Big Brother Spoilers: Who Won Part 1 of the Final HOH?

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Thursday's episode of Big Brother found Jackson casting the sole vote to evict. 

That's all thanks to him winning last week's final POV of the season. 

Cliff was sent out the doors to cheers, confirming that the final three houseguests of Big Brother 21 are Jackson, Nicole, and Holly. 

bb final trio

Going into the first part of the final Head of Household, Jackson, and Holly came up with a plan that would find Jackson throwing the first part to Holly. 

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That would allow Jackson to take on Nicole in part two. Strategically, it was a good plan, but plans have a knack for not shaking out in the Big Brother house. 

Jackson Michie on Big Brother 21

Jackson won the first part of the Head of Household.

That win secured him a place to fight the winner of part two in part three, but this one is probably going to come down to the wire. 

Holly was well aware that facing Nicole in that second part would be a tough one -- that's why she and Jackson made the decision. 

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For fans, this is the best course of action. It keeps a certain amount of suspense because, at this stage, Nicole is the underdog. 

Jackson Michie - Big Brother

If she can eke out a victory in part two and face Jackson in part three, then Jackson should be scared. 

There are a lot of variables right now, but if Nicole makes it to the end with Jackson or Holly, there's a good chance she can make a case for the $500,000 prize. 

The jurors were featured on Thursday's episode, and many of them were warming to the idea of Nicole as a competitor. 

Nicole Anthony - Big Brother

But Nicole might want to take Jackson with her to the end if she wins that final heat. Holly is friends with everyone and has managed the jury as well as she can. 

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She has friends in the jury house, and we all know how the jury doesn't always vote on gameplay, so there's a good chance Holly could win against either Jackson or Nicole. 

It would be fun if Jackson took Holly to the end, only for her to win. 

Holly Allen - Big Brother

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On Sunday, Julie will be sitting down with Tyler, JC, and Kaycee to chat about this season's final three. 

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