Colony Canceled: Upcoming Finale will Be Series Ender

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When one of the most sought-after shows at Comic-Con is missing, some people start asking questions.

Sometimes those questions lead to answers nobody wants to hear.

This is one of those times.

Now What? - Colony Season 3 Episode 1

Colony didn't have a presence at the convention this year, and when Deadline went poking around, they discovered the best answer might be the most obvious one. 

USA wasn't promoting the currently airing program because they had no intention of moving forward with another season.

While the ratings have dwindled this summer, the cult favorite is still on par with other USA hits Mr. Robot and Shooter.

Colony is averaging 1.3 million viewers weekly but only 394K among the *coveted* 18-49 demo.

So what does that mean?

Snyder Takes a Tour - Colony Season 3 Episode 8

Are we to believe the adults in the room have been dissed once again, even though 50+ has never looked or acted as fantastic? 

If you're looking for expendable income, you need look no further than to people who are working and have a bit of savings under their belt.

Are advertisers living by the tired old adages they formed in the, what? Nineteen seventy?

All of that ratings garbage means nothing anymore, so what is the real reason? 

Does the show cost too much money to produce? Is it not owned by NBC? 

Whatever it is, it's time to get onto social media and try to save this show.

Creatively speaking, Colony has taken risks over the course of the series like very few out there.

This season outside of the Colony proper has been a test of its own, but next season could be something utterly new.

Colony has put up for debate issues such as religion, the Holocaust, and more in a futuristic setting.

All of it brings the idea of historical concepts to modern day and generates brilliant discussion.

The acting is incredible, and the characters' motivations are always being tested.

They are functioning in a world of gray areas, much like we have become mired in today more than ever before.

It is not the time to cancel Colony, but to celebrate it.

Don't Talk to Strangers - Colony Season 3 Episode 3

So what are you going to do about it, Colony Fanatics?

What would the Bowmans do? What would Broussard do?

If you're unsure, watch Colony online for ideas and get to work.

We have a show to save!!

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Colony Quotes

Will: Why am I here?
Proxy Snyder: To turn crisis into opportunity.

Katie: He's a good kid.
Will: They're all good kids.