A Million Little Things Round Table: Can the Friendships Ever Be Mended?

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Friendship is complicated, intense, and messy.

At least that's the conclusion drawn after one of many big reveals on A Million Little Things Season 1 Episode 3 came to pass.

It was the best hour so far of an incredible series, and TV Fanatics Christine Orlando, Rachelle Lewis, and Jack Ori have plenty to say about it.

A Million Little Things Round Table

Everyone knows the truth about Eddie and Delilah. React!

Christine: I thought it was awesome! I was afraid they’d drag out that storyline too long, so I’m glad the affair is out in the open. I felt everyone’s anger was justified. Not only was this a betrayal of their marriages, but it will also change this close-knit group of friends forever.

Rachelle: I agree with Christine; it was awesome! I also thought they would drag it out for the whole season. I love that it is out in the open.

The anger and betrayal Gary and Rome, as well as Katherine, felt was totally justified on so many levels -- friendship, marriage, brocade. The entire episode was just fantastic with great scenes and amazing acting.

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Jack: I third the above! I was expecting that reveal to be the season finale. I'm glad it's all out in the open and everyone's reactions made for gripping drama. My favorite scene had to be when Delilah walked in from the balcony where John jumped to find that everyone knew.

Now that you know a little more about Katherine, how do you feel about her?

Christine: I like her so much more. She’s not perfect, but she’s been working hard to support her family, and where Jon did that and was lauded for it, Katherine has been vilified. It was heart-wrenching to watch her remember the times she saw Eddie with Delilah and realize what was really happening.

A marriage takes two, but Katherine has every right to be furious with Eddie and even file for divorce.

Instead of trying to communicate or fix their problems, Eddie had an affair with his best friend’s wife! That choice will leave scars for all of them, including Theo. I don’t know how you get past that.

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Rachelle: I am not going to lie, I was not a fan until this episode, but I think that is because Eddie made her out to be so awful.

I think she does love her husband, so his betrayal is devastating. It also spoke to the double standard of how men work hard for their family’s, but when women do they are portrayed as too driven and putting career before marriage.

You could feel her pain as she talked to Delilah in the car, not only about the affair but that work takes her away from her family. I thought she showed her vulnerability in the scenes with Delilah, something we don’t see her do with Eddie. It made her more human and likable, and I genuinely felt for her. She was in such agony.

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Jack: I like Katherine a lot now. I was neutral on her before. There are two sides to every story and just because Eddie wasn't happy in his marriage didn't mean she had to be a bad person. But I had a lot of empathy for her. Her heartbreak and anger were so real.

An Important Call - A Million Little Things Season 1 Episode 3

Delilah touched on why her marriage to Jon wasn't perfect. Do you sympathize with her?

Christine: Yes … and no. Marriage is hard, even under the best of circumstances. Every marriage goes through rough patches, but instead of putting effort into working through it, it appears Delilah used Eddie as a distraction from her problems.

I put it that way because I think Eddie idealistically believes he and Delilah are some great love story that will change his life, while I think for Delilah, it was just an affair.

Rachelle: I did sympathize with her a little bit, but to echo Christine, marriage is hard, even the best and closest relationships have struggles.

But her choosing Eddie over dealing with the issues in her own marriage makes me not sympathize with her. She could have chosen so many other ways to deal with her marital issues other than having an affair with her and her husband’s good friend.

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Jack: I feel bad for her that she lost her husband to suicide. But I also feel like Eddie is being vilified far more than she is. Yes, Gina isn't talking to her, and they are supposed to be business partners, but pretty much everyone else is giving her a pass on the affair because Jon died.

It comes off as if she's an innocent victim and Eddie was the only one who did something wrong. She was the one who initiated it for goodness sake! And even though they were both wrong, Eddie thought it was true love, and she clearly didn't, which isn't cool either if she didn't make it clear to him what he was to her.

Trying to be Civil - A Million Little Things Season 1 Episode 3

Who do you think Ashley was speaking to on the phone?

Christine: Again, heck if I know. She obviously knew a whole different side of Jon from everyone else. It sounds like Jon was into something shady, and I’m really curious to find out how the whole persona of “perfect Jon” is going to crumble.

Rachelle: I can’t figure out Ashely’s deal at all. It definitely has to do with Jon’s business dealings, but I have no idea what she is hiding. Maybe she set him up somehow or double-crossed him? Who knows, but it is starting to drive me crazy. I want to know what is up with Ashley.

Jack: I have no idea either. I was hoping that when Delilah was ransacking the office for proof that Jon knew about the affair, she'd find something incriminating about Ashley and Jon's business dealings so we could get a clue about this already.

What was your favorite quote/scene?

Christine: I loved Katherine realizing that Eddie was having an affair, and how she didn’t back away from getting the details, especially this quote:


Katherine: Are you having an affair?
Eddie: Katherine, there's so--
Katherine: Who is it?
Eddie: It doesn't matter who.
Katherine: My God. Is it someone I know? Trust me I'm an attorney, I can find out who this is by lunch.
Eddie: OK. Listen, sit down.
Katherine: I don't want to sit down, at least give me the respect of telling me who it is!

I loved that because I was thinking the same thing just before she said it. As an attorney, she could make one phone call and probably have all the dirt there is on Eddie by the end of the day, but I doubt Eddie ever thought that far ahead.

Rachelle: My favorite scene was when Gary, Eddie, and Rome won the hockey game with only three players. They hug for a hot second before Gary walks away. He said this was real life not a sports miracle movie and nothing is healed between them.

Eddie: Hey Gar, where you going?
Gary: What do you think this is Ed? The end of some sports movie where we all come together, beat the other guys, and everything is healed between us? I don't think so. This is real life. What you did was unforgivable. Good game, gentlemen. I'll find my own way home.

I loved that they had that one moment of happiness but came back to reality. Forgiving Eddie is going to take a while, especially for Gary, and I like the show is not rushing past the anger into forgiveness.

Jack: I loved Katherine talking to Delilah in the car and pointing out that she made sacrifices for her family and wasn't working long hours for the joy of staying away from home. Katherine has always been portrayed as being on the outside of the group as if they were all friends except her.

It was powerful to see how Jon's death impacted her too, on top of how the affair hurt her. Runner-up was Rome talking to Eddie in the car and telling him that Jon's suicide was not due to any one thing. No matter what Eddie did with Delilah, I think it was important he knew that.

Katherine is Fed Up - A Million Little Things Season 1 Episode 3

Who was the MVP of the hour?

Christine: Definitely Katherine. From her reaction to the affair to remembering Eddie and Delilah together, to her quiet, sad, fierce conversation with Delilah in the car. I loved everything about Katherine in this episode.

Rachelle: I have to agree it was Katherine 100%. She shined in this episode, from how she dealt with learning her husband was having an affair to facing her friend, the other woman. She kept getting gut-punched throughout the episode as she recalled seeing Eddie and Delilah together and realizing what it meant.

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Jack: Yes, definitely Katherine! She had the worst day ever, starting with overhearing Gary making fun of Eddie's relationship with her and ending with having to deal with all the fallout of the affair.

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Delilah: Look, I appreciate all of this. Not the cookies, just your kindness, but I think I'm better off alone.
Regina: No you're not. You need to lean on me, bother me, call me. That is what I'm here for. Otherwise, all I have done is made you fat.

Eddie: It's from Jon. It's an auto reminder
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