Days of Our Lives Round Table: Rate Vivian Alamain's Return!

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Vivian returned but with a whole new look, Eric found Nicole, and Gabi's wish for Julie's death almost came true!

Our TV Fanatics Jack Ori and Christine Orlando are joined by Ronnie from MyHourglass a Days of Our Lives fan forum to debate the Vivian recast, Sarah’s pregnancy, Victor trying to kill Ben, and if Gabi actually meant to leave Julie to die.

Days Of Our Lives Round Table 1-27-15

Rate Vivian’s return and recast from 1(Oh no, not again?) to 10 (This is going to be awesome!)

Jack: I’m giving it a 7 so far. I LOVE Vivian. She's one of my favorite villainesses. And I think Robin Strasser is doing a terrific job but has some huge shoes to fill.

It's going to take time to get used to her. However, the writing is over the top and that's saying a lot considering what character we're talking about.

Vivian digging a grave in a public park and shooting Kate so that she falls into it, without anyone seeing or hearing anything, is ridiculous, and I'd much rather learn the backstory behind Stefan learning he was Vivian's son. 

Ronnie: I'm giving her return a solid 7. I would have liked to see Louise Sorel reprise her iconic role, but Robin Strasser is doing a fine job.

Christine: It’s unanimous with all 7s. For me, Vivian has had her highs and lows over the years but I’m excited to see Robin Strasser in the role as I loved her on One Life to Live.

So far, they’re writing Vivian way over the top, so I hope they bring it back down a step or two, but I can’t say I’m not enjoying it.

(TALL) Eric Finds the Real Nicole - Days of Our Lives

Eric and Nicole have reunited. Do you want to see them find their happily ever after? Why or why not?

Jack: I know Eric and Nicole are a popular couple, but I've never been a big fan, and I don't like the way Eric becomes mopey, whiney, and obsessed whenever he is looking for Nicole, especially after the way he treated her several years ago when she shredded some documents related to Kristen's rape of him.

I do like Nicole, though, and I want to see her find some happiness somewhere. If it's with Eric, so be it.

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Ronnie: I don't believe in happily ever after on a soap, but Eric and Nicole have really been through a lot, so I'm all for them getting a little bit of happiness.

Christine: I’ve always enjoyed Nicole and she deserves to be living happily with her daughter and to find real love.

Overall, I would have preferred to see with between her and Daniel, as I find Eric incredibly annoying, but if she can find some happiness with Eric, so be it.

(TALL) Will Julie Make It? - Days of Our Lives

Did Gabi really believe that Julie was faking her heart attack when she walked away from her?

Jack: I'm not convinced of that. Gabi made a point of saying she wished she'd killed Julie when she got a chance and that she hoped she died. Either way, there was no reason not to call 911.

I hope Gabi finally faces some consequences. She is becoming irredeemable and I'm tired of her not being held accountable for her awful behavior.

Ronnie: Probably. Gabi has always been very good at believing her own lies and delusions. I mean, she still claims that she killed Nick in self-defense when in reality she shot him in the back to keep him from telling everyone about her crimes.

Christine: I believe her. Julie has played that game with her before, so why not think she was doing it again?

Gabi’s no saint, but I do think she would have called 911 if she realized the heart attack was real and I’m glad she at least has Stefan on her side.

(TALL) Sarah's Unsettling News - Days of Our Lives

Sarah’s pregnant and she says Eric is the father? Will this draw Sarah and Eric back together? Do you want it to?

Jack: Ugh. Yet another pregnancy story. DAYS needs to get into the 21st century and learn that 1) most women have some awareness of their menstrual cycle and many even use birth control and 2) that you can co-parent a child without living together.

Other than Chloe and Daniel co-parenting Parker, there has not been a case of parents who live apart but share custody on DAYS in years -- instead, everyone marries the parent of their child that they aren't in love with.

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And Sarah and Eric are almost as good a couple as Hope and Rafe. So no, let's not go there. Instead, I'm hoping that Xander steps up and pretends to be the father of the baby, drawing him and Sarah closer together.

Ronnie: I don't think it's going to draw them back together, as I believe she won't even tell him. Eric has dropped Sarah for Nicole twice in less than 6 months and they don't have chemistry.

Christine: Oh, please no! Sarah and Eric are a nauseating couple. I don’t understand how the baby can’t possibly be Rex’s since Sarah almost literally jumped from his bed to Eric’s.

I too, hope that Xander gets drawn into this story simply because it will be a lot more fun.

Xander Attacks Ben - Days of Our Lives

Victor wants Ben dead. Was this completely out of left field or perfectly in character?

Jack: It was in character but the timing was way off. Where was he when the rest of Salem was worried about Ciara/Ben?

Ronnie: Both. It's something that Victor would do, but I don't understand why it took him a year to get there.

Christine: All of the above! Ciara has been dating Ben for months, so why is this suddenly so important to Grandpa Victor?

But Victor has never had a problem ordering someone’s demise, so that he’d order Ben’s death isn’t a shock.

Kate Runs Into Vivian - Days of Our Lives

What, if anything, disappointed you this week in Salem?

Jack: This was the week of people being held at gunpoint. There was way too much violence, plus the show mocked people with PTSD by having Vivian pretend to have it.

Also, there was a ton of time wasted with flashbacks of Gabi not helping Julie. There was enough room for a whole other episode if you skipped all the flashbacks!

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Ronnie: Ciara is my biggest disappointment of the year. This week wasn't any different. I wish she had a life outside of Ben and a personality beyond stuck up brat who loves Ben.

Christine: Although I’ve grown to like Lani more, her telling Gabi off irritated me. Julie has played the fake a heart attack game before with Gabi, so I wondered if Lani was furious with Gabi because she really thought she’d left Julie to die, or because Gabi is Eli’s ex.

And Ciara was laying it on pretty thick with her all of Salem needs to be grateful to Ben for saving Julie much the way he saved Ciara. I like the new incarnation of Ben, but he still murdered people so let’s not go overboard.

(TALL) Ben and Ciara Help Julie - Days of Our Lives

What was your favorite quote, scene, or storyline this week on Days of Our Lives?

Jack: Vivian had some great lines. I especially enjoyed her putting Eric in his place. She said what we were all thinking about how unpleasant and ungrateful he was being after Ben saved his life.

Ronnie: Lani going off on Gabi was fun.

Christine: The scenes with Doug at Julie's bedside were very poignant. These two actors are always at their best when they're paired together.

(TALL) Doug Supports Hope - Days of Our Lives

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