Days of Our Lives Round Table: Will Eric & Jenn Ever Get Married?

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Eric proposed to Jennifer, Gabi confided her scheme to Kate, and Ben was assaulted multiple times this week in Salem?

Days Of Our Lives Round Table 1-27-15

Our TV Fanatics Jack Ori and Christine Orlando are joined by Andy from MyHourglass a Days of Our Lives fan forum to debate excitement over John and Marlena’s wedding, if Eric and Jennifer will ever walk down the aisle, will Victor out Eve to Brady and more on Days of Our Lives.

Jennifer is Engaged - Days of Our Lives

Will Eric and Jennifer ever make it down the aisle? Do you want them to?

Andy: I would like for Eric and Jennifer to tie the knot. When was the last time a couple actually made it to marriage?

I don't think they'll have an easy road getting there though. Nicole will probably pop up at just the wrong moment, and Eric will no doubt find out Jennifer knew Brady had forced Nicole to leave him. Maybe in another year, they'll finally make it down the aisle.

Jack: I doubt it. I fully expect Eric to throw the same tantrum he threw when he found out about Nicole and the shreds. I would like to see this wedding happen, but only after an extended time of this couple building a relationship on-screen, instead of rushing to get them engaged just for the sake of drama over this stupid secret.

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Christine: I can’t imagine they’ll make it down the aisle any time soon, and I can’t say I want them to. I like both characters but I haven’t felt much real chemistry between them.

I want to see Eric and Nicole deal with why she left the way she did. I’d actually enjoy Eric and Nicole together if the show could get behind them as a couple. If not, then Eric and Jennifer need to stop talking about everyone else’s drama and find a story all their own.

Hope's Disturbing Behavior - Days of Our Lives

Is Hope becoming unstable or are her actions concerning Ben justified?

Andy: I don't blame Hope for her actions. Her daughter is falling for a literal serial killer. One who largely targeted young women. Unfortunately, Hope is probably going to end up pushing Ciara away and into Ben's arms even faster.

Jack: Hope has been unstable since she shot Stefano and Rafe encourages that instability which is one of the many reasons this couple is a horrible idea.

Hope's concern is justified; after all, her daughter is interested in a serial killer whose actions led to the deaths of several people important to her family and indirectly influenced the fake Aiden almost killing Hope nonsense.

But using police power against someone who currently is not breaking any laws just because her daughter disagrees with her opinion of him is beyond the pale.

Christine: Hope has every right to be terrified about Ben spending time with her daughter. The man has killed people! But her actions have become unstable.

I still believe that Hope killed Stefano while suffering from PTSD (because it’s the only thing that makes sense) and if Rafe hadn’t covered it up that could have been dealt with. Now I fear that Rafe is enabling Hope’s questionable behavior again and I fear where that will lead.

Evil Gabi - Days of Our Lives

Do you think Kate will eventually out Gabi’s schemes to Chad?

Andy: That secret will definitely come out sooner or later, and I wouldn't be surprised if Kate spills the beans (intentionally or not). I would never put my trust in Kate, it wasn't very smart of Gabi to tell her. Kate will either blackmail Gabi more or let the cat out of the bag as soon as it benefits her to do so.

Jack: I’m sure she will. Kate is looking for ways to double cross Stefan and probably will double cross Gabi too before this is over. Trying to blackmail her isn't a good idea.

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Christine: Gabi was a fool to tell Kate, especially knowing her loyalty to Chad. Kate might stab him in the back in business, but where his children are concerned, I can’t imagine she’ll keep her mouth shut indefinitely.

Will Victor Out Eve? - Days of Our Lives

Will Victor tell Brady that Eve knew he had the drugs planted in JJ’s apartment?

Andy: I don't think Victor will expose Eve's involvement, he won't want to hurt Brady any more than he already has. He might use it to blackmail Eve down the road. Or Jennifer may let the truth slip first.

Jack: Nah. If he did, Brady wouldn't believe him. Besides, we can't have all this drama over Jennifer keeping a secret from Eric if Eve's leverage over her disappears in 5 seconds.

Christine: Victor’s too smart for that. He’ll hold this one in his pocket to keep Eve in line or use against her when he really needs it.

John and Marlena Plan a Wedding - Days of Our Lives

On a scale of 1 (not at all) to 10 (I can’t wait) how much are you looking forward to John and Marlena’s wedding?

Andy: Maybe a 6? I couldn't really care less about seeing them get married, been there, done that, but I imagine there might be some fireworks at the wedding if Sami and/or Nicole make an appearance.

Jack: 2. It's nice there's some romance in Salem, but this is the fifth time for this couple, and the writers are being extremely obvious with their hints that something awful is going to happen at the wedding.

Christine: About a 5. I really didn’t care before, but it’s clear there will be plenty of drama at this wedding. Back in the day, I really enjoyed John and Marlena, but that feels like ages ago. I wouldn’t mind seeing them reclaim some of their previous magic.

Tryng to Work it Out - Days of Our Lives

What disappointed you the most this week in Salem?

Andy: I was very disappointed Gabi told Kate what she had done. She may have thought she had some leverage knowing that Kate was working with Stefan against Chad, but it was just a dumb move that will backfire on her.

I also don't like that Gabi was so quick to dismiss Chad as collateral damage. I get wanting revenge against Stefan and Abigail, but what happened to her feelings for Chad?

Jack: More berating Abby for having been raped/having consider abortion/having decided to keep her rapist's baby. JJ saying it was rape doesn't change the fact that this is being written as if it is not and Abby is being treated by her husband as an evil person who just might be in love with her rapist.

It's bad enough that JJ being raped by Lani was never acknowledged and now Abby is getting even worse treatment while Stefan wanders around Salem gloating that he is going to be a father and insisting that "Gabby" loves him.

Hope and Rafe's inappropriate use of force against Ben is a close second. I miss the days when there were people with integrity in the Salem PD instead of idiots on power trips.

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Christine: So much! Stefan gloating about his child with Abigail to anyone who would listen was stomach turning. Any scene with him in it makes me want to turn the show-off!

Gabi not giving a damn about how much she’s hurting Chad or this unborn child with her scheme is horrifying.

Also, the show’s insistence that a 5-year-old would snub her mother for weeks on end is ridiculous. There's no reason that Ari shouldn’t be living with her mother once again, except that the show wants to justify Gabi’s horrible behavior.

And will we ever learn what started the fire at the cabin? This storyline has dragged on for weeks with the purpose of giving Hope and Rafe cover to act out against Ben.

Ben and Ciara Bond - Days of Our Lives

Which storyline are you the most excited about?

Andy: I'm honestly not super excited about any storyline at the moment. Everyone has secrets, and it feels like we're just in limbo for awhile until it's time for the secrets to come out. I wish they'd move the Sonny/Will/Leo story forward, but we only got them once this week.

Jack: I’m hoping that JJ is onto Gabi's nonsense and will be the one to expose what she's doing to his sister. That would be so dramatic considering the fact that Gabi also saved JJ's life before she lost her mind again!

Other than that, right now I'm excited about some of these ridiculous stories being over so we can move onto something that's hopefully a little better.

Christine: I’m actually looking forward to Marlena and John’s wedding because I think it will pull together several stories and give us some drama that has nothing to do with Abigal/Chad/Stefan/Gabi.

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