FBI Season 1 Episode 6 Review: Family Man

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Things got a little heavy on FBI Season 1 Episode 6 as the FBI tried to retrieve Senator Lynch’s missing daughter before it’s too late. Maggie seemed to be more concerned than everyone else, considering what she knows about kidnappings.

Maggie: We have 2 hours to get on top of this.
OA: Kidnappers gave them 24.
Maggie: 75 percent of abducted kids never make it or killed within 3 hours. That email came an hour ago.

The beginning of the search was quite a puzzle as the nanny has been with the family for the past two years without criminal records and she was the only suspect they have for the kidnapping.

Fortunately, security cameras were present all over the place, and they were able to see what happened. Elena, the nanny, wasn’t the suspect but was also a victim of the kidnapping.

Shining a Light - FBI Season 1 Episode 6

So, they were back to step one after Elena was ruled out as a suspect. But the count dropped to zero as soon as they found the van used was abandoned and found the suspect-turned-potential witness dead inside it, much to Maggie's dismay. It was disappointing, to say the least.

Best lead just went cold.


After some digging back at the headquarters, Kristen was able to find a possible suspect from years ago. At first, Jubal was skeptic about a gossip being the root of all the problems, but Dana was so right when she said this: 

Just because it was gossip doesn’t mean it’s not true.


With investigative procedural shows such as this, it's always who you least expect who turns out to be the suspect. And, in real life, too. So, kudos, Dana!

Now that they have a lead, they also had to ask for a confirmation. The information was passed from the headquarters onto Maggie's team back in Senator Lynch's house. True enough, Senator Lynch admitted to an affair and an encounter a few months back.

A Living Nightmare - FBI Season 1 Episode 6

How could Senator Lynch lie about having an affair with someone named Nicole? The issue is not about extramarital affairs. It was outright dumb, especially when your kid's life is at risk. Also, since the senator himself admitted to the fact that Nicole was crazy. You can't call someone crazy and expect people to believe she can't be a suspect.

The goal is to save their baby. Not their marriage.


However, the search comes back full circle again when they forced enter Nicole's place and found another child in a room that looks a lot like Senator Lynch.

If this were a soap opera, the case of the missing child would have already been solved, but it isn't. And, at least, Maggie and co. did their job right by covering all grounds. They found out about Nicole's disability and how she can't be the one behind the kidnapping.

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Now, this is where things start feeling kind of tiring, especially after accusing or at least assuming a few people to being suspects only to lead to a dead end. Literally, for some.

All of a sudden, a reporter starts asking the bureau about the kidnapping case, which was surprising considering that they didn't want the media to cover the news. Excuse my bleep, but the bitch was a literal bitch.

Again, if there's a kid involved in a mess, you don't make it even messier. You don't think about it. You just do it, especially when they're only asking for a day. Alas, Gretchen Maddison wanted a score on the story and released it.

Harrowing Clues - FBI Season 1 Episode 6

With a call forwarded to them, they began running out of options but to meet the kidnappers and have the Lynches initiate the ransom exchange. That is where things start to get smarter on the kidnapper's part because they wanted the cash to be converted to bitcoin, as bitcoin is harder to get traced.

With a story on the loose, a smart fugitive and a kid still missing—things began to get interesting again.

Dana talked to the Lynches and assured them that their daughter is still alive. While I like agreeing on Dana most of the time, this time I'm with Maggie. That's false hope.

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She had a point when she asked Maggie whether or not she knew if it was false, but it didn't make it truer than it was false. No one knew for sure how the kid was doing or if she was still breathing.

As suspicions went around like wildfire in this episode, they invited Senator Lynch's campaign manager Chris into the interrogation room for some questions, but he was quick to deny any allegations apart from the fact that Gary did pay Nicole off to shut her up.

And Maggie was correct when she asked for a background check, especially since Gary had a lot of skeletons in his closet.

Saving a Child - FBI Season 1 Episode 6

With the knowledge about Gary's past with Nicole and their child, Maggie and OA paid a visit only to find Nicole had ODed and taken her kid with her. Another bleep moment here. 

Thankfully, OA was knowledgeable about those things and hit the kid with Narcan or else the child wouldn't have made it.

After saving Gary's son's life, they went back to headquarters and theorized Nicole ODed because she was guilty and that she probably did it with a partner. With all the previous evidence, they found a link in Nicole's apartment with one of the traced prints—Joseph Finnigan's. Now we knew how much of liar Joe was.

They pulled Joe in for interrogation and found out that Joe did it as revenge because he asked Gary for help with his son, and Gary didn't help. After some pleading, Joe talked, and the SWAT team arrived at the building, took a few of Joe's men down and Maggie and OA retrieved the baby.

A Senator's Past - FBI

After the operation, the two went back to headquarters and handed the baby back to Gary and his wife.

Maggie told Dana about a time when she gave false hope to a family, something that didn't work out as well as when Dana did it to the Lynches. Hence, her obstinance about giving family's false hope.

As soon as Maggie left Dana's office, Gary's wife talked to her. She wanted to know about Gary's son with Nicole. She wanted to adopt him! My heart went mushy on that one. After all the craziness and the stress, it ended nicely.

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Overall, the episode is a nice change of pace. It was emotionally-charged while sticking to the show's theme. 

How about you? Did you like the episode, or did you find it lacking? If you missed this episode of FBI, don't worry! You can watch FBI online right at TV Fanatic!

Family Man Review

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