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Did everyone make it out of the latest mission alive?

That was addressed on Quantico Season 3 Episode 9 when Shelby reunited with someone from her past and it paved the way for a deadly chain of events that raised questions about who she really is. 

In turn, the person from her past proved to be manipulating a situation in order to get the upper hand and discredit Shelby. 

Did Alex find out the truth before it was too late?

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Quantico Season 3 Episode 9 Quotes

Mike: How are you holding up?
Alex: I'm fine. Everyone really needs to stop worrying about me.
Mike: Worrying about you is the best part of my day.
Alex: I'm sorry, what?
Mike: It's an old country song.
Alex: By who?
Mike: Yours truly. I told you, you don't know anything about me.

Alex: I lost a baby, and the truth is, as awful as it was, my life was about to get really complicated, and now it's not.
Shelby: I don't believe it's that simple, and neither do you.