A Million Little Things Round Table: Will Katherine and Eddie Reconcile?

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Who is Mitch? 

That's yet another question Fanatics were asking at the end of A Million Little Things Season 1 Episode 15. There was also a question of what was the presumed Barbara Morgan doing outside of Delilah's home watching her?

Also, there was a sad death, Rome's brother came into town, and Gary being "the rock" of the group of friends is causing concern.

Join TV Fanatics Christine Orlando, Rachelle Lewis, and Jack Ori as they discuss Eddie and Katherine's future, Delilah's helplessness, and more!

A Million Little Things Round Table

"Barbara" is watching Delilah and surprised that she's pregnant. React!

Christine: I have no idea what this woman is up to or what she’s going to make worse. My only guess is that her son is Jon’s son, and Delilah’s kids are his siblings, which could lead to a whole new set of connections and complications.

Rachelle: Honestly, I just wish they would get to the bottom of who Barbara Morgan is and her connection to John. These little bits and pieces of information only bring about more questions. That being said, I am not entirely sure the woman watching Delilah is Barbara Morgan.

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She definitely has a connection to Barbara Morgan and Jon. Perhaps she is Barbara’s daughter and knows Jon from his childhood. I have no idea, but I hope we find out before the end of the season.

Jack: I have no clue what's going on with this woman. I thought maybe she was feeling guilty for some reason when she saw Delilah was pregnant, but I have no idea why. I'm with Rachelle; let's get to the bottom of this already.

Who do you think Mitch Nelson is, and why is he trying to keep "Barbara" from doing or saying anything?

Christine: Her husband, perhaps. It sounds like he knows “the truth,” whatever that may be and thinks that approaching, or watching Delilah will only bring about trouble, and he’s probably right.

Rachelle: I think he is the woman watching Delilah’s husband. I have no idea what they are keeping from Delilah. I think it has something to do with the money Jon left Barbara Morgan. Maybe, they inherited it or took it. Who knows? But they are definitely up to no good.

Jack: I think he is "Barbara" or whoever she is' husband. He seems to know something that he doesn't want Delilah knowing but again, no clue what.

Mitch: Where are you? You need to leave it alone, you're only going to make things worse.
Barbara: I know, but Mitch, she's pregnant.

Omar Visits

What are your thoughts on Rome's brother Omar and their relationship? Do you think they will support each other now that they have opened up?

Christine: I think parents set up sibling dynamics and expectations more than they realize. I was hoping that Rome would share more with his brother so that Omar would have the opportunity to be there for him.

It would be nice if these brothers could find a way to be there for one another moving forward, but that will probably take time. Of course, Omar could be on that air mattress for a while, so maybe they’ll get the opportunity.

Rachelle: It was nice to learn more about Rome’s family. Their parents certainly pitted them against each other, but I don’t think intentionally. His father always knew Omar needed more help, so Rome got the raw end of the deal.

I think the brothers are more alike than they realize. It will take time, but as they repair their relationship, maybe they will realize how alike they are and become closer.

Omar: So, anti-depressants huh?
Rome: Yup.
Omar: I heard about it because Dad kinda admitted it to the entire restaurant. How long you be taking them?
Rome: Couple months.
Omar: I'm glad you're doing what you gotta do.

Jack: I agree with everyone else -- their parents didn't mean to put them against each other, but it happened anyway, and both brothers ended up jealous of each other.

I was curious as to Omar's backstory and to WHY he seems to have so much trouble moving forward with his life. I also wondered whether Omar was going to follow up asking Rome how long he's been on anti-depressants with asking how well they work and consider getting some help for himself.

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I also thought that Rome's parents have trouble with boundary-setting, which Rome probably does too.

I was irritated that Rome gave in and let Omar stay there -- at the least, he should have told his dad he had to talk to Gina about it first -- but Rome's mom risking her health so Omar could have her humidifier is way beyond just not knowing how to say no to her son.

Family Troubles - Tall - A Million Little Things Season 1 Episode 15

What did you think about Katherine and Eddie's storyline? Do you think there are still feelings there that may lead to something again?

Christine: I think there will always be some feeling between them. They were in love, married and had a beautiful little boy. However, I loved it when Katherine finally snapped and stopped bending over backward to make it easy. Eddie cheated on her with one of their best friends, and she’s got every right not to be okay with that.

Although I hope these two continue to work hard to co-parent together, I have no desire to see Eddie and Katherine reunite.

Rachelle: I don’t think they are headed for reconciliation at all. I feel like they are working to become friends because that is what is best for Theo. They were married and loved each other deeply at one point, but they have spent so much time being angry and resentful they lost sight of that love.

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I like that Katherine lost it during mediation and spilled the beans about Eddie’s affair. It was a perfectly normal reaction because she is still angry and has every right to be.

I also liked it when she overheard Eddie telling Delilah he had to make things right with Katherine. It showed her he does care about her, and I think that was something she didn’t realize she needed until that moment.

Plus, it showed how he does feel guilty about hurting Katherine, and he hasn’t always shown that side. Eddie has genuine remorse, but I don’t think Katherine believed him until she overheard his conversation.

I keep trying to forget what you did, but it just keeps screwing up our lives.


Jack: I enjoy Katherine and Eddie together, and I think there's still love there. Their problems didn't just start with the affair, though that didn't help at all.

When I saw the flashback about Theo's conception, I couldn't help thinking that Katherine was in love with drunk rock star Eddie and that they had to get to know each other all over again now that he's sober.

But it will only work if Eddie stops being a Delilah addict, which isn't any better than being an alcoholic.

Eddie and Katie - Tall - A Million Little Things

Do you think Delilah is portrayed as a "damsel in distress" too often? What are your thoughts on her scenes with Danny?

Christine: Yes! You can order a car seat online for goodness sake. There’s no reason for her to be running around town for baby things and struggling to get them home so that she has to ask Eddie for help.

I thought Delilah was clueless when it came to Danny and Elliott. Kids, whether gay or straight, are sensitive about “relationships” at this age, and assuming that Elliott was comfortable with being out at his age was ridiculous.

For all Delilah knows, in Elliott’s mind, this may be just a platonic friendship. And most boys that age don’t appreciate being told they're cute no matter what the circumstances.

You outed a 12-year-old.


Rachelle: YES! The entire series she has gotten portrayed like a fragile woman who is going to break at any moment.

She already has two kids; you are telling me she can’t pick out a car seat on her own? Come on! Did Jon do everything for her to prepare for her other two kids? It is like she can’t do a single thing on her own.

I agree with Christine that Delilah was clueless when it came to Danny and Elliott. I felt like she should have known better and at least keep her “cute” comment to herself. She didn’t consider either boy’s feelings, and I thought it was insensitive.

I know it wasn’t intentional, but still, as a parent, you have to know when to bite your tongue. Call a friend and tell the friend how cute the boys were. Don’t just blurt it out in front of them.

Jack: I've never seen Delilah as a damsel in distress. Damsels in distress need rescuing. She doesn't need it -- she wants it. She likes the attention her friends give her when they do things for her and doesn't try to do things for herself for that reason.

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As for the Danny/Elliott thing, that was one time where it made sense she was clueless. People who are entirely accepting of their kids' sexual orientation tend to assume everyone else is the same, and she reacted to Danny and Elliott the same way she would if Danny was dating a girl.

Kids that age would be embarrassed regardless, but she can't be faulted for being excited about her kid's first date regardless of the gender of his partner.

Delilah's Error - Tall - A Million Little Things Season 1 Episode 15

How concerned are you for Maggie? How about Gary? Should he have told her about Linda?

Christine: I’m glad he didn’t tell her about Linda; that news can wait. Maggie needs this positive attitude going into her surgery. I think I’m worried about Gary a little more than Maggie right now. Maggie is scared but feeling loved and cared for by her friends. Gary is terrified and has the weight of the world on his shoulders.

Rachelle: I am more concerned about Gary than Maggie. I agree, he should not have told her about Linda, but Gary is dealing with so much and holding it all in that he is heading for a meltdown.

He is the guy everyone counts on, but he can’t keep going as he has been. The weight of the world is on his shoulders, and he doesn’t even realize it. Linda suddenly passing has now given him one more thing to worry about.

The rest of your life starts right now.


Jack: I agree with everyone else here. Gary is the one we need to worry about now. Maggie doesn't need the anxiety, stress, and grief over Linda's death just before she heads into surgery.

I think it's interesting that the one time he tried to focus on just him and Maggie, EVERYONE called, and Maggie insisted he drop everything to take care of them because Gary needs to learn to focus on himself a little more before he completely falls apart from the stress.

Her Bucket List - Tall - A Million Little Things Season 1 Episode 15

What was your favorite or least favorite moment?

Christine: I loved Katherine asking Gary to be Theo’s guardian if anything should happen to her and Eddie. Given where she and Gary were when the series began, that means a lot.

And even better was Maggie publicly giving Gary full credit for her being alive right now. It was a very touching moment, and Gary deserved every bit of the attention.

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Rachelle: I also loved Katherine asking Gary to be Theo’s guardian. I think Gary is the perfect person to take care of Theo, but I like how he said not at first. It was nice to see Maggie push him for once instead of Gary always pushing Maggie. Gary doesn’t like getting compliments, so it was a beautiful moment.

I also loved when Gary told Delilah she was Danny’s problem. He told her in the bluntest yet funniest manner, which I think made the entire situation easier to deal with for her.

Jack: I agree with the above. The whole scene where Katherine asked Gary to be Theo's guardian brought tears to my eyes. I also liked Gary being there for Danny.

Over to you Million Fanatics! Do you agree or disagree with us Hit the comments below! 

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A Million Little Things Season 1 Episode 15 Quotes

Eddie: Katie, please. We're never going to get through this if we can't at least talk.
Katie: Are you kidding? I have tried nothing but to get through this.

What happened with us, Katherine and I had problems long before that.