Stranger Things Season 3 Slays Netflix Viewership Records

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If your July 4th holiday did not consist of binging Stranger Things Season 3, you missed out, according to Netflix. 

Netflix has revealed that the 40.7 million accounts in the U.S. "have been watching" the latest season of the sci-fi drama. 

Max and Eleven - Stranger Things

That is a record, according to the streamer which notoriously stays silent about ratings, making renewal and cancellation decisions more surprising. 

What's more, at least 18.2 million accounts watched every episode of Stranger Things Season 3 since it debuted on July 4. 

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As for the 40.7 million figure, there's no telling if that's an average for the season premiere or something else entirely. 

It's murky comparing Netflix numbers, especially when the streamer rarely delves into any great detail. 

Robin at Scoops Ahoy! - Stranger Things Season 3 Episode 3

Still, the 18.2 million accounts completing the season is a very impressive number when you consider the state of the TV industry today. 

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With more TV shows on the air than ever, it's becoming increasingly difficult for shows to amass huge ratings. 

Any show on TV nowadays would kill to be part of the 18 million viewer crowd. 

Netflix has yet to renew Stranger Things for a fourth season, but the reaction to the most recent season has been overwhelmingly positive.

Eleven on the Phone - Stranger Things

Stranger Things Season 3 is currently sitting at 90% on Rotten Tomatoes. That average now takes into account both critic ratings and user ratings, making for a fairer score. 

If Netflix does renew Stranger Things for a fourth season, we will likely have another long wait in store. 

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We waited 21 months for the third season. The production values in TV shows are continuing to swell, meaning more time is needed between seasons. 

Winona Ryder Returns - Stranger Things

What we don't know is whether the fourth season will be the final season. There have been rumblings that the Duffer Brothers envisioned Stranger Things as a four-season tale. 

It's hard to imagine Netflix wanting to part with it. 

What are your thoughts?

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