Queen Sugar Season 3 Episode 3 Review: Your Distant Destiny

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The world isn't perfect. 

Charley already knew that, but Queen Sugar Season 3 Episode 3 drove the point home as she realized that most of her own family wasn't on her side. 

We all know that Charley's plan is a risk, but nothing in life is guaranteed, and with her intelligence, talent for strategizing, and fortitude, Charley Bordelon may be the only person capable of taking down the Landrys.

Sharing Secrets - Queen Sugar

But her family couldn't see past the fact that she had to sell the Queen Sugar Mill to get set Sam up for the fall. 

To them, it was nothing more than selling out.

So you betray our family, get in bed with the enemy, and all you got was 1%. That's what we're worth?


What Nova, Violet, Hollywood, and Micah can't seem to see is that that measly 1% of the company gives Charley access to the entire Landry Empire. That 1%, along with a fair amount of patience and persistence could be the beginning of the end for Sam Landry's stranglehold over the farmers of St. Josephine parish. 

My biggest fear now is that someone might inadvertently slip up and give the Landrys a clue about Charley's plan. 

They can't see me coming because by the time they do, I'll already be standing on the ashes of Sam's empire. You really think people are going to care how I did it or are they just going to say thank you?


The local farmers might be upset to know that Charley is simply the face of the Queen Sugar Mill and that Sam Landry is in control, but what was the alternative? 

Landry was about to drive the mill out of business, and then the farmers would have no choice but to deal with him.

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This way, their money may still be going into Landry's pocket, but at least Charley managed to keep their rates stable for five years. That's a win for them, and it gives Charley time to play this game out until the end.

Nova: You need to wake up. The game's rigged. You can't win this way.
Charley: I don't plan on winning the game, Nova. I plan to eliminate it.

No doubt, Charley is playing a long con here, and there are plenty of ways for it to go wrong. She will have to face some serious obstacles throughout Queen Sugar Season 3, but if anyone can pull this off, it's Charley Bordelon.

A Helping Hand - Queen Sugar Season 3 Episode 3

And even though the rest of the family may doubt her, Ralph Angel was right at Charley's side. 

It's ironic that her brother is the only one who believes in her given how far apart they were during Queen Sugar Season 2. Thank goodness Charley has Ralph Angel because she'd have no one to confide in right now without him. 

Even Micah walked out on his mother and went running to Aunt Nova, and that move is getting a little old. I know he's a teenager, but you'd think with all that they've been through that he'd be more willing to hear his mother out. 

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Speaking of Micah, I was a little surprised that he was so easily accepted by the students at St. Josephine's high school. I would have expected a little more backlash or some attitude about the rich, celebrity's son slumming it at the public school. 

I was also a little upset with Nova. She could have confronted Charley one on one about her plans for Sam Landry, instead of waiting to ambush her at a family dinner. 

Nova and Charley are both powerful, but they see the world differently. Nova fights the good fight from a grassroots, boots-on-the-ground perspective, while Charley isn't afraid to play dirty to take down her enemies.

The world's not perfect, you know that, so I don't know why we expect our solutions to be.


Elsewhere, Hollywood spent his new found fortune on a fancy, and much-deserved engagement ring for Vi, and then they headed out to his high school reunion.

Hollywood's high school girlfriend was really a piece of work. As if anyone would believe she wasn't just catty by asking if Vi was Hollywood's mother. 

I was a little surprised that Violet didn't call her out on it, but instead, she took the high road, and the stress appeared to cost her. 

Comforting Blue - Queen Sugar Season 3 Episode 3

Finally, we get to Ralph Angel, who quietly had a lot going on in this episode. 

He gave a fellow parolee a chance at a job on the farm despite the fact that the man showed up late, dressed like he was headed to a club, and completely unprepared. 

Either this guy is going to crash and burn, or he'll be Ra's most loyal employee. Only time will tell. 

There was definitely some chemistry happening between Ralph Angel and the boss' daughter. We may have only just met Trinh but we've already learned that she's smart, beautiful, and funny. She's also a hard worker and loyal to her family, so she and Ralph Angel have that in common.

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One of my favorite scenes was how Ralph Angel handled Blue's bed wetting accident. No matter what his flaws, the man is a great father. He's patient and understanding and willing to put Blue first, even if it means no more easy sex with eager partners. 

Which leads us to Darla's return. With Ralph Angel's continued refusal to speak with her, I figured she'd probably show up on the farm sooner rather than later. 

My biggest question is, does she plan to stick around, or bring Blue back to California with her?

Check back next week for my review of Queen Sugar Season 3 Episode 4, and until then, you can watch Queen Sugar online here at TV Fanatic.

Your Distant Destiny Review

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Queen Sugar Season 3 Episode 3 Quotes

So you betray our family, get in bed with the enemy, and all you got was 1%. That's what we're worth?


Ralph Angel: He showed up late, dressed like he was going to a club, and he had no experience.
Nova: So he was late and unprepared.
Ralph Angel: Yeah.
Nova: That sounds vaguely familiar.