Big Brother Recap: Why is Jack Targeting Kemi?

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Tuesday's new episode of Big Brother featured the first Veto competition of the season, and while the eviction target was set at the top of the episode, things changed drastically by the final scenes. 

Kemi emerged as a target the moment the Big Brother live feeds kicked off, and many viewers have been questioning why everyone has been gunning for her. 

Jack Matthews on Big Brother 21

The Gr8ful alliance has the potential to dominate the game, but everyone is starting to worry about the way Kemi and Isabella are becoming friends. 

This further fuels Christie to wonder whether it would be the right time to backdoor Kemi because her alliance thinks she's a great player. 

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But another target that seems to be emerging is Kathryn.

She was put on the block by Christie against Cliff and proceeded to get closer with Jackson. That's a big no-no because a showmance has the potential to dunk an alliance. 

Jackson Michie - Big Brother

Jackson's alliance was upset about the amount of time he's been spending with Kathryn, and that she is not taking the veto competition seriously. 

The veto competition features last year's Big Brother winner Kaycee, who returns to host. The players had to catch food in a "food fight," to get points. 

The scores: 

Christie 10

Jack 20

Cliff 0

Kat 0

Nicole 0

Sam 21

Sam won the POV. 

Sam Smith  - Big Brother

The rest of the house wondered what Sam's move would be, and Nick and Jack tried to get him to remove Cliff ... to allow the Kemi backdoor plan to come to fruition.

Isabella tried to talk to Sam, saying that eliminating Kemi this early would be a mistake. 

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Sam turned to Christie, and she agreed with him, admitting that she wants the noms to stay the same. 

Jack has been anti-Kemi since the feeds got underway. He's been relentlessly trying to get her put up on the block and out the door. 

Jack Matthews - Big Brother

He tried to lay out plans for the next four weeks without really consulting any of his allies. It's his way or the high way. 

Christie was mad because she thought everyone was equal in the alliance. In the end, Jack said that she had no choice but to stick to her word. 

Christie then self-destructed, opening up to Nicole about the pressures of the game, and in turn, giving others some ammunition to use against her down the line. 

In the end, Sam used the POV, meaning Christie had no choice but to choose another houseguest to go up when Cliff was removed. 

Ovi Kabir on Big Brother 21

Christie nominated Ovi, giving him no choice to play in a Veto. Was it a good move? No. 

But Christie would have had the rest of the house turning against her if she didn't do something. 

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Jack is mad at Christie right now, but will he want to cut her out of his alliance at this early stage in the game?

Also: Who wants to win HOH first? It always causes so much drama. 

Big Brother continues tonight with another eviction. 

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