Colony: Sergio Osuna on the End of Colony, the Future of Humanity, and More

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Colony has come to an untimely end. We hope another network picks up the story because Colony is an excellent show with an amazing cast. There is a lot more story to tell! 

TV Fanatic had the opportunity to talk with one of those fantastic cast members, Sergio Osuna (Glen), and chat about the Colony finale.

He had some interesting things to say about his time as Glen, his hopes for the future of the story, and how he thinks Colony would've played out.

Read on to see what he has to say.

Sergio Osuna - Colony

Why did Glen decide to side with Snyder? Was that just self-preservation?

Yeah, I think in episode 11, when Snyder shows up asking for more information and Glen's help, I think that he made a decision. When Snyder says you're not working for Kynes, you're working for me. That was the breaking point where he makes the decision that, ok, you're my boss and I'll help you.

Disregarding the consequences that he might have with Kynes. So I think that was the moment when he realized that if this is the long game, then I'm gonna make that decision right now to stick with Snyder. 

The backstory that I have for Glen is that he doesn't trust or like Snyder that much, but in order to keep his job for long term, I think he decided to go with him.

I don't know that Glen changed his loyalty internally.

Right. No, I think, and I've spoken about this recently actually. I think that every character kind of works and the decisions that they make are for the greater good. Not considering them to be bad decisions or good decisions that they make because they have a goal and they see that goal, and they follow through.

So, I don't think Glen was disloyal by choosing Snyder. He just sees the bigger picture. That's the way that I played it.

Glen Working for Kynes - Colony

Even Snyder is questioning whether he picked the right side. Do you think Snyder picked the right side? He doesn't have much protection now.

Yeah, he's in a very peculiar spot. I don't know if he thinks he picked the right side. The whole Kynes storyline, I think was very interesting because everything pointed to one thing with the kind of man that he was. Then in the last few episodes, you were kind of surprised by what he was doing and how he was doing it. 

In this particular show, you never know what the character has behind their decisions. Lots of twists and turns, specifically in Colony, that it's what makes the show so good.

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I completely agree. We're all so devastated about the show's cancellation.

Yeah, it is very sad.

What do you think the fate of Seattle is?

I would like to think, I'm very hopeful, so I would like to think that it could be saved. Looking as a fan of the show, you see everything from the outside in, and you see this block being extremely well run. It's clean and effective and safe.

So, I would think that the infrastructure is there for it to keep functioning, but the running of it might need to change. I'm hopeful, and I think that it would be a good colony to keep working.

I'd like to know what you think the future would be.

Will Sacrifices Himself - Colony Season 3 Episode 13

I think Kynes had the best idea about kind of an ark, and it looks like the deal that Snyder made, turning in 150 of the outliers, would put a shield around Seattle. But I don't know how powerful their weapons are from space either, so are they gonna go on the ground and storm the place.

If they can kill people just by, it seems like, some kind of vibration or thinking about it, how can you even protect yourself against that? Even though the outliers are really badass, you know, they kick butt, but how can you defend against somebody who can kill you with their mind from across the room?

How are you going to fight against that?

Yeah, exactly. I think it could be difficult, obviously, to survive, given the technology that they have. You never know. Outliers are extremely skilled and resourceful. Never underestimate them.

How many outlier cells was Kynes hiding?

I would think it would be a small army of people. So, there's a lot of people backing him up. Whether that's enough to make it through, I don't know, but there's plenty of outliers.

Snyder Takes a Tour - Colony Season 3 Episode 8

They mentioned the hosts making up for everything that humanity has lost if we win this fight for them. What do you think they mean by that?

I don't know because, in order to make it up, they would have to go back to the way humanity was before everything started, and that seems very impossible. It would be a huge task to undertake, and I think it would be a new version of or an updated version of what worked before.

Before everything. It's a big job to take, and I don't know if it's a promise that they can keep. A utopia that a lot of people might want.

Katie Gets Prepared for War - Colony Season 3 Episode 13

I know it's been canceled, but was there any talk about the series being saved? Is there anybody working on that?

I know one thing that I've learned interacting with people on social media, with Colony specifically, there are a lot of fans who love this show, and there's a huge support from a lot of people all over the world, really. So, I am hopeful, but most of all I think I'm sad about the cancelation of it.

It would be amazing if any other network would pick it up, just because I think specifically this season was such a great arc and such a great story from beginning to end. How the development visually and emotionally and production-wise was incredible. And I feel so honored to have been a part of this season of Colony.

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And I think everyone involved in it, Sarah, Peter, Josh. I worked with Wayne Brady, which was amazing too, and to see their level of professionalism and talent was amazing. And I think it would be very very good news if anyone else decided to pick this up.

The story is there, and the fans are there, so I think that it would be a smart decision to pick it up.

It's a stellar cast, it's a different story, and you never know what's going to happen, so that makes it interesting. It a well-made, well-acted show, and I would love to see it continue.

Yeah, me too. I started on Episode 8. That's where I knew the storyline from, Episode 8 on. Watching it on TV and seeing the whole full circle type moments this season was amazing.

Kynes assistant Glen - Colony

In production, when the writers are there or whatever, do they ever talk about what was going to happen? I would hate to leave the fans, and I know you guys hate to leave the fans on a cliffhanger. Will's being closed in this pod, and that's how it ends.

Was there any talk about what might happen if the story were to continue?

No, when we're on set, it's very important to stay in the moment and be present in the moment and work on the particular episode to move the story along.

I'm sure that the writers have an idea of the bigger picture, but I think at that specific moment while in production, it's kinda like a one day at a time, and you focus on the task at hand, and not think ahead.

So, yeah, the cliffhangers and to leave the story like this, I think it's probably frustrating as a fan because you want to see it be resolved, and see what's next. 

If anything, get picked up, to see where it's going and to give a little bit to the fans.

Kynes Talks to Snyder - Colony Season 3 Episode 9

It's frustrating for the fans, but it's probably frustrating for the actors and the writers too. You want to finish telling your story.

Yeah, and I think because everybody's invested in it, they brought Kynes, and a different energy into it. For example, for me, I feel I've never gotten the chance to play someone like Glen before.

He's very straightforward and loyal and unapologetically good assistant, and not asking any questions about anything that he has to deal with.

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I would love to see what's next for him, and the shift between working for Kynes and working for Snyder. That would've been very interesting to do.

So, that would be my investment in it. Stepping away from it as a fan of the show, yeah, all the storylines and how they deal. Especially this season, I was blown away by Sarah and Josh specifically, and the episode they dealt with the emotional ramifications of losing a son.

Will and Katie Bowman Talk - Colony Season 3 Episode 4

That episode just broke me, and it was so good. That episode was directed by Sarah. To me, moving forward would be amazing to see them dive into that a little bit more.

The show is just so great. 

What would you like to see the fate of the Bowman family to be?

I think they work best together, and they're a strong family, and to see the kids grow up and become stronger as individuals are amazing to see. I guess I'm a big softie, but I would like to see them work together and be together and be okay with it. With whatever it is that they are. 

We could speculate about how the war would end.

Do you have any good speculations and what you'd like to see?

Sergio Osuna Headshot - Colony

I guess what I would like to see would be for the humans to defeat both of the aliens, but I don't know how they would light the enemy of our enemy. The hosts, Kynes probably already has some kind of computer virus to upload into the host.

I think they would be pretty easy to defeat, but the other enemy, I don't know how they would beat them.

I agree I think it would be difficult, but like you, I would like to see the humans defeat them because I'm rooting for the human race. It would be an incredibly difficult task, and it would be amazing to see on the screen if someone were to pick it up.

Even though everything would be different, I think the human race would still have that backbone and that spine that would guide them and to be good and do good, and to hopefully re-invent itself and evolve in a positive way.

A big thanks to Sergio Osuna for taking the time to share his thoughts about Colony with TV Fanatic.

Don't miss a minute of Colony. It's incredible TV. You'll be hooked and picketing for more seasons! Proxy Snyder is calling on all colonists to save Colony, so go to twitter and make sure your voice is heard!

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