realistically grieve over the death of his family.

Let's discuss Krypton's version of the Fortress. While it borrows parallels from Superman's story, it still manages to be its own.

I have to say that I wish Jor-El's A.I. had some of Val's kindness in the other versions I have seen. I could go on for hours how Smallville's Jor-El was a bit of a douche.

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It was enjoyable to see what Val had in mind with this Fortress and how far he got before his death. I will admit that as a geek, I smirked when they name dropped the Phantom Zone.

We have seen that Kryptonian prison portrayed in other live-action Superman properties before. But something tells me that Krypton's version is going to be on a whole new level.

My favorite part of Seg's journey was him defying the House of Vex. I don't know why, but for some reason, it was incredibly meaningful to see the last member of the House of El get to do that.

Overall, "House of El" lived up to its title as Seg's journey continued to progress nicely. The woman had solid plots too while we continue to learn more about Adam Strange as Brainiac is now already here.

The Symbol For Hope - Krypton Season 1 Episode 2

Now we turn it to you as we want to hear your thoughts on Krypton Season 1 Episode 2! What did you think of Seg's development throughout "House of El"?

Are you enjoying Adam Strange as much as we are? How bad-ass are the women of Krypton? Are you excited about Brainiac's arrival?

Remember you can watch Krypton online right here via TV Fanatic! Catch up before tuning in for the next episode of Krypton Season 1!

House of El Review

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