The Originals Round Table: Is Antoinette a Villain?

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Holy guacamole.

The Originals Season 5 Episode 5 successfully kicked the action into high gear, and it sure made it seem like much of the characters were gearing up to take the Mikaelsons down. 

Below, TV Fanatics Lizzy Buczak, Alyssa Whittington and Justin Carreiro discuss Greta's link to the past, Klaus' past and so much more. 

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Roman and Antoinette are Greta's children. React!

Lizzy: Well, dang! I did not see that coming at all. I figured Greta was involved in some way because she was a very opinionated new -- technically really old but new to the Quarter -- vamp.

I also thought Roman was suspect because he was so interested in Hope's personal life, but I never put two and two together nor did I think Antoinette was involved. 

Alyssa: I honestly was surprised by this storyline, but it’s very interesting, and I can’t wait to see how it plays out. Antoinette has always seemed shady to me, so this was more believable to me than it was about Roman.

I can see Antoinette and Roman using Elijah and Hope in the evilest and deceptive of ways—other words, it’s about to get juicy.

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Justin: I agree with Lizzy that I did not see this coming. The characters always seemed separate and involved in their own plots, but I guess that was my first mistake. There had to be some collusion somehow to tie them all together.

Is He Too Good to Be True? - The Originals Season 5 Episode 5

Is it a coincidence that Antoinette is in a relationship with Elijah?

Lizzy: It would be too big of a coincidence for her not to have ulterior motives. And that is unfortunate because Elijah seems happy with her.

He doesn't have his memories, but he loves her enough to renounce his family so it would be a shame if this whole time she was playing him and using his "memory loss" as an advantage. Then again, she too rejected her father's ideologies, so maybe she's innocent?

Alyssa: I wholeheartedly believe that Antoinette is in on all of this. It would be boring if she wasn’t, so I think the writers know what they’re doing.

To say that Antoinette didn’t know about Elijah’s love for Hayley would be unrealistic—it was probably her idea to take Hayley. She seems like the jealous type.

Justin: I'm on the fence with this. She could be a good character, but we're talking about the Mikaelsons here. By this point with all the trouble they've caused around the world, how could you not know of the Original family? There has to be more to the purpose of them being together than just being in a relationship.

Jaime Murray as Antoinette - The Originals Season 5 Episode 3

What are your thoughts on Hope leaving the school with Roman?

Lizzy: Disappointing and predictable. Young Hope was all brains, but teenage Hope is just a mess. She's making all these terrible decisions and putting her family at risk.

At one point, she questioned why Roman was so interested in her but then shrugged it off because he was cute. Come on, Hope! 

Alyssa: She is young and “in love.” I have to agree with Lizzy on the young Hope part. Older Hope is my least favorite character though I believe she has the potential for more if she was written out better.

But this is a girl who likes a guy, so when the guy says “Let’s get out of here,” then 9/10 the girl will follow his lead.

Justin: Typical teen drama. The pull of the bad boy storyline is a cliche, which means she's making the wrong decisions because of him.

I'm not putting too much stock into this, especially because the spin-off was greenlit by The CW. She'll find her way back to school.

Getting Close - The Originals Season 5 Episode 5

Why was the photographer really following Antoinette?

Lizzy: That's a mystery to me. She could have easily not pointed him out to Elijah if she didn't want to tell him the truth about her family. Maybe she's been evading her family for years and figured it meant they finally tracked her down? 

Alyssa: Because or her past. Everything is opening up for the big picture. Either she knows the photographer, and it’s a setup, or she is running from something or someone.

Justin: This could have something to do with her family, or someone could be tracking both her and Elijah since they're together. Both of them together could be dangerous to someone else. The real reason is still up in the air.

To The Past - The Originals Season 5 Episode 5

What did you think of what went down in 1930?

Lizzy: Pretty standard for Klaus back in the day so I'm not sure why he was so ashamed of it. He needs to do a better job of remembering potential enemies that may come back with a vengeance.

Doesn't he have a list somewhere or something? He should have figured this whole thing out the moment he laid eyes on Antoinette. 

Alyssa: It’s Klaus. He’s a vampire who can’t control his emotions, so he lashes out in a big way when things don’t go according to plan. I believe it was a total “Klaus” thing to do, so it didn’t surprise me one bit.

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Justin: When has Klaus' past never come back to haunt him? He continues to make enemy after enemy over his evil history, so it figures that the past would affect his present.

Still, for someone who has a good enough memory of his past endeavors, he should've put the pieces together sooner.

Okay, The Originals Fanatics!

What did you think of all the latest developments?

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Elijah: You were right.
Antoinette: About?
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