Days of Our Lives Spoilers: After the Time Jump

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Days of Our Lives made soap opera history by jumping a year in time.

The last-minute reveal that Jennifer has been in a coma for a year excited many fans, but the real test is how the long-running sudser handles the aftermath of this twist.

We may have some answers for that, as Days of Our Lives released its fall spoiler video at its annual Day of Days fan event.

Days of Our Lives - Spoilers  Week of 11-11-19

The two-minute spoiler video emphasizes that everything has changed in Salem.

It begins with voiceovers from several characters. Notably, JJ says that he is sorry for what he did, while Ciara suggests getting a drink with somebody.

It's anyone's guess what these snippets of dialogue mean, and the scenes in the video don't provide many clues.

Ben appears to be sharing a prison cell with jis estranged father Clyde, while there is a grainy scene of a disheveled-looking JJ holding a gun.

As usual with the fall spoiler video, Days of Our Lives focuses on its biggest stories.

Sarah's baby drama looks like it will be center stage, as Sarah is shown holding a baby while Eric tells her she's beautiful, and in another scene he and Sarah kiss.

Many couples are mixed up or broken up. Sonny says "I miss him," which can only refer to Will, Gina makes a move on John, and Abe tells Eli that Lani is missing.

But perhaps the biggest storyline of all is that Gina talks to a mysterious figure with a pinky ring that she calls "Steffy," while Chad tells Abigail he is sure he has spoken with his father.

Joe Mascolo, who played the iconic supervillain, passed away from complications of Alzheimer's in 2016. Would Days of Our Lives recast a role so closely associated with the original actor?

Recasts are often unpopular no matter how talented the new actor is, and in Mascalo's case, it would hit fans doubly hard because of the original actor's death.

It could all be an elaborate fakeout, of course, or Days of Our Lives could use CGI and other technology for Stefano's scenes. 

But this serial has shown little fear of doing unconventional things that piss off fans, so it's possible they'd recast the supposedly immortal Stefano Dimera.

Meanwhile, NBC has also released official spoiler photos for the week of 11-11-19. 

Days of Our Lives is keeping us guessing as to what is happening now and what's happening in flashback. So after you've read them, give us your best guesses about what's going to happen.

Distressed Sarah - Days of Our Lives

Sarah's baby drama takes a surprising turn.

The spoiler video shows Eric and Sarah together -- with a baby.

Eric learned that Sarah was pregnant just before the time jump, so what kind of surprising twist could there be now?

Ciara Gives Up - Days of Our Lives

Ciara tells Victor she's given up on Ben.

From the spoiler video, Ben is in jail -- probably for Jordan's murder.

Ciara's decision to give up on him could mean that Victor had Jordan's body planted in Ben's gatehouse to get rid of both Ben and Jordan.

But could it be an elaborate setup in which Ciara is only pretending to give up on Ben so she can beat Victor at his own game?

Daddy Rafe - Days of Our Lives

Sonny gets acquainted with Rafe's new nanny, Evan.

Sonny and a new male nanny could only mean one thing:

A new love interest, or at least a crush, for Sonny.

But what happened to Will? From the spoiler video, he and Sonny appear to have broken up.

That makes little sense considering how much the two have already been through. The last thing the couple needs is yet another interloper.

Nicole and Sarah's Deception - Days of Our Lives

Nicole and Sarah share guilt over their deception.

What on Earth could that mean?

Eric appears to be with Sarah, but does he know the baby is his?

Or did Nicole and Sarah switch babies or test results or something?

The spoiler doesn't make any sense, so we'll just have to watch and hope the actual scenes do.

Brady Struggles - Days of Our Lives

Brady recalls his struggles from the last year.

At least SOMEONE is going to fill us in on what's been going on.

Brady doesn't appear to be in great shape, though. That's not a surprise considering that, before the time jump, he kissed Kristen.

Let's hope he hasn't been drinking himself into a stupor again after whatever happened between them afterward.

JJ In Trouble - Days of Our Lives

Eric realizes JJ is high.

Uh-oh. Sounds like Brady isn't the only one who had a rough year.

JJ has been missing a meaty storyline for months. But he's been committed to sobriety since 2014, at least as far as weed goes, and his character's core issue has always been guilt over the stupid things he used to do.

The spoiler suggests a step backward. Plus, with Jack alive and in possession of his faculties, HE should be the one to deal with JJ's problems, not Eric.

Chad and Abby Return - Days of Our Lives

Chad admits to Abigail that he has been in contact with Stefano.

Yay for Chad and Abby's return.

Boo to Chad being in touch with Stefano.

Merely wearing Stefano's pinky ring wreaked havoc with Chad's personality and his relationship with Abby.  So talking with a living, breathing Stefano is a terrible idea.

JJ Blows Up at Brady - Days of Our Lives

JJ blows up at Brady.

JJ and Brady have never gotten along.

They were on opposite sides of the Tate custody battle, and Brady believed Eve's lies about JJ using drugs. (Ironic, isn't it?)

Brady also falsely accused JJ of using when Daniel was helping JJ straighten out his life, causing problems for him.

But now, could Brady be trying to help out JJ? Or did he get him started on the wrong path again?

Gina Makes Her Move - Days of Our Lives

Princess Gina makes a move on John.

Okay, why is Gina wandering around free a year after trying, multiple times, to kill Jennifer?

By now, hopefully, at least John realizes that he's dealing with Gina and not Hope.

Jack asked him to investigate Jennifer's fall, so could John be working undercover to trap Gina?

And what did Rafe see on the surveillance footage from Jennifer's "accident," if not her?

Julie is Alarmed - Days of Our Lives

Julie is alarmed when her heart begins racing for no apparent reason.

Another storyline that has worn out its welcome is Gabi's control over Julie's pacemaker.

If we're going to skip a year ahead, could we please skip to the end of that nonsense?

Or is the pacemaker actually malfunctioning?

So what do you think, Days of Our Lives fanatics?

What are your theories about what happened during the missing year, and what spoilers excite you most?

Share your thoughts in the comments!

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