Dynasty Season 2 Episode 14 Review: Parisian Legend Has It

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Well, THAT happened. 

Dynasty Season 2 Episode 14 finally brought Adam into the mix, and his entrance will surely go down as one of the most memorable arrivals on TV in quite some time. 

Steven was all over the place. I mean, I figured this George Emerson character was a figment of Steven's imagination before Fallon and Sammy Jo even entertained the possibility. 

Secrets and Lies - Dynasty Season 2 Episode 14

Steven has always been an erratic character, and the way he spoke about the elusive George was like he had been in a relationship with him on the down low for years. 

There was a passion in his eyes when he was talking about him, even when he was claiming that the relationship was platonic. It is possible for people to be friends, but there was something off about the way Steven was acting. 

Welcome to our home away from home. Well, one of them.


Maybe it was calling Fallon from the U.S. embassy in Paris, or perhaps it was that hair cut. I gasped the moment we first caught up with Steven. He let himself go, and was self-medicating, once again, with alcohol. 

Adam/George done quite the number on the moral compass of the Carrington family, and it showed. It was painful to tell Sammy Jo that he thought he cheated on him. 

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If you watch Dynasty online, you will know that Sammy Jo and Steven were a great couple until the creative forces decided that James Mackay was not worthy of his series regular contract and made some changes. 

The End of the Marriage? - Dynasty Season 2 Episode 14

For Sammy Jo, this was a whirlwind romance. He went from being a down on his luck opportunist barely making ends meet to living like the 1%, married, and looking after babies. 

Rafael de la Fuente has never struck me as a great actor, but "Parisian Legend Has It" proved that there were some great acting chops there, but he needed the right material to work with it. 

The pain for Sammy Jo while he wondered what was going on with his husband before having that grand old fight at the French party was evident.

Fallon: Sam.
Sam: What?
Fallon: Is that your nose print on the window?

His life has changed drastically, and while I think he likes the way he lives more than anything, he needs to be with someone who doesn't flake on him at the drop of a hat, go off the grid, and then get close to some dude who's named himself after his favorite book character. 

Sammy Jo needs to spread his wings and move on with his life because it's not like he knows when or if Steven is ever going to return home.

Sam Searches - Tall - Dynasty Season 2 Episode 14

Sammy's decision to take back everything he said because it looked like Steven was going to hang himself was painful to watch, primarily because I feel like Sammy's legitimately getting strung along. 

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The way the relationship ended undoubtedly leaves scope for a reunion down the line, but Steven needs to work on the fact that he's too nice to people he doesn't know. He wouldn't be in the mess he's in with Adam if he wasn't so naive. 

The Adam reveal was well-executed. It would have bee equally as powerful to have this man be a work of fiction created by Steven favorite literature, but Adam had to pop up somewhere. 

I'm glad Adam is finally on the scene because he proved throughout a matter of scenes that he's going to manipulate his way to the top. It's cliche for him to want to get everything he's missed and then some, but he could give Alexis a run for her money with that scheming. 

He's Back - Dynasty Season 2 Episode 14

With Mackay out of the series as a regular and Adam reaching for the syringe, I figured he was about to administer a lethal dose of something that would kill Steven. For now, Steven is going to be under lock and key in that facility with Adam pulling the strings. 

If Fallon keeps her promise, it seems Steven's whereabouts will be a secret between her and Sammy. While it's good to keep these type of things on the down low, it would probably help Steven situation if Alexis, Blake or Anders were to find out. 

Sam: Wow. How do you say wow in French?
Fallon: Wow, and you say you don't know the language.

I do feel that this Adam reveal has come a little too late in the game especially when you consider Nicollette Sheridan's imminent exit. The Adam mystery is poised to last until the conclusion of Dynasty Season 2, but Alexis is slated to bow out before March is over. 

This version of Alexis, however, is terrible. Sheridan plays the role fantastically, but the writers have no idea what they want to do with the character, and it shows. 

So, Who's the Father? - Dynasty Season 2 Episode 13

Recreating the iconic scene from the original series with the gun was a good way of tipping the hat to the series that started it all, but the execution of it was just plain stupid. It felt like a tacky way to do things, and while tacky and Dynasty do go in the same sentence, I expected more. 

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Alexis killed Mark and even killed Cristal and Blake's baby. She's horrid, and the respect I had for that character diminished when she manipulated Blake into thinking Mack was the man responsible. 

Alexis and Blake have known each other for years. They each know what the other is capable of, so it's laughable to think that Blake wouldn't have put two and two together. Surely there would be some Carrington security to place Mack at the stables when Alexis said he was there. 

Whatever happened to assessing the evidence? 

I get that Blake was fueled by rage, and that's why he got punchy when he thought he was getting swindled. Cristal spitting on Mack sealed his fate, and if anything, this plot made me hate some of the characters even more. 

Driving a Wedge - Tall  - Dynasty Season 2 Episode 12

It was dumb. I did get a laugh when Blake made a comment about the whole incident with the gun being an accident. I love how these Carringtons can brush a stray bullet under the rug. 

Then again, when you've had Claudia over for Thanksgiving, guns have probably scarred you for life. 

It's entirely possible that Alexis is going to be exposed, and if she heads to jail for a stint on the inside, it should toughen her up and give the character the facelift it needs so we can root for another character. The pickins are slim!

"Parisian Legend Has It" had some great scenes and storytelling choices. I would have watched an entire Paris-set episode that did not include the drama in Atlanta. I would have rated this episode much higher if that were the case. 

I get that you need to suspend your disbelief with primetime soaps, but Dynasty is throwing a bunch of storylines out there to see which ones stick, and that's not a good way to go about things. 

Fa-La-La Fallon - Dynasty Season 2 Episode 9

That being said, I loved the way Fallon made sure to let Sammy Jo know that she would still see him as a brother even if he was no longer together with Steven. 

Fallon and Sammy have a lot of chemistry, and you can tell the actors have fun while working together. 

I don't know what to make of Fallon showing up in the office to speak to Culhane. I was embarrassed for her, but at least she's going to go after Kirby now. 

What about you, Dynasty Fanatics?

Did that reveal work for you? What's your take on Alexis and the body count rising as a result of her lies? Do you want to see more of Steven in Paris?

Hit the comments below. 

Dynasty airs Fridays on The CW. 

Parisian Legend Has It Review

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Dynasty Season 2 Episode 14 Quotes

Sam: Wow. How do you say wow in French?
Fallon: Wow, and you say you don't know the language.

Cristal: Somebody shot at me.
Blake: It could have been an accident.