Tell Me a Story Season 1 Episode 6 Review: Guilt

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Oh no! It's a travesty.

All of that business of crime, guilt, and worrying about what was coming next became too much for Eddie on Tell Me a Story Season 1 Episode 6. With how far Jordan's actions have driven him in his quest for answers in Beth's death, I don't think his ending will be much different. 

Meanwhile, Hannah and Gabe learned blind faith doesn't come from long-lost family members, and Kayla discovered the pitfalls of playing with people who are out of sync with her lifestyle (i.e., way too damn old!). Things are going downhill fast, you guys!

Escape Plans - Tell Me a Story Season 1 Episode 6

You know I had a soft spot in my heart for Eddie. He and Mitch sort of remind me of my cousins. Their hearts are in the right place, but their actions tell a much different story.

Eddie, Hannah, and Gabe all come from the same general sense of being. They want things to be much easier than they are in this world. Eddie said it very well as he and Carla were resting in their afterglow.

Fuck dreaming. You do one wrong thing, it leads to another wrong thing. Next thing you know you're stuck in a bunch of wrongs you're looking for an easy way out. Except nothin's easy. It should be. Maybe it is for some people. Not for me. I just wish one thing could be easy.


The thing is, it usually only looks like other people have it easy and we have it hard. People go to great lengths to hide how difficult life is from others. All those facebook posts and Instagram photos are a bunch of malarky. There are pain and misery everywhere. 

The difference is in how people deal with the difficulties that come their way.

Some have the determination to eradicate anything that stands in their way and make the best out of any situation. Others can paint a pretty picture of their misery. Some people die falling off a ledge trying for that perfect Instagram photo, so you think they have a perfect life.

Most do not dive headlong into a life of crime, not even petty, nor do they take the big bag of money when it's handed to them. They're too worried about pesky things like mega-thugs running them down and ruining their lives — killers, gang members, and the like.

Learning How to Shoot a Gun - Tell Me a Story Season 1 Episode 6

Eddie went big rather quick with his jewel heist. He seemed to be walking on the wild side well before that with drugs and taking money from sources someone like I would think thrice about asking. He probably never thought about where he got his drugs or what being picked up by a beat cop meant on his record.

Jordan was a straight and narrow guy until Eddie, Mitch, and Sam came into his life. 

He would have never gone as far as he has now if Beth hadn't gotten killed. Even if she only got shot and recovered, this wouldn't be his way. For goodness sakes, he's trying to learn how to shoot a gun by watching online videos!

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Did you see the hole he blasted into his ridiculously expensive refrigerator? That's not going to work anymore. That's not something duct tape can solve. Has he been going to work? Did he quit his job for his new role as a wolf?

Where did Jordan learn to be so diabolical? His heart isn't hardened. The way he threatened Mitch and entered his house with his wife home didn't even seem like the same man.

Fuck Dreaming - Tell Me a Story Season 1 Episode 6

At first, I thought maybe Jordan mucked with Eddie's gun and put it back into Eddie's dresser for him to use. But if Jordan can't manage to hold a gun without shooting his kitchen appliances, he's not of the mind to interfere with bullets that will backfire and harm the shooter.

Eddie was so off his game he didn't remember hiding his gun in his dresser. 

Was it only timing that made Carla approach the trailer door and handle it the way she did at the exact moment Jordan told Eddie he wouldn't be responsible for what he did next? That was an amazing coincidence.

But Jordan didn't have any impact on when Carla was going to return. Why she chose to rattle the door the way she did is anybody's guess, especially given that she knew how skittish Eddie was before she left. 

You Can't Take it Back - Tell Me a Story Season 1 Episode 6

When Jordan saw what happened and listened to Eddie say again that nobody was supposed to get hurt, he was done. He lowered his gun. The two men were on the same page. They both lost what was most precious to them. 

Screaming "NO!" wasn't just a visceral reaction (even though it was), Jordan didn't want Eddie to kill himself. Until then, it wasn't real. Until then, Jordan could take it all back. With two bodies in front of him, Jordan is as far into his situation as Eddie and Mitch ever were with the third pig.

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It's hard to imagine the nightmare or the unending pain you'd feel knowing you were stuck and never getting out.

That's already where Eddie had been for quite some time, and now Jordan is taking his place not as a victim but as a perpetrator. Hannah stepped into it alongside Gabe when she killed the guard guy who came after her.

Mommy Doesn't Know Best - Tell Me a Story Season 1 Episode 6

Gabe thought his mother was going to free them of their guilty feelings, but when she discovered just a piece of why they were running, she freaked out.

I'm torn on this one. If they went all that way and reconnected, I wish they had told her a part of what happened. Not the initial bit about killing the fella in the suite, but that Gabe had been working, went home and found his roommate slain and some bad guys thought he did it.

Given her past and her penchant for running, she might have understood their desire to run. She might have helped. Being blindsided at the door as she was, it's hard to know how she would react under the circumstances.

And dang. Why didn't they see through the thug-like cops? They should have blown their cover while still at her place so she could at least have had a chance to choose for real. They were so obviously not the police. 

It's hard to believe Hannah is coming out of that accident unharmed when she was without her seatbelt and rolling like crazy, but that's what we're going to have to believe.

In the City - Tell Me a Story

Nick needs to die a painful death at the hands of Kayla and Colleen very soon. Is he a piece of work or what? Dancing around the kitchen while masquerading as a dead teen to his girlfriend was nauseating. 

The redemption of Kayla, though, has been incredible. I know I was aghast at the tropes to start the season and not at all behind this story, but it's turned out to be the best teen tale to hit the small screen in years.

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I can't think of the last time a high school student so readily told the truth, offered apologies, shared inner feelings, and wanted to let go of inappropriate relationships. It almost makes me want to cry.

Every time Kayla and Colleen have a conversation, my heart swells another size larger. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for her dad, Tim.

Tim tried to blow over his former affair while married to Kayla's mother by saying "it's not what it looks like" because they had issues and his wife had "pulled away from him." Yes, blame the dead mother, Tim. That'll pull Kayla near and dear. Men need to accept responsibility. An affair is an affair.

But I cannot get enough of Kayla and Colleen. They're going to need to be strong now that Kayla told Nick to blast off. His profession of love to her was ridiculous, as were the tears that welled up in his eyes when she said she needed to be herself again.

His response included heading to the hotel and inserting himself into her life in another way, by meeting Tim. Oh, that's lovely. Of all ways to try to win her back, he chose the one person Kayla doesn't trust. Men.

Tell me where you stand. This was a great hour of the show even if we lost a great, shattered character as a result. 

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