Days of Our Lives Round Table: Should Hope Be Single?

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Hope contemplated ending things with Rafe, Eve announced she was marrying Jack, Maggie confronted Rex, and the mayoral campaign got heated on Days of Our Lives.

Our TV Fanatics Jack Ori and Christine Orlando are joined by Tony from MyHourglass a Days of Our Lives fan forum to debate Hope’s future, Chloe and Stefan as a couple, who should get married next, and how Abe should fight back in Salem.

Days Of Our Lives Round Table 1-27-15

Would you prefer Hope with Rafe, with Ted, or on her own?

Jack: I would like to see Hope be on her own for a while. She acts like she can't live without a man and is so clingy and overbearing with Rafe. I'd love a story about Hope realizing she's lost her way and taking time for herself like Chloe has been attempting to do.

Tony: I think Hope needs to be on her own for a while. She’s horrible with Rafe, and not terribly great with Ted, either.

Christine: Please let Hope be on her own! Remember how strong and capable Hope was when Bo had disappeared? What happened to that woman? I want her back.

Keeping Her Distance - Days of Our Lives

Are Chloe and Stefan the next hot couple, or is she just tolerating Stefan because she needs his protection?

Jack: I think Chloe and Stefan have more potential than Chloe and Brady, but I think Chloe also wants to be romance-free and that the main reason she's living in the Dimera mansion is that she feels it's the safest place for her and her kids.

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Tony: I should hope she’s just tolerating Stefan, but that may be because I find him to be a disgusting character. 

Christine: They definitely have the potential to be a solid couple, but the timing seems off right now. Plus, I’d have to erase most of Stefan’s history from my mind to enjoy them, but it’s not like I haven’t done that before with characters on Days.

Trying to Lie - Days of Our Lives

If you had to choose one couple to get married, would it be Jack and Eve, Tripp and Haley, or JJ and Haley?

Jack: Ugh. None of these, really. I would like to see Jack/Jennifer and JJ with a resurrected Paige. If we have to have one of these I guess JJ/Haley since they actually have feelings for each other and JJ doesn't already have a girlfriend.

Tony: None are really great choices, but if I absolutely had to pick, I guess Tripp and Haley.

Christine: I’d say Tripp and Haley if I have to choose. Tripp and Haley seem the most compatible and the most comfortable with one another and they are honest with each other.

JJ feels very pushy when he’s around Haley which is unusual for him. Eve lies and manipulates Jack so that’s a pretty bad foundation to build a marriage.

The Truth Comes Out - Days of Our Lives

Was Maggie right to confront Rex about his relationship with Sarah?

Jack: No. Sarah is an adult, even if she doesn't act like one! Maggie telling Sarah what she thought was fine, but you don't go to your 32-year-old daughter's fiance and tell him not to marry your daughter because "I'm her mother and I have to protect her." It's not Maggie's business at this point and it's just going to alienate Sarah.

Maybe if Maggie stopped treating Sarah like a 15-year-old, Sarah would stop acting like one. Maggie is in AA, she should know what enabling is.

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Tony: No. I get she’s a concerned mother, but Sarah is an adult (even if she doesn’t act like it) and should be able to work it out on her own relationship.

Christine: I kind of understand Maggie putting Rex on notice. He’s already cheated on her daughter so he’s on thin ice with her family. But Maggie pushed her limits here and she needs to back off and stay out of Sarah’s love life from here on out no matter the consequences.

Sparks Begin to Fly - Days of Our Lives

Should Abe take Sheila's advice and use Jack’s past against him in this election?

Jack: Yes and no. I don't think that can be the whole thrust of his campaign. "Vote for me, I'm not the other guy" isn't really a compelling platform. But I think that Abe has to do more than state calm, reasoned policy positions.

People respond to passion. Abe has to run as a candidate who is passionate about making Salem an inclusive place and about integrity, and part of that can be pointing out all of Jack's past misdeeds to show he is not a man of integrity.

Tony: No. Abe has (pretty much) always been fair and very by the book. There’s no reason to change just because Jack has.

Christine: Abe doesn’t have to get down in the mud, but Jack does have a very questionable past and I don’t think it’s wrong to point that out, especially since Jack himself doesn’t remember it.

But Abe definitely needs to run a stronger campaign, both against Jack and in showing how much he cares about Salem.

Another Kiss Behind Rafe's Back - Days of Our Lives

Which storyline did you care the least about this week in Salem?

Jack: Rex/Sarah/Eric puts me to sleep. Rex is stupid and oblivious, Sarah is immature and clearly settling for Rex, and there's no chemistry between Sarah and Eric. I'm rooting for Nicole to make a miraculous comeback and save Eric from this story even though I don't like Eric and Nicole as a couple, that's how bad this is.

This Haley nonsense is so contrived that it's a close second but at least it didn't bore me to death.

Tony: The whole election story. It doesn’t make sense and relies on so many characters being completely out of character or stupid to work.

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Christine: Listening to Jack spout anti-immigrant propaganda makes me want to fast forward or change the channel. There’s enough of this crap in real life, I don’t want to listen to it on my soap.  

Also, I hated Ted kissing Hope. I may want Hope and Rafe to divorce but I don't want her to end up with Ted either. 

What was your favorite quote, scene, or storyline this week on Days of Our Lives?

Jack: JJ's sarcastic comment about the blank screen almost made that cringeworthy rally scene worth it. 

That's your big announcement? That screen is as blank as Jack Deveraux's brain!


I also loved Victor's exchange with Sarah. No one does snarky and sarcastic like Victor. I've missed him these last few months.

Tony: Although I don’t like the way they're using it right now, I kind of like the relationship between Claire and Eve. Even though Eve is just using her as a replacement for Paige.

Christine: I loved Victor’s snarky comments to Sarah, mostly because they are the lines I would think but probably never say. Victor has the best Days of Our Lives quotes!

Maggie: I guess that you accepted Rex’s proposal.
Victor: After he cheated on you twice? What kind of glutton for punishment are you?

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