Timeless Season 2 Episode 7 Review: Mrs. Sherlock Holmes

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There's hope on the horizon that the soap-opera aspect of the Lifeboat crew might soon be ending.

It was clear that being a saint was starting to wear on Lucy on Timeless Season 2 Episode 7.

Oh, yeah. The team also saved women's right to vote among all the melodrama.

A Suffragette is Framed for Murder - Timeless

Let's talk about the pairings first, then move onto the historical case of the week.

First off, Wyatt has no idea with whom he wants to be. He pined for an idealized version of Jessica for a season and a half. But now that they're back together, I think he's beginning to remember how things were between them.

But Wyatt seems to want to have a work wife, Lucy, as well. Jessica doesn't strike me as the type to get the full implication of "Hey, we saved the 19th Amendment." After all, she didn't even understand what a historian does (write lengthy tomes to secure tenure).

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Lucy has tried to keep a stiff upper lip, although her increased drinking suggests that hasn't been easy. Keep calm, and carry a vodka bottle.

I suspect, as Lucy said, that she and Flynn are just drinking buddies. He spent all last season attempting to resurrect his wife and kids, so I don't think he's looking for anything serious right now.

Still, it's obvious that he has a soft spot for the Lucy he's been reading about in her journal. The question is whether this Lucy is that Lucy. Ain't time paradoxes wonderful?

Voting March - Timeless Season 2 Episode 7

This has certainly ratcheted up the tension among the crew. Now that the Lifeboat is a four-seater, Flynn is likely to be on every mission. So Lucy growing closer to Flynn gives Wyatt another reason to hate Flynn, as if he needed that.

And Lucy expects them to behave like adults when they're on dangerous missions. Go figure.

But now, thanks to that one bit of data Connor was able to uncover; maybe this problem is short-term.

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Is there some innocent reason that Jessica's photo was among the Rittenhouse data? Or is it something more sinister, such as Jessica being a sleeper agent?

I don't think that's the case, because if Rittenhouse knew where the bunker is, why haven't they blown it up already? 

I'm hoping Jessica is harmless, but she's not adding a lot to the team. There's not much call for Lifeboat libations.

Jiya and Rufus still had their problems. The high-strung Rufus was bound to spin out of control when Jiya told him about her premonition of his death.

Suffragette Sleeper - Timeless Season 2 Episode 7

The problem wasn't that Rufus was going to die sometime, in the Old West. The issue was he mistook knowing where he was going to die for being invincible, a crucial distinction, as Flynn pointed out.

Rufus wasn't suddenly invulnerable. So wading into a line of billy club-wielding cops was a pretty dumb thing to do for such a smart guy.

Rufus and Flynn made for an odd couple. Flynn honestly seemed to be on his best behavior, thinking first and shooting second. Maybe he's figured out that history doesn't like a trail of bodies.

19 TV Twists No One Saw Coming

The episode's most unexpected pairing was Nicholas and Emma. I didn't see that coming.

Emma, who has been portrayed as a highly intelligent woman, is a soldier who follows orders ... up to a point.

Apparently, she was fine with assassinating historic figures, but not women's right to vote.

Timeless is continuing to humanize its villains.

First was Flynn, who has turned out to be a sarcastic wise-ass now that everyone is on the same team. Next was Carol, who seems to be having second thoughts about Rittenhouse, especially when it comes to Lucy.

Switching Sides - Timeless Season 2 Episode 7

Now we found out Emma's backstory, a victim of abuse who became a scientific whiz kid, in part thanks to Rittenhouse. 

Still, I don't expect her to be on the side of the angels beyond this episode. Nor do I expect her to put up with Nicholas "protecting" her for any length of time. More likely, she'll be the woman holding the strings of the man in power.

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The episode again made practical use of obscure historical figures. I hadn't heard of either Alice, whose contribution was unfortunately cut short, or Grace, who certainly came off with the aloofness and genius of Sherlock Holmes. She did a fantastic job of analyzing Wyatt and Lucy.

Grace also illustrated that not all women had a unified point of view. Her approach seemed to be that "anyone can make their mark in a man's world if they try hard enough." This grated on historian Lucy, who was much more aware of the institutional obstacles which women faced through the decades.

To see how the many pairings formed, watch Timeless online.

Which couple is annoying you the most? How did you like Grace? Does Nicholas really have a plan? Comment below.

Mrs. Sherlock Holmes Review

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You know [Lucy's] not your wife, right? That's the blonde lady just down the hall, unless history's changed again.

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JIya: My visions don't exactly come with a timestamp, Rufus.
Rufus: So no time, no date. Just stabbed by a guy with bad teeth and spurs on his boots. For all you know, it could be just a rough night in Reno.
Jiya: Will you please take this seriously?
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