Days of Our Lives Round Table: Who Has Leo's Body?

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Leo’s body disappeared, the cabin in the woods mysteriously caught fire, and drugs showed up in JJ and Theresa’s apartment on Days of Our Lives.

Our TV Fanatics Jack Ori and Christine Orlando are joined by Stephanie and Mikey from MyHourglass a Days of Our Lives fan forum to decide who has Leo’s body, if Ben set the fire, if anyone will save JJ from himself and if Jenn and Eric really have a future together in Salem.

Days Of Our Lives Round Table 1-27-15

Who has taken Leo’s body and what do they plan to do with it?

Stephanie: Considering that Leo died in the Kiriakas mansion, my guess is that Victor has something to do with the disappearance of his body. Victor will do anything to protect his family, and he somehow always knows everything that’s going on too.

Victor probably realized how dumb Sonny and Will’s plan was and found a better way to make Leo’s body and car disappear for good. Maybe Xander was involved somehow since Victor likes to make him do his dirty work for him.

Mikey: Leo took his own body! Why do any of these people ever assume that someone they’ve “killed” is actually dead? Maybe chill out and verify it before you commit an additional felony. I fully expect Leo to come waltzing in at the least opportune time.

Jack: I'm not sure. I'm afraid that Leo will turn out to be alive and that we have another silly resurrection/blackmail story coming up. Other than that, I wonder if Vivian is back in Salem or if Stefan did it as part of his revenge plan against Kate.

Christine: I’m hoping Xander has Leo’s body and can use it to blackmail Victor into letting him run Titan. Sonny and Brady have been so inept that I actually ended up feeling bad that Xander never got his chance. He certainly couldn’t do any worse!

Ciara in Danger - Days of Our Lives

Did Ben set that fire at the cabin? Should he remain in Salem?

Stephanie: I don’t think Ben set the cabin on fire. He was going nuts without his meds, but Ciara had talked him down enough to convince him to go get his pills before the fire started. If he did set it, it was most likely done accidentally instead of intentionally this time. I would like to see Ben stick around for a while. Other characters have gotten chances to redeem themselves, so why not Ben?

Mikey: I don’t believe that he did. Considering there was apparently a hotplate just sitting out, I have a feeling that’s what started the fire because Ben forgot to turn it off or something. The fire marshal’s report will come back and Hope will look stupid for ranting and raving about her daughter defending a serial killer, which is wild.

I’m enjoying Ben’s presence in Salem and his interplay with Ciara, but if this were a remotely normal world, I’d suggest that he go seek a fresh start literally anywhere other than where the families of his victims all reside.

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Jack: I don't think Ben set the fire, though he may have accidentally left the stove on or his generator might have had faulty wiring. I never thought I'd be rooting for him, but yes, he should remain in Salem and prove all those judgmental people wrong.

Christine: No, I don’t think he set it and it’s going to be fun watching Hope and Rafe have to eat crow when that comes out. I can’t believe I’m going to say this, because I never used to like Ben, but I hope he sticks around. He’s turned out to be one of the show’s better actors and I’ve been enjoying his return far more than I ever thought I would.

More Planted Drugs - Days of Our Lives

Were you shocked that JJ told the court the drugs were his? Is there any chance Eve will come clean?

Stephanie: I wasn’t shocked by JJ’s choice at all. He has become very protective of Theresa in the time that she’s been back on the show. He had just managed to help her decide to do the right thing as far as Tate is concerned, and he doesn’t want to see her immediately lose that success because of something that isn’t actually her fault.

As for Eve, I’m not sure what she will do. She tried to do the right thing and call her plan with Victor off, but now that it’s been launched anyway, she can’t exactly tell everyone the truth without losing the people who are important to her.

Mikey: I was surprised, in the moment, but it makes sense. JJ has a bit of a hero complex these days, and he’s really latched onto Theresa’s cause (for some reason I’m not entirely sure of).

I do not think Eve will come clean, at least not in the near future. In the grand tradition of Salem women, she’ll hang onto the secret to be with Brady and then it will blow up in her face.

Jack: Not shocked as much as disappointed. This is the third time Eve has got tangled up in something that resulted in JJ being accused of, or nearly being accused of, using drugs he didn't use! (Though him implicating himself was stupid).

I doubt Eve will come clean. I'm guessing this will drag on so that when the truth comes out, Brady will break up with Eve.

Christine: Oh JJ! I love his protective streak but this could really hurt his career. I can’t imagine an EMT who uses drugs gets to keep their job very long. JJ or Theresa could have simply asked to be drug tested to prove the drugs weren’t theirs.

I desperately hope that Eve does the right thing, for JJ’s sake, but I’m not expecting it. And all of this drama between these two women competing to keep Brady Black makes me roll my eyes so hard that it hurts. 

Jennifer and Eric Talk - Days of Our Lives

Do Jennifer and Eric have a future as a couple or is she just a placeholder for Nicole? (please don’t give away any spoilers.) 

Stephanie: Jennifer and Eric have seemingly been stuck in the same place since they first got together. I haven’t really seen much progression in their relationship, so I’m not sure that they have any great future ahead of them.

They kind of remind me of Abe and Valerie. They’re happy and have no major problems with each other, which is nice to see.

Unfortunately, though, I think it is very possible for Eric to be tempted to go back to Nicole if the opportunity ever arises. He doesn’t think straight when she’s around.

Mikey: I enjoy their chemistry and their relationship, but it’s way too low-stakes to survive on a soap opera. They drained all the tension out of their relationship too quickly, and now they’re basically Doug and Julie, but decades younger.

It’s like they fast-forwarded them decades and blew past all the obvious story. I like both actors and characters, so I’d like for them to get more to do, whether together or apart.

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Jack: I hope they have a future. Eric and Nicole were ruined for me a long time ago and we don't need any more of them. I prefer Eric and Jennifer even though it bothers me that Eric is giving therapy to his girlfriend's son.

Christine: Eric and Jennifer work great on paper, not on screen. Let's face it, only Alice Horton could make donuts interesting. 

Jenn and Eric are a bore to watch. There is absolutely no spark or sense of romance between them. On the other hand, Eric and Nicole may have been a train wreck, but they had incredible chemistry.

If Nicole comes back to Salem, and if Eric learns the truth about why she left, I can’t imagine he’ll be able to stay away from her for very long. 

Waiting for Test Results - Days of Our Lives

Who is the real father of Abigail’s baby? Do you think the results have been tampered with?

Stephanie: I think the real father of Abigail’s baby is most likely Stefan. There’s no conflict if the baby is Chad’s. At first, I thought Gabi might have tampered with the results when she was alone with the envelope in Kayla’s office, but now I’m not so sure.

Gabi was angry when they arrived, but she seemed to be back to being supportive and concerned when she was waiting for Abigail to open them. I know Gabi is going to get her revenge somehow, but I’m not sure changing DNA results is going to be it this time.

Mikey: It’s totally going to wind up being Chad because this show loves to drag out the drama of the “wrong” person being a baby’s father and then correct it at the 11th hour.

I do enjoy the mystery, as it currently stands, as to whether Gabi fudged the results or not. It’s a fun way to set up the whole thing, even if it’s insane that the lab tech (or nurse? Who knows?) came in and just plopped the envelope down on the desk while Gabi was conveniently there.

Jack: It's probably Chad and the results have probably been tampered with, in an uninteresting rerun of what happened when Thomas was conceived.

Christine: How many times do we have to watch this story? It’s happened so often that it is mind-numbing. Worse yet, this is the second time that Abigail hasn’t known which man is the father of her child with the possibility of the DNA results being tampered with. Enough already!

I think the real father is Chad but the results will say it’s Stefan, because that’s the way it works in Salem.

Gabi in Pain - Days of Our Lives

What, if anything, disappointed you this week in Salem?

Stephanie: I was disappointed that they ended Friday’s episode with Abigail opening the test results and not revealing them to the TV audience. It was a letdown since it was dragged out for the entire episode.

I also think the writers missed an opportunity with her and Kayla. Instead of talking about Ciara, I think it would have been interesting for Kayla to point out to Abigail that this is the second time she’s had to have a DNA test to find out who the father of her unborn child is. If I were a doctor going through this with the same patient twice, I would definitely feel a need to discuss it with them and advise them about how to avoid it in the future.

Mikey: I was disappointed, once again, in Rafe and Hope’s inability to do their jobs properly. Rafe, in particular, was embarrassing when he was haranguing Ben. I shouldn’t be feeling bad for the serial killer, but here we are!

Jack: Too many repeated storylines. Abby's baby drama is the worst offender since we literally did this with the same character a few years ago! Plus, turning it into a who's-the-daddy totally whitewashes the fact that she was raped -- and Kayla should have counseled her about that, as a fellow rape survivor.

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This planted drug story also has huge holes in its logic. Neither JJ nor Theresa have any physical symptoms of being high on cocaine, nobody bothered to order drug tests, and the police were not called to arrest anyone when a controlled substance was found in his apartment.

Also, we had too many long flashbacks this week of things that were not needed. And Jennifer's fears for JJ were so completely misplaced that it was obvious she has no clue who her son is. And don't get me started on the non-reality of this DNA switch or how nobody is even trying to redirect Ari's angry behavior in non-destructive ways.

Finally, Hope and Rafe need to lose the attitude and stop trying to violate Ben's rights in order to get a confession out of him!

Christine: We never found out what started the fire in the cabin. We never found out the results of Abigail’s DNA test. We never got any closure about the custody battle, and we still don’t know who absconded with Leo’s body. There were way too many questions left hanging and no answers. It was a very unsatisfying week in Salem.

Ciara Confronts Ben - Days of Our Lives

What was your favorite quote, scene or storyline on this week’s Days of Our Lives?

Stephanie: I loved the banter between Victor and Eve when she came to beg him for help with making sure that Brady won custody of Tate. It was clear how much they hate each other, but it was funny at the same time. Any scene Victor has with a character who he absolutely despises is a riot!

Mikey: As much as the story isn’t gelling for me, I loved Eve telling Victor in this Days of Our Lives quote...

[to Victor] If we stipulate right now that you know a bunch of Greek crap that I don't, can we get down to business?


I actually laughed out loud. That felt super in-character for her and for how she’d interact with Victor, and it momentarily made me forget about the stupidity of the actual storyline.

Jack: I loved Theresa and Brady's almost reconciliation. I also was surprised by how much I like this Ben storyline now. I thought I would hate this story when I heard Ben was returning!

Christine: I appreciated JJ and Theresa talking through her issues with this custody fight. These two have the most honest, mature conversations on the show.

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