The 23 Most Irritating Characters of All Time

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We love our characters on TV. Whether we love to love them or love to hate them, our TV characters take us on a journey with them into their world and out of ours.

Some TV characters, though, grate on us like nails on a chalkboard. If they're not constantly making bad decisions, they're whining like a baby, and making us roll our eyes so hard they might pop out of our heads, every time they show up on the screen.

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We begin to wonder if the entire point of them being on the show is to irritate us.

Because that's an emotion too.

Read through the 23 most irritating characters of all time, and see if you agree with our picks. Who would you choose as the king or queen of irritation?

1. Andrea - The Walking Dead

Andrea - The Walking Dead
Andrea couldn't make a good decision if her life depended on it. And it did! She not only made poor decisions that affected her but put everyone's life at risk. On top of that, she was so sure she was right all the time, she wouldn't listen to anyone else. That's no way to be in an apocalypse, Andrea! She even put her trust in the governor, which had to be the most irritating move of all.

2. Kim - Law & Order: SVU

Kim - Law & Order: SVU
As they say, you can't pick your family, but Amanda deserves a sister so much better than Kim. She's just a tiny, blonde, steaming hot mess. It's irritating enough that she gets herself in trouble with her drugs, and her abusive boyfriend, but to bring Amanda into it? Every time she shows her face, Amanda gives her another chance and gets stabbed in the back. We're not sure who's more irritating, Kim for putting Amanda through the ringer or Amanda for falling for it every single time.

3. Seg-El - Krypton

Seg-El - Krypton
What's irritating about Seg is that he's an ancestor of Superman, who always chooses the morally correct decision. Seg doesn't. When we meet Seg, he's an angry con-man, full of rage, making bad decision after bad decision. He not worthy of the House of El. Although we know his character arc will eventually bring him to the hero status he's destined to reach, it's almost painful to watch him on his journey.

4. Carrie - Homeland

Carrie - Homeland
Yes, we know, Carrie has bipolar disorder. We're not judging her irritation level for that. What makes Carrie so irritating is her constant poor decision making and constant state of crying. Some of that may be due to the fact she doesn't stay on her meds (irritating), but not all. She makes selfish decisions without any regard for who she hurts in the process, whether it be Peter (the only man to stand by her side) or her very own daughter. No one can make you scream louder at the TV than Carrie Mathison.

5. Jacinda - Once Upon a Time

Jacinda - Once Upon a Time
Jacinda complains way too much to be a believable princess. She carries way too much drama and is somewhat of a hot mess. She also has zero chemistry with Henry, so watching them forced together is irritating. You're a princess, Jacinda, get your life together, girl.

6. Kimmy - Full House

Kimmy - Full House
At first, Kimmy was just the annoying and odd neighbor and best friend of DJ Tanner. As they grew up, Kimmy became just plain annoying with her bursting in the house, her weird crush on Uncle Jesse, and her making trouble for DJ, She wasn't good for DJ, and none of the other Tanners could stand her. She became their punchline. Sometimes friendships really shouldn't last.

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