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What caused Alison to end her life?

That was finally revealed on The Affair Season 4 Episode 9 when we went back in time to the days before she died, and to find out how she processed the news that Ben was lying to her. 

With that, we also got some insight into her fraught relationship with her parents, and how she really felt about Cole. 

Was everything as it seemed?

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Get caught up with all the latest developments on this addictive Starz drama.

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The Affair Season 4 Episode 9 Quotes

Alison: What happens to people like us?
Ben: What do you mean?
Alison: The ones who can't be forgiven.
Ben: The shrinks would say we need to forgive ourselves.
Alison: I can't.

Alison: So that's what you walk around with, every day?
Ben: When I got back home, I couldn't stand Heidi anymore. It wasn't her fault. It just, I wish she looked at me, the way she needed me. One night we got in bed and I tied her in bed on her stomach so I wouldn't have to look at her face, not even when Bodie started to cry. I got clean after that, and I haven't touched a drink since. I haven't touched her, either.