Suits Season 9 Episode 6 Review: Whatever It Takes

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Family is everything. 

That sentiment echoed through Suits Season 9 Episode 6 as Harvey, Alex, Donna, and Louis united to take down Faye and get Samantha her job back. 

There were many variables in the mission to take all of the power from Faye, but the last thing I expected was for her past to come to the forefront and save her. 

Making a Play - Suits

If you watch Suits online, you know Faye has been portrayed as a one-dimensional character who wants to see the associates of the firm crash and burn. 

It's been easy to side with her because everyone crosses lines whenever the going gets tough. Faye is a by the book woman who likes to follow orders. 

Faye Makes Some Calls - Suits Season 9 Episode 6

That's why it was so obvious that there was more to the tall tale her husband was spinning to Harvey and Louis. 

Deep down, Faye's husband resented her because she was the one who took all the power from him. What he failed to realize, however, was that he was to blame for everything. 

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Even though her daughter was an adult, Faye wanted to keep a positive image of her father in her daughter's head, even if he didn't deserve to be remembered as a good person. 

The person this should have affected the most was Harvey, but he was too blinded by his pursuit of revenge to take it on board. 

Faye Makes a Plan - Suits Season 9 Episode 5

For the first time in a long time, Harvey and Donna had a conversation that felt organic, and it was completely on the back of what happened with Faye. 

Harvey hated his mother when he learned that she was having an affair, and it's a thought he would happily zap away from his brain. 

Donna putting him on the spot was a good move because there are some lines they shouldn't cross, and family should be one of them. 

It's a shame that Samantha didn't get to return to the firm, but everyone now understands Faye on a more personal level, and that didn't seem possible before "Whatever It Takes."

Samantha Tries to Save Her Career - Suits Season 9 Episode 6

It wasn't surprising in the least that Samantha agreed with Harvey's decision not to skewer Faye for her actions. 

More than anyone, Samantha has been vocal about how she's been longing for a family. It's something she never had growing up, and she struggled to connect with people as a result of being moved around different homes as a child. 

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Throughout Suits Season 9, Samantha has been trying to find her place in the world with the aim of finding any semblance of a family. 

Her dinners with Alex and his family have further fueled that, and that's why she's now getting closer to finding her father.

Samantha Wants to Be Partner - Suits Season 8 Episode 10

Katherine Heigl can show emotion very well, and it was evident in that scene with Harvey that Samantha needed some clarity. 

What was also beautiful about that scene is that Samantha and Harvey are now forever bonded. 

Harvey was genuinely struggling because of the way Samantha was fired. He knew that he was partly to blame for the firing, and he wanted to find a way to save her career. 

Hopefully, the adventure to Pittsburgh will be chronicled on Suits Season 9 Episode 7 because it's going to be a fun one! And I'm visiting Pittsburgh for the first time next month, too, so it's very timely! 

Katrina Takes On an Old Lover - Suits Season 9 Episode 6

Katrina and Brian seemed like they could be a solid pairing on Suits Season 8, but there were too many things holding them back. 

The story is unchanged on Suits Season 9, and it's becoming apparent that they're simply not going to be able to stay platonic friends. 

Harvey: What are we doing?
Louis: I'll tell you what we're doing: We're getting Samantha her job back.

It's a shame because they worked well together before things turned romantic. But Brian actively wanted to go up against Katrina in the courtroom simply so he could spend time with her. 

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He clearly didn't understand the fact that things would get even more strained between them. Additionally, he wanted to do it under the guise of them being friends. 

Katrina Begs to Differ - Suits Season 8 Episode 13

He's just as attracted to Katrina as she is to him, so for him to do something like that when he has a wife in child at home is not good. 

If he thinks he'd be more happy with Katrina, then he should have that talk with his wife before trying to restart something that shouldn't have started in the first place. 

Amanda Schull delivered another stunning performance as this woman who did not want to go against the man she very clearly loves. 

The biggest surprise of the hour was Susan getting a second chance, but it showed that first impressions are not always everything. 

Susan Schemes - Suits Season 9 Episode 3

At first glance, Susan wanted to climb the career ladder through blackmail and other outlandish tactics. Now that Katrina has put her in her place, there's a young woman left who wants to climb the career ladder the right way. 

Louis: What if there was another way?
Harvey: I'm pulling the trigger either way.

It's difficult to make much of her becoming Katrina's associate because we won't see much of it with just four episodes left. 

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It's hard to believe it, but Suits is about to end for good. It's definitely time!

What are your thoughts on all the latest twists and turns?

Do you want to follow Samantha and Harvey to Pittsburgh?

Will Katrina and Brian end up together?

Hit the comments below. 

Suits continues Wednesdays at 9/8c. 

Whatever It Takes Review

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Suits Season 9 Episode 6 Quotes

Harvey: What are we doing?
Louis: I'll tell you what we're doing: We're getting Samantha her job back.

Louis: What if there was another way?
Harvey: I'm pulling the trigger either way.