Days of Our Lives Round Table: Who Should Live? Julie or Kate?

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Sarah considered terminating her pregnancy, both Kate and Julie’s lives hung in the balance, and Jordan made a surprise return to Salem.

Our TV Fanatics Jack Ori and Christine Orlando are joined by Kathy and Silvananoir1 from MyHourglass a Days of Our Lives fan forum to debate Jordan’s sanity, Sarah’s choices, Dr. Shah’s surprise seat on the crazy train and if Julie and Kate will survive!

Days Of Our Lives Round Table 1-27-15

What do you think the odds are that Jordan is actually sane?

Jack: Not very high. The current writers seem to love the "mental illness leads to violence" trope, plus Jordan is still convinced that Ciara needs to be protected from Ben.

And Marlena more or less rolled her eyes at the idea of Jordan having been released, too.

Kathy: I think Jordan still has some serious issues. It will be interesting to hear why she was discharged so soon.

Silvananoir1: Pretty high, I'd give it a solid 80%. I think Jordan is back for a custody case or trying to reunite with Rafe. It honestly depends on the contract.

But we've had and still have so much crazy on the show that I think is more of a love triangle situation. Jordan/Rafe/Hope.

Christine: I don’t trust Jordan. Is she sane? I doubt it. I think she’ll end up being a danger Ciara and Ben, but Rafe will not see it and defend her. As I’ve never been a big fan of Jordan’s, I’m not looking forward to any of it.

(TALL) Sarah's Decision - Days of Our Lives

Did Sarah terminate her pregnancy? How do you hope this storyline turns out? (Abortion, miscarriage, Sarah has the baby and gets back together with Eric, Sarah has the baby and co-parents with Eric while he stays with Nicole, Sarah has the baby and never tells Eric it’s his and/or pretends it’s Xander’s, something else.)

Jack: Honestly, I know that the writers never go here and are probably afraid they would offend viewers if they did, but a realistic abortion story would be powerful, original drama for DAYS.

By realistic I mean Sarah struggling beforehand with the decision (too late for that, I know), having second thoughts in the clinic but actually going through with it, and struggling with mixed feelings about it afterward.

And Eric should know about it and want to be a father to this child but have to accept that it's not his choice to make. DAYS doesn't seem poised to go there, though.

If we have to go with Sarah keeping the pregnancy secret, I'd like to see Xander step up and pretend to be the father. Xander and Sarah are actually enjoyable together.

If Xander somehow roped Nicole into this scheme by convincing her it was the best way for her to hold onto Eric, it would be a nice nod to her past when Rafe pretended to be the father of her baby with EJ plus cause drama for her and Eric when Eric inevitably found out.

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Kathy: The best scenario for me would be that Sarah has her baby, co-parents with Eric, moves on to another love interest and just enjoys the baby.

Silvananoir1: I am so sick of baby drama but that's what this is. I think Sarah is still very much pregnant and is going to ask Xander to help her hide the paternity from Eric. Nicole is going to find out the truth and yet another love quadrangle.

Annoying but if this brings back schemer Nikki and not this imitation sad sack that's been crying on my screen for the past few years then I'm all for it. 

Christine: Like Jack said above, I’d love to see them do a story where Sarah chose to end the pregnancy, simply because it would be a great, dramatic story that would affect a myriad of characters…but we all know they probably don’t have the guts to go there.

Second choice, is Sarah and Xander becoming a couple and caring for the child together. Later, when Eric eventually finds out he’s the father, it will make him crazy that Xander is the step-daddy. Because Eric and Nicole hate Xander so much, I can see custody issues happening in the future.

(TALL) Kate in Critical Condition - Days of Our Lives

Kate and Julie are both on death’s door in the hospital. If only one of them can survive, whom would you prefer?

Jack: Sorry, Kate. I'm going with Julie. Julie is the only character left from the premiere in 1965 and though she can be domineering, she also has this Alice Horton side. Plus her relationship with Doug is always a high point.

Kate has never been of my favorite characters, though Lucas' attempts to put her in her place are always fun, so if one of them has to go I vote for Kate being the one.

Kathy: Hard for me to choose between Julie and Kate. I like both characters for different reasons. Julie and Doug are the foundation of Days for me now that Alice and Tom are gone.

Kate, when she has a good story, injects a "gray" point of view to a situation.

Silvananoir1: Kate. I don't mind Julie but the character has been working on my nerves for years. I adore Kate because unlike Julie she has never hidden behind false morality or gotten on a high horse. They need to give her more to do.

Christine: I choose Kate. Kate is smart, will do anything to protect her family and unapologetically owns the moral gray area in which she resides.

I want to like Julie because of her history but they’ve turned her into such a temperamental shrew over the last few years that I cringe through most of her scenes.

Now you choose TV Fanatics! Which character should survive? Julie or Kate?

(TALL) Kristen Pressures Xander - Days of Our Lives

Kristen is out to steal another embryo. Rate your excitement about this story possibility (1 - Dear God, no, not again! To 10 - This sounds really exciting. I can’t wait!)

Jack: -1500 because I had to take points off for lack of originality. I'm not a fan of this kind of over-the-top, unrealistic nonsense and I'd rather see Sarah struggle with her accidental pregnancy and potential abortion.

Kathy: The thought of Kristen stealing an embryo makes me queasy. I choose 1 - don't go there. I hope Xander steps in to help Sarah.

Silvananoir1: Is -100000000 reasonable. We already have a baby drama and I only have the patience for one of the stories at a time.

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Also how old is Kristen? Can she even carry a child to term? Is she going to get a surrogate who's going to grow a conscience after finding out Kristen's plan, show up to Salem and fall in love with Brady? Can we just not?

Christine: The negative numbers don’t go low enough to express my disdain for this story. Not only has Days done it before, and it was ridiculous then, but this makes even less sense. At least when she stole Theresa’s embryo it was actually Brady’s baby. This isn’t!

Sarah’s pregnancy could be a dramatic story all on its own, but the show would rather go with unrealistic theatrics than good, old, soapy drama. It’s just sad.

(TALL) Jennifer is Kidnapped - Days of Our Lives

Dr. Henry Shah went from cuckolded nice guy to psychopath overnight. Was Kayla’s explanation of events enough to get you on board with this story?

Jack: Nope. They just randomly turned him into a bad guy worthy of Criminal Minds. I don't believe that losing the ability to use a lab would turn him into this kind of violent person and he never gave off a single sign of being part of the incel movement.

This is all plot-driven nonsense to get Jennifer and Jack back together, and while Jennifer and Jack are one of my favorite couples I wish they'd done this differently.

Kathy: Kayla's explanation helped but I wish we had seen more clues of Shah's descent from good guy to evil. Even if we just saw him lurking around Salem watching Jen and/or Jack would have made the change seem more realistic.

Silvananoir1: I just can't. I get it though, they want to speed up Jack/Jen's reunion. People are getting impatient. No Kayla's explanation wasn't enough but I understand why the writers are rushing.

Christine: If they wanted to put Jennifer in jeopardy to bring back Jack’s memory, there were far better and more creative ways to do it.

Turning Dr. Shaw into a sociopath in the span of one episode was lame, no matter the explanation or spin they put on it. This show really has no sense of pacing anymore.

(TALL) Eve Gets Desperate - Days of Our Lives

If you could have told off one character in Salem this week, who would it have been?

Jack: Kayla is not doing anything to keep her employees safe! She knew Henry had become unbalanced and violent, enough so that she had to call security to get him out of the building after she fired him, yet she told nobody until long after he'd kidnapped Jennifer.

And then when Sarah asked her what was going on, she didn't tell her -- even though Kayla was worried that Henry could come back to the hospital and attack current employees. Everyone who currently works there should be made aware that if they see him they should get away from him and call hospital security!

Runner up: Eve. There were plenty of people who felt bad for her when Paige died. Stop using her death for your own selfish reasons! And also, trying to get Abe to be her new partner in crime? Really? How about thinking about why people believe you kidnapped Jennifer and change your behavior?

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Kathy: Ciara - butt out and let Ben handle his issues with his sister. She always seems to be interfering in Ben's business.

Silvananoir1: I wouldn't know where to start. But I guess it would have to be Brady. Why are you sticking to crazy? You know how this story ends. Kristen is crazy, crazy does crazy things. This isn't going to end well.

Wasn't he in love with Chloe then Nicole all in the span of 6 months? Now he's crazy for Kristen? Dude, just take some time. Don't have anything to do with women for a year. He just bounces from relationship to relationship without two secs of self-reflection. This is why Chloe didn't want to be with you.

Christine: Eric. He’s always yelling at someone, threatening to hit them, or hitting them. Heck, if I were Sarah, I wouldn’t want him raising my child because he has serious anger issues and little impulse control.

I only wish someone would charge Eric with assault. He’s deserved it on more than one occasion.

Sarah's Decision - Days of Our Lives

What was your favorite quote, scene, or storyline this week on Days of Our Lives?

Jack: I was so thrilled to see Jack and JJ working together to find Jennifer. This is what I wanted to see from the two of them when Jack returned! And I couldn't stop laughing at JJ's comment to Rolf in this Days of Our Lives quote…

Kathy: I liked the Julie/Doug scenes. Bill Hayes is a gem.

Silvananoir1: I say mean things but I do like Eric and Nicole together. They have great chemistry. But they are better when Nicole is fiery. I like this more for nostalgia than their current incarnation.

Christine: Xander and Sarah. I haven’t enjoyed much of Sarah since she showed up in Salem but she’s more human and vulnerable when she’s with Xander, and he’s more human and vulnerable when he’s with her. They have the makings of a great couple.

Also, I loved Brady and John's conversation in the park. John doesn't judge, he just listens and Brady really needs that right now. 

(TALL) John Supports Brady - Days of Our Lives

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