Days of Our Lives Round Table: Pick Your Favorite Salemite Costume

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It was Halloween in Salem, and serial killers ran amuck while back in the real Salem a vengeful Gabi threatened to take out Julie’s heart and there just happened to be an app for that.

Our TV Fanatics Jack Ori and Christine Orlando are joined by Kathy from My Hourglass a Days of Our Lives fan forum to debate the best costumes, the worthiness of crazy Halloween episodes, whether Eli and Lani will actually get married, and the most entertaining couple in Salem.

Days Of Our Lives Round Table 1-27-15

Who had the best Halloween costume in Salem?

Kathy: Ari and Holly were both cute. None of the adult costumes were very imaginative but Xander gets my "best" vote for good use of his assets.

Jack: I wish we'd had more to choose from. I loved Ari's princess costume, and Nicole/Eric's tribute to Grease was cool (though Eric looked more like he was dressed as Elvis -- don't tell Susan Banks!)

Christine: Xander! That Tarzan outfit was the best, both because Xander looked amazing in it and because it bugged the heck out of Eric.

Xander as Tarzan - Days of Our Lives

Is the Halloween episode something you look forward to or do you consider it a waste of time?

Kathy: I look forward to the Halloween episodes because they give a twist to characters we know so well.

Jack: I'm iffy on this. If it was done well, the Halloween episode could be a fun tradition in which we get a scary story and a break from the drama.

But this year's was far too violent and pointless, and it was one of the few times in recent years that I was watching the clock, impatient for the episode to end. I preferred seeing the trick or treating the day before.

Christine: Ugh, it’s usually a waste of time. I dread the Halloween episode. I know it’s supposed to be fun but most of it comes off as cartoonish nonsense.

Other than a few lines between Marlena, Claire, and Jordan, I didn’t enjoy much of this one at all.

(TALL) Tamara Price - Days of Our Lives

Do you want to see Eli and Lani get married? How do you think this wedding will end?

Kathy: I would like to see Lani and Eli outsmart Gabi and get married. I think that Lani will dump Eli at the altar to save Julie. I hate the thought that Gabi could hold the heart app over her head forever.

Jack: You know, I wasn't behind this couple at first. They were thrown together way too quickly, and Lani is not my favorite character, to begin with.

But now this Gabi story is irritating me so much that I would love to see Lani turn the tables on her and have her arrested at the wedding for what she's trying to do.

Days of Our Lives Review: The Cruelest Plans

Sadly, that would be too good an idea for the writers to follow through on it and most likely Lani will go along with Gabi's demand and then sit around looking sad.

Christine: I want to root for Eli and Lani, and they’ve been better of late, but I’ve never been a fan of Lani’s and that hasn’t changed.

Gabi threatening to kill Julie via her pacemaker app is beyond cruel, and I just want this entire storyline to be over with, but I’m fairly certain Lani will leave Eli at the altar and this plot will drag on and on and on.

(TALL) Sarah Says Goodbye - Days of Our Lives

Is Eric just being protective of Sarah? Does he have any right to be?

Kathy: I think Eric is in his usual mode of trying to get people to do what he thinks they should do. He may think he is being protective, but he has no right to feel that way. Sarah is a grown woman and can make her own decisions.

Jack: This is SO annoying. I don't care if Eric has feelings for Sarah or not. He's with Nicole and it is none of his business who Sarah dates next.

Christine: Eric doesn’t want Sarah but he doesn’t want anyone with Sarah he doesn’t approve of. She’s not a child. I keep hoping Sarah will just tell him to bugger off or full out kiss Xander in front of him which would be priceless!

(TALL) Jack Proposes- Days of Our Lives

Which couple in Salem are you most excited about? Which couple bores you?

Kathy: I am most excited to see what happens with Sarah and Xander. They have a spark that I haven't seen since --- well, Maggie and Victor. At this point, I find Eric and Nicole boring.

Jack: I'm a Doug/Julie fan from way back and I wish this story hadn't devolved into silliness around Gabi and the magic pacemaker. I was enjoying Doug and Julie face her heart condition together.

Other than them, the only other couple that excites me is Jack and Jennifer. After all these years, they still have the same chemistry and love that makes them such an amazing couple, and I find their scenes to be the highlight of each week.

John Clarke, Beloved Days of Our Lives Star, Dead at 88

I wish we could get rid of snooze-worthy Haley and resurrect Paige for JJ instead. He deserves someone who has a backbone, is willing and able to stand up to him when he is about to do something crazy and isn't self-sacrificing to the point that she has no identity whatsoever.

Christine: Xander and Sarah top the list and they aren’t even a real couple yet. These two are such fun, and as much as Sarah makes Xander want to be a better man, I hope that he can bring out a little of her bad girl side.

The only other couple I’m truly enjoying is Jack and Jennifer. Everyone else puts me to sleep.

(TALL) Princess Gina Returns - Days of Our Lives

If you had to choose between Hope and Princess Gina, which would stay in Salem?

Kathy: I want Hope to stay in Salem but a short visit from Princess Gina is OK.

Jack: Ugh. So over the doppelganger invasion. Bring Hope back, but not the whiny in-love-with-Rafe version of Hope. Strong take-no-nonsense Hope that existed once upon a time.

Christine: I’m with Jack on this one. I want the version of Hope we had years ago when she was smart and feisty and independent. I haven’t seen her in a long time and I miss her.

Xander Comforts Sarah - Days of Our Lives

What was your favorite quote, scene, or storyline from this week’s Days of Our Lives?

Kathy: I enjoyed the Jack and Jennifer scenes. It was nice to see them together and so happy. They, especially Jennifer, seem younger and carefree.

Jack: Jack wanting to seize the day and marry Jennifer in this Days of Our Lives quote...

I have thrown away too many chances to be with you, Jennifer. So... carpe diem. Seize the day. I am seizing it. And this time when I marry you, it will be forever.


I also thought it was funny when Marlena poked fun at the idea of being possessed by the devil...

John: So? Did that movie scare the hell out of you?
Marlena: I don't know. A woman possessed by the devil? Seems a little far-fetched to me.

Days of Our Lives Classic Couple Spotlight: Jack and Jennifer

Christine: It’s unanimous! Jack and Jennifer finally happy and having fun together was the highlight of the week. A close second was Xander helping Sarah get ready for the wedding. I may be as excited for their date as Xander.

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