Dynasty Season 2 Episode 22 Review: Deception, Jealousy, and Lies

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Deception, jealousy, and lies were at the core of a fantastic season finale.

I'd say the season's ups and downs are worth watching simply for their shocking finales. 

By the end of Dynasty Season 2 Episode 22, two dead bodies were pulled out of the Carrington lake, Liam was drowning in the pool (at least someone uses the amenities), Blake betrayed everyone, Dominique betrayed Colby, Kirby betrayed Fallon, and Adam was more deranged than ever before. 

Private Ceremony  - Dynasty Season 2 Episode 22

Yeah, it was a hot mess, but I was eating up every second. 

This is what we've been wanting from a nighttime soap! 

Adam will eventually get what's coming to him, I do not doubt that, but for now, he's ripping the Carrington family apart. 

His anger is almost at capacity, and I'm waiting for the moment he implodes.

Liam: It's nice to see you smiling again.
Fallon: It's nice to be back on top.
Liam: That's what said. Last night, in fact.
Fallon: She did, but I was talking about Femperial.

Breaking the glass at Atlantix HQ was bad, but we need everyone to witness just how unhinged he is.

Adam has made it his mission to destroy everyone in the family while winning over his father's love.

And while we expect him to do some crazy things, he went a little overboard on Dynasty Season 2 Episode 22.

First off, he's responsible for sending Fallon the letter revealing that Liam has a 10-year-old child which he gave up for adoption.

A major bombshell like that deserved way more attention, yet it was only used to amplify the animosity between Liam and Adam.

How much do you want to bet we'll meet Liam's kid one day if he survives?

Liam should have known better than to confront Adam without anyone present, but I guess none of them deem Adam a huge risk, though Fallon should be more cautious considering he pushed Alexis face-forward into the fire.

Now, is Liam really dead?

I doubt it. 

The writers would anger the fandom and thus, lose plenty of viewers who are only tuning in because they ship Fallon and Liam. 

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I'm sure if you check Twitter right now those fans are reeling.  

And really, it would be truly heartbreaking for Fallon to lose yet another person considering their recent engagement and how cute their little "Notebook" moment was. 

I especially loved that Fallon said a big FU to societal standards and proposed to Liam. 

Hopefully, the Carrington Manor has surveillance cameras set up to review what happened to Liam and finally catch Adam in the act. 

Adam not only came after Liam, but he also tried to ruin his "dear" sister, Fallon. 

What Did They Find? - Dynasty Season 2 Episode 22

When Fallon was admitting her damaged past to Liam, I wanted to yell at her for being so open with her secrets in a house where Adam is always lurking around the corner. 

It's frustrating that they don't know better by now. I know these moments are necessary to move the story along, but it's still aggravating.

After Fallon and Liam lost their engagement ring in the lake, Adam used this as an opportunity to dig up the past. Or should I say dive up the past? 

Expectedly, the divers found the body of Fallon's best friend, Trixie, who accidentally plunged to her death at the Manor after a night of drinking.  

However, the first body they pulled out belonged to a man and was wildly unexpected. 

Who is the dead man at the body of Carrington lake?

You make me look like a liar, and worse, an abuser sympathizer. And my company, my entire brand, is specifically about giving a woman a voice after they've been silenced. And here I am, the daughter of a man who's trying to silence them.


The only clue we got was a flashback of Steven telling Adam that Blake apparently killed the man when he was younger. 

And this only proves that Blake Carrington is the absolute worst. 

I was able to get over all his other antics and even feel slightly bad for him at the kickstart of the season, but there's nothing Blake won't do to save his own ass. 

He has no loyalty, and it's disgusting. 

How Could You? - Dynasty Season 2 Episode 22

The worst part is that Cristal has stood by him this whole time. Where are your standards, girl?

He told Fallon the wedding wasn't open to the family yet he needed his son to be there. 

Sure, Adam is kissing his ass and being the son Steven never was, but what about his day ones? Fallon was there for Blake time and again, and he didn't even consider inviting her! 

Blake's hatred for Culhane has always been evident, but he stooped very low by going above and beyond to get the FBI off his trail and onto Culhane's. 

And God help me, but has he ever touched you in a not-so-friendly, Big Little Lies sort of way?


The worst part is that Fallon won't even be able to help him cause she'll be embroiled in a scandal all of her own. 

But is she responsible for Trixie's death? Based on her story, it was an accident, and she didn't know how Anders and Blake "took care of it."

Fallon can never shake her ties to the Carringtons. Part of it is because she remains hopeful and keeps falling for her fathers bullshit, but it's also because they're bound by their secrets and lies. 

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She's going to need them to overcome this Trixie situation, and Blake's going to need help with the other body they found. 

That's the thing about secrets, they have a way of catching up with you.

Adam has gotten rid of anyone who could ever stand against him with proof of his craziness. 

But did he mean to destroy Blake in the process? He seemingly knew about Blake's murderous past and still sent the divers in there. 

I'm Out  - Dynasty Season 2 Episode 22

As it stands, Culhane is in prison, Liam is possibly dead, and Colby is jetting off to the Bahamas after faking his own death. 

You know, I truly believed that Colby would be the one to take down Adam cause he concocted the perfect plan.

The scene of the crime was believable and would have made Adam a prime suspect, but then Dominique happened.

She stole the cufflink linking Adam to it all. 

Fallon: Liam. Marry me again, for real this time.
Liam: Is that a question?
Fallon: Is that a yes?
Liam: No. It's a hell yes.

We knew she was up to no good, but selling out her children for a few more paydays from big brother? That's low.

For a moment, I thought she might have been dating Adam and teaming up with him to take down her children. 

I wish Colby scored some of Adam's blood to mix up with his own so there would be irrefutable proof.

I guess that's what you get for trusting a mother who hasn't been in your life for years. 

As it stands, Fallon has lost everything. 

She will possibly go down for murder which will take away her stake in Atlantix, her fiancee might be dead, and she even lost her company, Femperial. 

Kirby turning on Fallon was surprising, but it made complete sense. 

Their friendship has been off-and-on and despite Kirby's resourcefulness, Fallon never treated her like an equal. 

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Now that she has a hold of Femperial, why would she sell it back to Fallon who has been running it into the ground?

Though, I did think Kirby would be slightly more upset about Blake framing her boyfriend. She did not react at all? Okay. 

Fallon's first mistake was continuously cleaning up Blake's messes. 

Blake played Fallon by feeding her false promises of what she always wanted -- a dynasty with her dad. 

But it was odd that after "buddying" up with Adam for so many episodes, Blake suddenly turned to Fallon and gave her the "you're my only hope" spiel.

The most shocking moment of the episode came when Anders finally quit working for the Carringtons. 

Hallelujah, it's a miracle. 

Notebook Moment  - Dynasty Season 2 Episode 22

I won't believe Anders is done until I see it with my own eyes, but simply acknowledging that he's dedicated his whole life to a man who doesn't care about him but "needs" him was a huge step in the right direction. 

Anders is dedicated and loyal to a fault. He deserves to work somewhere where he's appreciated. 

I love that Kirby has her father's back; she was right when she brought up Blake not visiting him in the hospital. 

I believe that working for Sammy's hotel will give him what he's been missing and make him feel valuable. 

And I support it if it means we continue getting some stellar Sammy and Anders scenes. 

Every storyline served a purpose during the finale, which hasn't always been the case for an episode of Dynasty. 

But, if there's a way to get rid of Adam before next season, I'm all for it. 

Other Manor Musings

  • It was nice to see someone use the pool for a change even if it was a way to show off Liam's shirtless bod. 
  • The weirdest thing Adam has ever done? Kissed Liam on the cheek. Seriously, what's with this dude?
  • Will Colby return from the Bahamas or will his disease get the best of him? I wish he would have at least told Monica. 

You know, I was actually really looking forward to having you as a step-mom. And if the next one is also named Cristal, then I might have to throw myself down a flight of stairs.


  • Fallon's paint-splashed dress was a whole mood. I wish they would have shown her rocking it regardless cause if anyone can work it, Fallon can. 
  • Blake really tried to use "I have a temper" as an excuse for being a misogynistic asshole. That's not how any of this works.
  • Can Steven come back already and put Adam in his place? He's done enough damage. 

What did you think of the finale?

Who is the other body they pulled out of the lake? 

Is Liam dead?

Remember to watch Dynasty online and catch up on all the drama! 

Deception, Jealousy, and Lies Review

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Dynasty Season 2 Episode 22 Quotes

And God help me, but has he ever touched you in a not-so-friendly, Big Little Lies sort of way?


Liam: It's nice to see you smiling again.
Fallon: It's nice to be back on top.
Liam: That's what said. Last night, in fact.
Fallon: She did, but I was talking about Femperial.