Nina Dobrev Cast as Lead in CBS Comedy Pilot "Fam"

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When Nina Dobrev starred on The Vampire Diaries, it wasn't often enough we got to see her laugh and smile.

That's about to change if all goes according to plan.

Dobrev has been cast as the lead in a new CBS comedy pilot titled Fam according to Deadline, and she's the lead!


Fam is a multi-camera comedy from writer Corinne Kingsbury, Kapital Entertainment and CBS TV Studios. The pilot will be directed by Scott Ellis.

Dobrev plays an elder sister named Clem who is living happily with her fiance when her younger half-sister, Shannon (Odessa Adlon) comes to live with them to escape her "train wreck" of a father.

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Apparently, the sisters share the same mother, and Shannon's arrival brings up all kinds of bad feelings in Clem, who has for years lived as "the best version of herself," one in which her father, Freddy Banks, is dead.

Nina as Tatia

While Clem was a mess in her younger years after a lot of hard work getting her life back on track, she grew into a grounded, witty, and outspoken woman who felt after ten years without her embarrassment of a father in her life, she was better off calling him dead. 

At TV Fanatic, we've loved Dobrev for years, and while we have enjoyed her success on the big screen in such hits as Paramount’s XXX: Return of Xander Cage, Sony’s Flatliners, there is no place we love her more than on the small screen so we can talk about her every week day!

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Will she ever outgrow Katherine Pierce?

For some of you, she'll never outgrow that other character she played. Who was it? Elena something? 

Can Dobrev take on another television role that we will cherish as much as we loved her in The Vampire Diaries? I'm faithful that while it will certainly be different, with her exuberance and charm, Dobrev can do just about anything.

What about you guys? Are you on board for a comedic Nina Dobrev to overtake TV Fanatic?

Hit the comments below and share with us what you think of this stellar news! We'll be waiting to hear from you!!

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