The Highs and Lows of the Elite Season 2 Couples

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It’s time to get real about the various romantic entanglements the men and women of Las Encinas (and beyond) have gotten themselves into this season.

Following the death of Marina in Elite Season 1, the hook of Elite Season 2 was the disappearance of one of the students. And it was a strong hook that kept viewers guessing until the end.

But outside of the mysteries, the relationships between the characters is what makes this show work. You’re rooting for some, loathing others, and you may even find yourself doing both simultaneously.

Carla at the Ball - Elite

If you have yet to watch the full season, please be warned that there will be many spoilers here! Come back once you’re all finished with the series.

Because of the adult nature of the show, it’s easy to forget that these are kids in high school, navigating hormones, feelings, and parental oversight.

Guzmán is by far the most polarizing figure on Elite. He’s a man born from entitlement, who walks into a room truly believing he is the most important person there and his feelings matter more than anyone else.

And yet, even with that off-putting demeanor, there’s something magnetic about him. There’s much more there than meets the eye, and we see those moments most within his relationship Nadia.

The ultimate will they/won’t they ship, Nadia and Guzmán gave in to their attraction this season, and the results were a mixed bag.

Guzmán & Nadia - Elite

Is the chemistry between these two off the charts? Yes. But it was frustrating to see them take three steps forward, followed by eight steps back.

There are way bigger things in play here, as Nadia is very conflicted in many aspects of her life. But her decisions to drink and even do cocaine as a means to try to stop Guzmán’s self-destruction didn’t come off as romantic as the show may have envisioned.

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Watching the two develop a friendship in the first season and each discover a new part of themselves was beautiful, but this season felt like a different Nadia, and therefore it took away from the start of their romantic relationship.

And let's not forget that while the two are getting together, he’s still dating Lu.

Lu Looks On - Elite

At first glance, it’s easy to assume that Lu is with Guzmán because he’s the king of Las Encinas and being with him bumps up her invisible status as the queen of the castle. But in her way, she cares about Guzmán

She did spend all summer making sure he stayed away from bridges and helped him deal with the loss of his sister after all. But she also can’t go five minutes without bringing that fact up.

Their relationship is never solid throughout the season, and while both recognize that neither one does anything about it.

It takes an ‘I love you’ from Lu to finally spur Guzmán to do something, but it’s way too late. He should have done that long before he kissed Nadia.

Lu & Valerio - Elite

Lu’s mean girl persona makes it extremely difficult to sympathize with her, but Guzmán's decision to stay with her knowing full well he wasn’t emotionally invested is just another knock on the hotheaded teenager.

Now it’s not like Lu was just sitting around pining for Guzmán all season. She had her own thing going on with Valerio and what is there really to say about this?

On Valerio’s side, all it took was Lu’s actions towards Nadia to make him see that his half-sister wasn’t a person he should be putting on a pedestal.

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Taking everything else out of the equation, Valerio’s swift turnabout in regards to Lu was odd when Lu is pretty terrible at all times. It wasn’t as if her decision to leak the Guzmán/Nadia video was the first time she did something horrible.

But he was also feeling the guilt of being the one to share that video with her in the first place.

Of all the relationships, this one was the least developed, and that was probably for the best.

The biggest relationship stunner this year was Samuel and Carla’s explosive dynamic that made little sense on paper but turned out to be a wild ride.

Carla is ice cold, but there was some actual vulnerability with Samuel that we hadn’t seen before.

Carla exhibited more chemistry with Samuel than Christian and Polo combined. But does that mean this was a relationship worth rooting for?

Samuel & Carla - Elite

Probably not. Both parties were looking to manipulate the other for different reasons, but along the way, they did develop feelings and that can’t be denied.

Polo and Carla have gotten to the point where it doesn’t seem like they even like each other, but they will be tied together for life due to their history. But there is no love lost between the two, as evidenced by her eventual decision to come clean to the police.

But it’s all for naught because one half of the seasons worst coupling helped make Polo’s problems disappear, at least momentarily.

Polo is looking for any affection he can get, and he will take it wherever it comes from.

Carla and Polo - Elite

Cayetana is desperate to fit in with her much wealthier peers, and she pounces on Polo after his suicide attempt and holds on for dear life from there on out.

There was zero chemistry here, and even the staunchest Polo supporters (they do exist) must agree that this relationship was hard to root for.

There’s always next season to see if these two have a semblance of a spark, but it was very much non-existent this season.

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The spark was still there for Ander and Omar, but boy did these two have a difficult time.

Omar & Ander - Elite

Their relationship evolved from a clandestine affair essentially, into a domestic partnership overnight. And unbeknownst to Omar, Ander was carrying a burden that was pushing him further and further away from the world.

Omar spent much of the season in the dark, and by proxy, he was continuously hurt by Ander’s lack of communication.

Aside from the Polo issue, Ander was also dealing with his feelings about Omar now that he was “changing” from the person he fell for. He had a hard time accepting what he considered to be a different version of Omar and it was difficult to see.

The Omander ship is a fan favorite, and for good reason. With all the things thrown at them, they don’t give up on one another.

Ander and Omar - Elite

Omar was completely fed up with Ander, but he didn’t abandon him when he was at his most vulnerable. These two are the real deal, more so than any other couple.

As we await Elite Season 3, let me know what relationships you are rooting for!

And which ones you could do without!

Hit the comments people! 

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