Big Brother: Who Has The Best Chance to Win Season 20?

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As the summer winds down, so does another season of Big Brother.

The long-running social experiment pits hamster against hamster in the ultimate game of manipulation and strategy. And while past seasons have been categorized as lackluster, many feel that this season has been a return to former glory.

With only half the houseguests still remaining, we thought it may be fun to see who has the best chances of walking away with the $500,000 and joining the ranks of Big Brother legends, like Doctor Will and Derrick Levasseur.

BB Group

While the Hive and Level 6 have been battling for weeks, at this point the Hive is really standing on its last leg. Competition beasts in their own right, they could just never execute correctly while they were in power.

And now only two members remain.

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But do they have a chance to right their past wrongs and beat the odds?

Let’s take a look at who’s playing the best game, the worst game and who’s just lucky to be there.

8. Haleigh

Haleigh - BB

Haleigh has escaped the block a few times but right now she is severely outnumbered and she would essentially have to win out to have a chance at making it to finale night. With Faysal gone, she has lost her shield and her number one ally.

Her only chance at this point is continuing to get on the good side of Level 6. But so far they have shown themselves to be freakishly loyal to one another. It will take a miracle for the Texan sweetheart to avoid the block in the coming weeks.

I'm still rooting for my Hive people, but sadly her chances are not looking good right now.

7. Scottie

Scottie - BB

With Haleigh least likely to win at this point, her fellow Hive member isn’t far behind.

Scottie came back into the game via the Battle Back, but he’s come back to a new house that has changed in the week that he’s been gone. Relationships have only gotten stronger and winning his way back into the game will only make the target on him that much bigger.

Scottie is a strong competitor so he will always be a threat when he plays in vetos, but much like Haleigh, it will be hard for him to penetrate the Level 6 alliance and keep himself off the block.

6. Sam

Sam - BB

Oh, Sam. It’s been hard to discern exactly what game Sam is playing. She isn’t in an alliance, but if there’s one person she has been loyal too, it’s Tyler. However, when the Hive is gone, Sam will be the first person Level 6 will be going after.

Sam has a competition win under her belt, so it’s possible she could keep herself safe by winning a timely HOH or veto. But at this point, Sam seems content to help Tyler motor his way to the end.

Of all the houseguests, she’s playing the worst game.

5. JC


Has JC been gaming all season? Yes. Has JC helped facilitate some of the evictions this season? Yes. But more important than anything, is JC a member of Level 6? NO.

JC has played a pivotal role this season, but his biggest downfall has been his inability to see that he was making moves and putting in all the legwork for an alliance he wasn’t even a part of.

When he inevitably goes home on an Angela or Brett HOH, perhaps then he will see that he wasn’t as in the know as he thought he was.

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4. Brett

Brett - BB

At this point either Brett or Kaycee could fall in this spot, depending upon who wins those final head of household competitions.

I’m placing Brett as a least likely winner over Kaycee because he isn’t as close to Tyler as the others. One thing Brett does have going for him is he is a competitor and as the numbers dwindle, his chances of winning will increase.

But Brett has never been able to replace his ride or die, Winston, so when it comes down to the end of the game, would anyone take him along to final 2?

3. Kaycee

Kaycee - BB

Much like Sam, Kaycee’s strategy has been to play for Tyler and blend into the background. She hasn’t made any big game moves, nor has she brought the entertainment, but she did align with the correct side.

If she can get herself to top three or four, the remaining houseguests would be silly not to consider taking her to the end. She has virtually no resume at this point and it’s hard to tell whether anyone truly respects her game.

She may not be the most deserving person to make it to the end, but then again this show has seen its fair share of questionable final twos.

2. Angela

Angela - BB

Angela has come a long way from the early days of summer when it was easy to forget she was even in the house. As it stands right now, two of the three jurors are in the luxurious jury house because Angela put them up for eviction.

A bitter jury is a very real thing that comes up every single season, yet everyone wants to act like they had no idea that the people who lost their shot at half a million dollars directly do to other people’s actions, wouldn’t feel the slightest bit of animosity.

Of everyone left in the house, Angela has burned the most bridges and has gotten the most blood on her hands. But I still put her chances to win very high because she has a very good chance to make it very far.

And although we go into many finales thinking it will be a slam dunk, if you can get yourself there, anything can happen.

1. Tyler

Tyler - BB

As much as it pains me personally to say it, this is Tyler’s game to lose.

Tyler is playing the best game. Tyler has the most allies. And Tyler has multiple final two deals.

Based on all that, it would be a shock if anyone took a shot at him. Much like Paul during Big Brother 18, there are houseguests actively playing for Tyler and making sure that he is safe. It’s hard to NOT make it far when you’ve got multiple houseguests in your corner.

If Tyler goes on to win this game, he will have earned it. But it would be nice if along the way there was just a little adversity for him to deal with.

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Alright fanatics, by my count Haleigh has the worst odds to win and Tyler has the best. I may wish things were different, but this is the way the season seems to be playing out! BUT always remember this is Big Brother and the power can shift in an instance.

The right or wrong person could win HOH and suddenly your favorites chances of making it far don’t seem nearly as bad.

Are you hoping Haleigh finds a way to increase her odds? Or are you rooting for Level 6 to battle it out at the end? And do you know what Sam’s strategy is?

Please bombard the comments with all your big brother comments and let me know if you agree or think I’m watching a completely different show then you are!

Whitney Evans is a staff writer for TV Fanatic. Follow her on Twitter.

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