Dynasty Season 2 Episode 20 Review: New Lady In Town

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Damn, who would have thought that Culhane's solo efforts to take down Blake Carrington would be successful.

Culhane was able to achieve something he's probably dreamt of doing for years on Dynasty Season 2 Episode 20; he outsmarted Blake.

Considering it was a do or die situation, Culhane was motivated to succeed, but given how many times Blake's been one step ahead of everyone, I pegged this as a lost cause. 

Dominique Hits Town - Dynasty

However, Culhane proved that he's learned a thing or two while working for the Carringtons. 

Cristal fell right into his trap and warned Blake of the FBI's involvement which pushed him to threaten the Senator who was wearing a wire.

The plan was well executed, and it was oddly satisfying to see Blake get walked out of his own event in cuffs. 

Unfortunately, we'd be naive to think that Blake is going to stay incarcerated. 

Did you pack your mother of the year trophies? I'll shine them with my ass.


A man with that much money and a plethora of connections will surely find a way out of this somehow. 

He can pay off anyone to look the other way. 

And when he does, it's not going to be pretty for Culhane. 

Culhane and Blake always had a rough relationship but even so, Blake always offered a helping hand whenever things got tough. 

After this, Culhane just ensured himself a spot on the top of Blake's shit list. 

And the feds surely won't be able to protect Culhane from Adam's wrath. 

She's Out to Get Me - Dynasty Season 2 Episode 20

Adam has plenty of unresolved mommy and daddy issues; as Fallon figured out, his weak spots are Blake and Alexis.

He'll protect them at all costs even if that means going after the people who do them wrong. 

He's a ticking time bomb. If you push the wrong button, he's going to erupt.

We saw how effortlessly Adam took down Jeff Colby by adding poison into his office paint.

Jeff: I know the results. Not to be dramatic, but I'm dying.
Monica: Jeff, get some rest. He's not, right?

It won't be difficult for him to find a way to break Culhane.

Adam may have his eyes set on Fallon right now, but Culhane will be on the top of the list for hurting Blake and jeopardizing the company. 

Considering Fallon prides herself on being a Carrington, my expectations were high for her Adam take down and she underdelivered. 

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Her and Liam's attempts were pathetic and laughable. 

Clearly, she didn't heed Alexis' warning and underestimated Adam's psychotic nature. 

She needs to realize that she's not dealing with an amateur.

Every idea was a feeble attempt at taking down a master manipulator and spinner. 

How Are the Kids? - Dynasty Season 2 Episode 20

Adam always knows how to talk his way out of a situation and finds a way to defend what he's done with a logical explanation. 

It's impressive how good he is at that. 

The only way to really hurt Adam is to expose his ugly and violent side to Blake. 

It'll be difficult because Blake's got his blinders on when it comes to his token son, but it's not impossible considering Adam truly is deranged. 

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For now, he has his crazy neatly tucked in, but provoking him until he snaps, and I mean truly snaps, would show the world exactly the kind of person Adam is. 

If Fallon had just continued riling him up about Alexis' departure, he would have cracked. 

Blake did witness some of Adam's rage, but he was more concerned about Fallon and Liam who looked like obsessive lunatic as they tried to prove that Adam was crazy. 

I want Fallon to expose Adam for who he truly is as much as the next guy, but I'm not really into watching her obsesses over her brother when she could be out getting hot and heavy with Liam in Thailand. 

Maybe she should heed her mother's warning and get out of town while she still can?

There's such an emphasis on Liam and Fallon wanting to have sex for the first time, I'm inclined to think that the first time isn't going to be mind-blowing and it'll force Fallon to rethink the relationship. 

Liam: How about, instead of retaliating like a savage, we take the high road.
Fallon: I don't know. I mean, I'm proud to say I've mastered the low road.
Liam: Oh no, you take the high road with Adam -- it'll be classy -- and you take the low road with me in Thailand. Savage.

And is anyone else surprised that they haven't pounced each other yet with all the sexual tension building up?

I mean, they probably have like 15 bedrooms, if not more, at the Manor. 

I'm sure one would suffice. 

Then, there are Fallon's misguided motivations for trying to bring her brother down in the first place. 

Instead of being concerned for her father who is clearly being swooned by a psycho, all she cared about was earning back her father's love and becoming his favorite again. 

Fallon has some real daddy issues, which probably should concern Liam. 

A Fresh Start - Dynasty Season 2 Episode 20

Speaking of Liam, his timid reaction to finding out that Adam slept with his mother was strange. 

I was hoping to see Liam throw a few much-deserved punches but instead, I was left disappointed after he just allowed Adam to walk all over him. 

Following Alexis' departure, Dynasty had no choice but to bring back another iconic character. 

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Enter Dominique Deveraux.

I haven't seen the original Dynasty, so I'm unable to compare the new Dominique to the old one, but in true Dynasty fashion, the Colby matriarch had ulterior motives. 

Neither Jeff nor Monica fully trusted their mother upon arrival.

Monica was angry at her mother for abandoning them, while Jeff was eager to put the past behind them in exchange for a fresh start.

But alas, he caught his mother in a lie. 

The moment Dominique started feeding them some sob story about not being successful, I knew she was being shady. 

It's unclear what her motives for returning are, but if I had to guess, I would say she's interested in cashing out and providing for her new family. 

Once Colby and Moni find out that their mother cares about her other children in a way she never cared about them, it's going to crush them. 

Fallon: Adam slept with your mother.
Liam: Yeah, let's bury the bastard.
Fallon: I have never wanted you more.
Liam: I love that.

It was slightly surprising to see that Dominique knew that she was a Carrington. Who told her? Has she always known?

I don't remember if this was ever addressed when the Colby children found out the truth. 

I'm simply looking forward to her reunion with her half-brother, Blake. 

Otherwise, I can't say I'm too invested in this storyline yet simply because we don't know much about her motivations and how it will effect Colby and Moni. 

Anders and Sammy Jo have the sweetest bond.

They're my favorite duo on the series right now. 

I Have Plans - Dynasty Season 2 Episode 20

It was sweet that Sammy went above and beyond to plan a fun trip for Anders even if they didn't make it out of the private jet. 

It was nice to see Anders let loose briefly.

Anders of all people deserves a get away trip, but he couldn't even enjoy it because he's a straight up workaholic. 

In fact, he's so dedicated to his job, there's no way he could ever leave the Carringtons to fend for themselves. 

If they hadn't come back, Sammy and Anders would never have seen the showdown between Fallon and Adam. 

Other Manor Musings

  • Jeff's outfit made me laugh out loud. Jeff, hunny, no. What was that?
  • Fallon is the queen of voicemails.
  • I need more footage of Anders smiling while wearing a tropical shirt. 
  • Where is Kirby? She should be there watching her man Culhane take down Blake! 

Do you think the FBI has enough to put Blake away? 

Will Fallon figure out a way to destroy Adam? 

And will she ever make it on her getaway with Liam?

Have you missed any episodes? Be sure to watch Dynasty online and comment below! 

New Lady In Town Review

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Dynasty Season 2 Episode 20 Quotes

Liam: How about, instead of retaliating like a savage, we take the high road.
Fallon: I don't know. I mean, I'm proud to say I've mastered the low road.
Liam: Oh no, you take the high road with Adam -- it'll be classy -- and you take the low road with me in Thailand. Savage.

Jeff: I know the results. Not to be dramatic, but I'm dying.
Monica: Jeff, get some rest. He's not, right?