23 Fantastical Characters and Shows That Need Them!!

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Human history is filled to the brim with awe-inspiring stories that may or may not hold some truth to them; from the far eastern waters of Japan to the freezing Scandinavian peninsula, it is odd how writers aren't falling over each other in a race to bring these characters to life on the small screen.

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We have scoured the archives and compiled a list of our 23 favorite characters of legend and matched them with shows that will be the perfect fit for them!!

1. Aradia (The Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina)

Aradia (The Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina)
Sabrina is a total badass, and we're huge fans, but she'll still be learning about her heritage and what she can do when this show begins. We couldn't find anyone who could be the perfect co-mentor than Aradia -- an Italian hipster witch who was a feminist long before it was cool. Even if the writers of this show don't grant us our wish, this is one woman with a fascinating story everyone should read up on.

2. Jiang Shi (Van Helsing)

Jiang Shi (Van Helsing)
With the resurrection of the elder in this criminally underrated show that has already shown a willingness to portray different types of vampires, the time is ripe for the appearance of these creepy Chinese 'vampires.' Unlike a lot of other vampires, they move around by hopping with their arms stretched out in front of them. They are also capable of draining their victims of life without consuming a drop of their blood.

3. Cossack Sorcerers (Legacies)

Cossack Sorcerers (Legacies)
In the world of The Vampire Diaries and The Originals, witches have been on the receiving end of a lot of cruelty at the hands of vampires and werewolves. Without their magic, they are pretty much helpless. Not the Cossack sorcerers, because these guys kick ass and take names like it's no one's business. With physical combat skills that are said to rival that of the ninjas, these Ukrainian warlocks don't need their magic to leave bodies in their wake.

4. Kappa (American Horror Story)

Kappa (American Horror Story)
The Kappa is a sea creature of Japanese origin that feeds on the life force of its victims. That sounds like a pretty boring folk tale but here is where it gets weird -- the Kappa feeds on a person's life force which has hardened into a little ball situated deep inside a human's rectum. You've probably guessed by now through which orifice this "chi ball" is violently removed. Mr. Kappa drowns you and extracts the ball -- if you're one of the lucky ones -- because in a lot of cases, the order is reversed and the ball gets extracted while the victim is still alive. With American Horror Story being what it is, this nasty water-dweller will fit right in.

5. Humbaba (Wynonna Earp)

Humbaba (Wynonna Earp)
This misunderstood creature from Beowulf's tale died protecting nature. We could really use someone like him in real life right about now. With the ghost river triangle home to a shocking amount of untouched forest cover, this guardian of nature will be at home terrorizing people for a just cause.

6. Ehecatl (The Flash)

Ehecatl (The Flash)
The flash is a storied comic character with no shortage of comic book villains to draw from, and we know Ehecatl is not one of them but just hear us out: Barry has spent the better part of four years screaming into our ears how he is the fastest man alive, but we all know there are a few individuals around who might have a thing or two to say about that. Ehecatl was the Aztec wind god most notorious for his slippery nature. We've already had a few speedsters go up against Barry as his main opponents, but never one who draws his abilities from anything other than the speed force.

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