A Million Little Things Round Table: An Extraordinary Regina-Centric Hour!

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It was Regina's hour, and it was an incredible one. 

On A Million Little Things Season 1 Episode 14, Christina Moses had her best material to date, and she put forth a breathtaking performance that deserves all the accolades.

There were other developments throughout the hour too. Join TV Fanatics Rachelle Lewis, Christine Orlando, and Jack Ori as they discuss another emotional hour.

A Million Little Things Round Table

Why is Barbara Morgan lying about who she is? Do you have any theories as to how she connects to Jon and why he bought all of her paintings?

Rachelle: I am not entirely sure she is lying. I don’t necessarily think the woman living at the address is Barbara Morgan. I think she is connected somehow but not convinced it is her. Maybe the woman is Barbara Morgan’s daughter, or the guy is her son. Not sure yet.

As for why Jon bought all the paintings, I am clueless. I can’t figure it out at all. Until we know for sure who Barbara Morgan is there is only going to be questions, not answers.

Christine: Could that be Barbara and her son be Jon’s? She’s either Barbara Morgan or directly connected to her and she’s working hard to hide that.

Was Jon buying her paintings a way of helping to secretly support their child? That’s just wild speculation but considering Drea de Matteo is playing the role, I’m thinking this could actually be Barbara.

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Jack: Jon's video message to her certainly sounded like she was an ex-lover, but I'm hoping they'll surprise us and it'll turn out that she was a sister or something. Maybe Jon convinced her to do something he thought would be good for her that turned out to be a mess?

After Gary left it sure seemed like she was afraid of her husband or boyfriend, whoever that Mitch person was.

What are your thoughts on Regina's emotional storyline? Do you think Gina and Shelley's relationship will be better from this point forward?

Rachelle: I was heartbroken for Regina and her mom. I was also thrilled to learn more about Regina, including how her relationship with her mom became so broken, and what happened to Regina’s father.

I had a feeling when Neil was brought up that he molested Regina as a child but didn’t suspect about her mother. I think their relationship is on the mend, but it will take some time.

Christine: I thought this storyline was very well done and realistic. It’s not unusual for the victims to blame themselves even though they were children, nor is it unusual that other family members can’t or won’t deal with the truth.

I was thrilled they had Maggie there to help Regina get through this. Maggie was able to help Regina deal with her feelings, point out that her uncle might not react the way she hoped, and consider that it was possible that Shelly was also a victim of abuse.

I hope Regina and Shelly can relate to one another better from here on out, but I doubt it will happen overnight. Patterns of behavior, especially with family members can be very difficult to break.

Jack: I thought Neil molested Regina too, just from the way she was acting when she heard his name. I hadn't guessed that he had also molested Shelley.

I agree with Christine -- this was a realistic, well-done story. I thought it was the best part of the hour!

Connecting with Shelley - A Million Little Things Season 1 Episode 14

What is your impression of Andrew? Does he like Delilah or does he have ulterior motives?

Rachelle: He is up to no good, and Gary is right to be suspicious of him. He is coming off as genuine, but I get a weird feeling about him, almost creepy.

I think he definitely has ulterior motives towards Delilah. They could be personal, or he could somehow have a business connection to Jon. I think he knew who she was the first time they met at the gas station.

Christine: I’m really hoping that he’s genuine. He never sought out Delilah, she sought him out and asked for his help. Having both lost a spouse and working in the restaurant business are things they already have in common.

I can understand Gary being protective, and Delilah should keep her guard up a bit, but Andrew came across as a nice guy willing to help out a woman he’s clearly attracted to even if she is pregnant with her late husband’s child. He didn’t ask for anything in return so, for now, I’m willing to give him the benefit of the doubt.

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Jack: I thought he just liked Delilah and was happy to help her out, and maybe in the back of his mind hoped that this would lead to something more than friendship at this point, but I didn't get any creepy vibes from him at all. Of course, Delilah should be careful until she knows she can trust him, but I thought Gary was overreacting.

Andrew the Potential Investor - A Million Little Things Season 1 Episode 14

Is the stress of supporting Maggie, grappling with his own fear of his cancer returning, and being there for everyone catching up to Gary?

Rachelle: Yes! I think Gary is so focused on helping everyone else and finding out the truth about Jon, he is not taking care of himself. I feel like he is trying to be the glue for everyone in the group like Jon was, but it is becoming too much for him.

Especially with his growing love for Maggie and her uncertain future. Despite his love for Maggie, he also knows that could be him struggling with cancer again one day. I feel he is headed for some kind of breakdown.

Christine: I was so happy when Delilah hugged Gary and let him vent a little bit. He is carrying a lot right now. Since Maggie can’t really be there for him at this moment, I hope that Gary’s friends will realize how much he needs their support and step up.

Jack: Yes! Gary is trying to carry the load for everyone else and is not thinking about himself at all. That can't go anywhere good.

Gary Smiles - A Million Little Things Season 1 Episode 14

Who was the MVP of the hour?

Rachelle: Regina for sure. She finally opened up to Rome and Maggie, then went to confront her uncle. She also got to the root of what was going on with her mom. I felt for her the entire episode, but I also loved how she is such a strong, courageous woman.

Christine: Without a doubt, Regina. From the trauma of old memories crashing down on her, to the courage to share them with Rome and Maggie, and then preparing to confront her uncle and her mother, Regina was a rock star. She may have been in tears and shaking but she was as strong as they come.

Jack: I will third that. Gina was definitely the MVP. She was emotional but strong and did what she had to do to take care of herself.

A Big Day - A Million Little Things Season 1 Episode 14

What was your favorite scene or moment?

Rachelle: Favorite moment was when the entire restaurant clapped for Regina. She needed the win and not just because of the day she had. Regina already had one failed restaurant, and that moment was such a happy, hopeful one that showed this time will be different.

Christine: Regina telling Maggie and Rome what her uncle did to her. That was such a powerful scene, especially when she began to blame herself for not doing more to stop him and Maggie put an end to that line of thinking. Regina was 12, and he was an adult. There is no grey area there, and I was grateful that they made that clear.

Jack: I also loved Regina telling Maggie and Rome about her uncle molesting her and working through her guilt and shame about it. And the scene at the hospital where Rome and Maggie convinced her not to run away from her mother.

I also loved the scene where Delilah confronted Gary, and he broke down in tears. That moved me to tears myself!

Restaurant Opening - A Million Little Things

What do you hope to see in the remainder of the season?

Rachelle: I want to see Gary take better care of himself, maybe Maggie can help him. I want the Barbara Morgan storyline to be wrapped up or at the very least let us know exactly who she is and how she knew Jon.

Is it me or has Delilah had the longest pregnancy ever? I thought after the time jump, she would be further along. I wouldn’t mind that moving a little bit quicker.

Other than that, I am kind of pleased with where the show is and going right now.

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Christine: I’m loving all of these storylines. If Delilah is going to move on with someone else eventually (it’s much too soon now), I hope it isn’t Eddie. I think they are a mismatched couple.

I like the Barbara Morgan mystery but hope we don’t get too bogged down with it for too long. But mostly I just want to continue to get to know all of these characters because I’m really enjoying their stories.

Jack: I want to find out the rest of the Barbara Morgan story! I'm loving all these stories but for the love of all that is holy put an end to Eddie/Delilah! They aren't in love, and I'm tired of seeing Eddie flip-flop between Delilah and Katherine.

Do you agree with us Million Fanatics? Hit the comments below!

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A Million Little Things Season 1 Episode 14 Quotes

Eddie: And, uh, how's Maggie?
Gary: Well, she's bald, but she has cool, sexy, colored wigs. She's one round of chemo away from getting the surgery, so pretty good.

Eddie: What's been going on here?
Rome: I switched the dish off and went back to cable.